Elin SvenssonElin SvenssonBOBBY PINSPersonal project, 2020.
Elin SvenssonElin SvenssonPEARPersonal project, 2020.
Hannele FernströmHannele FernströmPersonal project, fruits and vegetable patternPattern with fruits, berries and vegetables
Maria CederMaria CederIndustrilås, encrypted communication, vectorIndustrilås have developed a new lock that enables encrypted communication. The illustration shows the communication path.
Maria CederMaria CederIllustration for Volvo Bussar, vector illustrationVecorised illustration for Volvo Bussar, Connect 2/2015.
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenPostcard illustration designThis is some of the postcards I have illustrated on the theme Coleus.
Lena TrappLena TrappArbetsmuseum DIGITOPIAArbetsmuseum DIGITOPIA Affish, digitalt, vepa
Kamilla AnderssonKamilla AnderssonPoster for the play The Master and MargaritaPoster for the play The Master and Margarita in Folkteatern, Gävle, Sweden 2018.  Digital art and collage. Graphic design in collaboration with customer.
Maja ModénMaja Modénkitchen postersfood/kitchen posters for sale at https://www.posterlounge.se
matilda peterssonmatilda peterssonIllustration for JM Bygg, Magazine about the area Älvsjöstaden. Agency Nyla Design. Illustration in ink and aquarelle. 
matilda peterssonmatilda peterssonJM AB. Illustration for magazine about Älvjöstaden, Stockholm. Agency Nyla DesignIllustration in ink and aquarelle. 
Veronika FedorovaVeronika FedorovaOrangeSelf initiated project. Orange illustration was created with label design in mind. Done with watercolor, colored pencils on hot press paper. 
Pia OlmåsPia OlmåsPersonal work, Slaughterhouse 2020-
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistSelf-care illustrations 💖Illustrations of the theme of self-care.
Bim HjortronsteenBim HjortronsteenSundayMorning dreamer
Linnea BlixtLinnea BlixtSingle parents, illustrationTill en forskningsartikel på ämnet "Hur framställs singelföräldrar i media". Uppsala Universitet 2021
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖPackaging, Kustvägen wineLabel illustration and packaging design for Kustvägen wine. 
Iso LindhIso LindhSyndikalisten, editorial illustration: a course in social mediaSwedish union SAC Syndikalisterna is often offering courses to its' members, in this case on how social media can be used to inform about labour rights and union issues. With this illustration i broke my record in speed from idea to finished original!
Iso LindhIso LindhArbetaren: Don't miss out!When a newspaper that has been printed for 96 years switches to publishing on the web, readers might need some encouragement making the leap reading the newspaper online. This comic was used in the monthly magazine and on social media platsforms.
Eva ThimgrenEva ThimgrenRegion SörmlandIllustrations of different types of families, for a campaign for family busticktes in Sörmland. Displayed in different sizes on buses and on Regions Sörmland's webbsite.
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoPoster for a climbing gymPoster for a climbing gym. The purpose was to explain how to rope/lead climb. I developed the illustration style and the icons. Client: Klättercentret.
Lotte KölareLotte KölareCollage.Collage.
Lotte KölareLotte KölareCollage.Collage.
Lorenza WalkerLorenza WalkerSoFar SoundsA commission by SoFar Sounds Oslo (live musicevents), where I designed a poster and social media content for the month of May in 2016
Marie Tidquist LundinMarie Tidquist LundinFormkontakt - animation  Animation in stop motion for own company Formkontakt.
Marie Tidquist LundinMarie Tidquist LundinFalköpings kommun - illustrationIllustration and graphic concept for the collaboration project “The Agreement” in Falköping Municipality.
Marie Tidquist LundinMarie Tidquist LundinFalköpings kommun - museirally  Illustration for a museum rally in Falköping municipality.
Annika HuettAnnika Huettcat patternCONNECTIT NEW YEARS CARDS DESIGN, JPN
Annika HuettAnnika HuettOperation SmileAnimation for Operation Smile for Valentine's Day.
Alaya VindelmanAlaya VindelmanMarknadsföringAffisch till nycirkusföreställningen Kollision med gruppen Kollektiv Knaster. Jag har även gjort många andra typer av marknadsföringsmaterial till gruppen, t.ex: flyers, visitkort, säljblad, tekniskrider m.m.
