Malin Skogberg

Malin Skogberg

I'm a freelancing Illustrator, Comic artist and Graphic Designer.

Among my recent clients are Noaks Ark Syd, Genusredaktörerna, Djungeltrumman, Teater Tamauer and FeTT Magazine.

Mostly I work with graphite or ink, and digital coloring in Photoshop. I'm a close friend to InDesign, and acquaintance with Illustrator.

I regularly have comic workshops with children between 9–12, and I have had workshops with older teenagers and adults, and Skapande skola.

I have studied at Forsbergs skola in Stockholm, The Comic school in Malmö, and HDK in Göteborg.

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I arrange a workshop in comic making for children in middle and secondary school. We go through the basics in comic making, like speech bubbles and face expressions, and the children get to make their own comics, with or without text.

I’m used to explaining to children who are limited in Swedish, and I can adjust the workshop so it fits the group of children.

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