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Karin Ulin
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Karin Ulin

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Karin and I work both as an illustrator and graphic designer, often with a combination of them both in the briefs. I like to vary the style depending on each brief, although the style can be recognized as graphic, playful and modern.

What’s your idea of the perfect job project?

My passion is really everything about illustration and design, but it would definitely be fun to design more illustrations, patterns and surface design for products. At the moment I am extra fond of making icons, maps, buildings and collage.

Tell us a little about your background. Do you have an education, or are you self-taught?

13 years ago I took a bachelors degree in graphic design and illustration from Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design, London. Since then I've worked for myself, both in London and Stockholm, but now I am placed in Gothenburg under the name Underlandet Design (Wonderland Design).