Alaya VindelmanAlaya VindelmanCirkusföreställning för samtyckeTryckt och digitalt material till nycirkusföreställningen Tillsamman. En föreställning som riktar sig till lågstadiet och handlar om samtycke. Föreställningen följs av workshop och lärarhandledning. Jag har tagit fram det visuella formspråket och skapat flyers, affisch, lärarhandledning och hemsida.
Susanne EngmanSusanne EngmanRise and shineCalendar illustration, January
Hannele FernströmHannele FernströmFlowers, personal projectFlowers
Kim JanssonKim Jansson3D BedroomIllustration of bedroom in an attefall house.
Kim JanssonKim JanssonCross section of bedOne of twelve beds included in the assignment. A section that shows the different layers in the beds.
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landbergown new work 
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina LandbergNew  own works 
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina LandbergNew work process 
Stefan LindbladStefan LindbladTechnical illustration for Bauhaus magazine, shopsTechnical illustration for Bauhaus magazine, shops
Hannele FernströmHannele FernströmPersonal work, makeupPersonal work made in procreate.
Eva ThimgrenEva ThimgrenRegion SörmlandIllustrations of different types of families, for a campaign for family busticktes in Sörmland. Displayed in different sizes on buses and on Regions Sörmland's webbsite.
Eva ThimgrenEva ThimgrenRegion SörmlandIllustrations of different types of families, for a campaign for family busticktes in Sörmland. Displayed in different sizes on buses and on Regions Sörmland's webbsite.
Linda PabstLinda PabstPoppyLove to paint flowers, also to dig my own hands in the soil. Here is a Poppy.
Tarek AlfutihTarek AlfutihBOOK COVER DESIGNThis cover book has created for a romance novel. The book has titled : I Love You.
Tarek AlfutihTarek AlfutihPoster- Advertisement A poster for a photography course at HDK-Valand - Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg.
Tarek AlfutihTarek AlfutihKultur i Väst - Region Västra GötalandThe work performed for Konsten att delta väst - Region Västra Götaland  in collaboration with Shamim Shokrani. 
Alexandra ForssAlexandra ForssKotivinkki / redaktionell illustrationIllustration about body positiveness.
Alexandra ForssAlexandra ForssGirlsSelf initiated illustration
Alexandra ForssAlexandra ForssHasan & Partners / K-MarketIllustrations made for the grocery chain K-Market.
Li Rosén ZobecLi Rosén ZobecCRM KonsulternaSuperheroes
Millis SarriMillis SarriScandicActivity picture för Scandic menu.
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinHerringsPoster about branding for herring business. Client: Bohusläns museum 2018
Isabel Leal BergstrandIsabel Leal BergstrandAudi Studios, window paintingAlpine landscape window painting for Audi Studios at Hamngatan 17 in Stockholm.  
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinBig weekend breakfastCommercial illustration for a local and ecological milk producer. Center fold for recipy broshures 2020
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinConcept for museumsDesigned concept for museums, children in focus. The work of gathering objects to the museum collecions. Client: Bohusläns museum 2018
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinSemla - a seasonal pastryA coffee breake during the cold winter with some iceing sugar on top. Personal work 2021
John SchütteJohn SchütteStoryboard for canned soupStoryboard for canned soup. Here I can show that Im able to draw people af all ages.
John SchütteJohn SchütteHappy family in the kitchen storyboardThis is what I do all the time: Happy family in the kitchen storyboards
John SchütteJohn SchütteStoryboard Insurance CompanyRough style storyboard. Agency: TBWA. Client Länsförsäkringar
John SchütteJohn SchütteRough client sketchRough client sketch for german ADAC
John SchütteJohn SchütteThe generalA so called test to learn new software and practice on animating walk cykles.
John SchütteJohn SchütteRough storyboard Clas OhlsonA rougher faster style for the smaler budget
John SchütteJohn SchütteRough storyboard IllustrationRough storyboard Illustration for Nivea. Part of a sequence of aprox 10 drawings in total
John SchütteJohn SchütteStoryboard for insurance companyStoryboard for insurance company
John SchütteJohn SchütteAnimatic DaciaAnimatic for marketing research of Dacias commercial and marketing strategy
John SchütteJohn SchütteStoryboard illustration for commercial with little girlStoryboard illustration for commercial with little girl.
John SchütteJohn Schüttecar storyboard 01car storyboard illustration
John SchütteJohn SchütteWellaBeauty storyboard Wella.
Susanne FlodinSusanne FlodinSavills Sweden, Housing projectVisualization of housing projects, based on situation plans and facade drawings.
Isabelle RönnquistIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work, camping nightPersonal work, digital.
Anna LolaxAnna LolaxCommission, "The Store/Haninge C"Illustrations for Haninge Center's christmas campaign 2020, commissioned by The Store agency.
Anders ParsmoAnders Parsmo"The SDG Workbench" (2020)Infotrek and Swedwise have developed an application "The SDG Workbench" that visualizes how actions towards one or several sustainable development goals affect all the other global sustainable development goals. The application was developed as our contribution to the SAS Hackathon 2020 but we also hope that this will contribute to many companies and organizations work to reach these important Agenda 2030 goals. Scribble: Anders Parsmo Filming and editing: Lukas Andersson Voice over: Christoffer Englund
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistRiksteatern: Fritt FallPoster for Riksteatern and the play Fritt Fall, a high school drama for the ages 13-15.  
Kari ModénKari ModénAkademibokhandeln Material in store, web and social media
Sasha KolesnikSasha KolesnikDisplay window illustration / FlygbussarnaVisual concept and illustration for a display window for Flygbussarna at the Stockholm Central Station
Sebastian DahlSebastian DahlAnimated skills - What I can offerPersonal project; Animation made in After Effects. 
Malin RosenqvistMalin RosenqvistChristmas cardChristmas card for Vistaprint
Malin RosenqvistMalin RosenqvistChristmas cardChristmas card for Vistaprint
Malin RosenqvistMalin RosenqvistChristmas cardChristmas card for Vista print
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoApollo Tour Operator - Illustrations & looping gifs for webOne of many illustrations and animated gifs that I have created for the Danish Tour Operator Apollo's website.
Julia ThorellJulia ThorellChristmas decorations for H&M and ArketChristmas decorations for H&M and Arket 2020, shown in store windows in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, England, Russia, China. The illustrations are also shown at www.arket.com and in social media. This picture is from Regent Street, London.
Veronica Ballart LiljaVeronica Ballart LiljaNovember, Pen Stores Artist calender 2021  Watercolor illustration for Pen Store's Calendar 2021. My contribution was for the month of November
Tilda MårtenssonTilda MårtenssonArtibus Christmas marketRisograph printed Christmas poster for the ceramic collective Artibus in Malmö, 2020.
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder WallyComic book
David AppelquistDavid AppelquistTrygg-Hansa, Thumbs up!Thumbs up!, campaign for Trygg Hansa.
Johan LindhJohan LindhUnderworld Chocolate MineUnderworld Chocolate Mine. Minttu concept illustration.
Erica JacobsonErica JacobsonThe Church of NorwayBapstism branding illustrations to make the ceremony more inclusive.
Erica JacobsonErica JacobsonWall ArtSketch for mural.
Erica JacobsonErica JacobsonSephora Fragrance & Holiday CampaignSephora  Fragrance & Holiday Campaign
Johan LindhJohan LindhHero's journeyConcept illustration to a web-campaign for the finnish liqueur Minttu. The image was animated so a story was told when you scrolled the page.
Sara "SaraMara" PettersonSara "SaraMara" PettersonHotel PigalleHotel Pigalle, ESS Group.
Julia ThorellJulia ThorellChristmas illustrations for H&M ARKET 2020Christmas illustrations for H&M and ARKET 2020. Shown in store windows of 21 stores worldwide, at their homepage and social media. Countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and China. This picture is fron Regent Street, London.
Robin EnströmRobin EnströmJohan & NyströmSign painting for Johan & Nyström
Jonas GustafssonJonas GustafssonGreetingcard, EasterAn illustration of flowers made for a Greetingcard for Easter
Åsa Wärn BjörlingÅsa Wärn BjörlingCabbage headsIllustration made in photoshop.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkMeditation poseYoga girl in a lotus position. Charcoal and ink.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkYogaBefore yoga practice. Charcoal and fine-liner.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkLeopard print and stripesReike Ren heels and cute leopard flats. In pencil and Copic markers.
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonFUNNY GIRLWebb and billboard advertising for the show 'Funny Girl' at Malmö Opera 2020, with lead singer/actress Sanna Nielsen.
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistAdobe Stock - Premium CollectionTwo illustrations I've created for Adobe Stock.