Åsa Wärn BjörlingÅsa Wärn BjörlingCabbage headsIllustration made in photoshop.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkMeditation poseYoga girl in a lotus position. Charcoal and ink.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkYogaBefore yoga practice. Charcoal and fine-liner.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkLeopard print and stripesReike Ren heels and cute leopard flats. In pencil and Copic markers.
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonFUNNY GIRLWebb and billboard advertising for the show 'Funny Girl' at Malmö Opera 2020, with lead singer/actress Sanna Nielsen.
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistAdobe Stock - Premium CollectionTwo illustrations I've created for Adobe Stock. 
Annika HuettAnnika HuettBollnäsfilCross-stitch embroidered text and decorations for ads for Bollnäsfil.
Lena TrappLena TrappColoursColours
Lena TrappLena TrappAA
Lena TrappLena TrappFrizzFrizz
Lena TrappLena TrappKulturhusKulturhuset Bergsjön Animation by Heypantarei and illustration by Ekta  
Lena TrappLena Trappknutknut
Lena TrappLena TrappPulsePulse
Lena TrappLena TrappSnakesSnakes
Frida ClerhageFrida ClerhageRFSU brochure 2020. Illustrations for RFSU brochure 2020. 
Frida ClerhageFrida ClerhageRFSU, brochure 2020Illustrations for this RFSU brochure 2020.  
Frida ClerhageFrida ClerhageROKS, poster 2020Poster for ROKS 2020. The poster is one of two that I made for their campaign and the launching och their new website and app. 
Frida ClerhageFrida ClerhageROKS, poster campaign 2020Poster for ROKS 2020. The poster is one of two posters made for ROKS campaign and launching of their new website and app. 
Stefanie JegeringsStefanie JegeringsLandal GreenParks The Netherlands, nature education projectI developed a nature trail for Landal GreenParks in the Netherlands. The path consists of poles with a sign, an assignment book, a nature diploma and an advertising poster. I did everything, including illustrations and graphic design.
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenVisualication of advertismentThis is one of many illustration I did for the event-company Visible Works to visualize their advertisment.
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenIllustration for the magazine Daisy Beautyx
Maja ModénMaja Modénillustrations for the trade union VisionA series of illustrations for print, web etc, 2020
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornBaking Break, Personal projectThis was a fake-gameproject in school. We had to come up with a gameidea and create fake screenshots for the game.​ I made "Baking Break" a mobile baking game. I wanted a very 50's advertizing style with a semi-realistic painted feeling. With an assistant character called Peggy.
Linda SiewertLinda SiewertFolded leaflet/Leporello for Malmö akademiska Kör & orkester - programAD-, original print and layout- and illustration work for leporello leaflet and posters. Illustrations in watercolour.
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomCHRISTMAS, Album art, 2020Album art for a country band, with inspiration from knitted christmas sweaters. Illustration and graphic design/layout, 2020. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomYELLOW Fashion illustration, 2020Fashion illustration, created with digital painting, 2020. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomOLD TOWN Fashion illustration, 2020Fashion inspired illustration of one of the beautiful alleys in Old Town, Stockholm, created in liquid ink, watercolor and digital painting, 2020. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomSTOCKHOLM Fashion illustration, 2020. Fashion inspired illustration with view of Stockholm, created in liquid ink, watercolor and digital painting, 2020. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomSUNDSVALL Product illustration, 2019.Product design, tray with motif over the city of Sundsvall, 2019.
Tova JertfeltTova JertfeltLSU, animation Branding for LSU - HEL movement, including illustrations and animations for social media.
Tova JertfeltTova JertfeltBerwaldhallen, posterPoster to the Interplay series of Berwaldhallen, September 2014 until May 2015.  In the Interplay show Music, Biology and the Brain, conductor Daniel Harding performs Symphony no.4 of Beethoven and R.Strauss’ Metamorphosen. Afterwards, neuroscientist and pianist Fredrik Ullén talks with Daniel Harding about how music and musicianship influence our brains.
Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsFood alphabetI like alphabets and food.
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarACCONEER sample (2016)Sample from commercial for ACCONEER radar modules. Client Rak Vision / Nils Reimers. Script, speaker, japanese translations were delivered. I did storyboard, characters, animation, music, extra sound.
Madelen LindgrenMadelen LindgrenMake upIllustration/decor
Maja LindbergMaja LindbergSvensk Bokhandel, cover to the Autumn CatalogueI got the honor to illustrate the cover of 2020's catalogue for books that are published in the fall in Sweden
Caroline SellstoneCaroline SellstoneGraphic recording – Sida  Analog graphic recording with Sida partnership forum. About 6 meters of paper during a 2.5 day event.
Caroline SellstoneCaroline SellstoneWundies – underwear that keeps you dry  A drawn and animated video about functional underwear in case of urine leakage for women and men. Illustrations, editing, coice-over and music.
Therése BraagTherése BraagCheerleading, diploma, Musketeers Funky Cheer (MFC)Illustration for a cheerleadning association for usse in diplomas.
Kari ModénKari ModénAkademibokhandelnIn Store posters + web
Fred AnderssonFred AnderssonHbg Mashup IllustrationIllustration for a huge convention in Helsingborg, Sweden. 1000 visitors. The whole arena was made after the illustration, it did come to life;) MAD!
Manne JalilianManne JalilianTelenorAnimation for Telenor and the "Gilla lagom" campaign, 2019.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianTelenorAnimation for Telenor and the "Gilla lagom" campaign, 2019.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianAbsolut VodkaIllustration and design for Absolut Vodka, 2018. The commercial is part of the Absolut Cubed campaign, where different drinks are presented together with a flavor. I interpreted the ”Grapefruit Drop Shot” and used the grapefruits nickname, ”The citrus of paradise", as inspiration for my design.
Michèle HarlandMichèle HarlandEinar Mattssons Annual Rapport 2018Collage with mixed technique as a foldout for Einar Mattsson's property register.
Michèle HarlandMichèle HarlandEinar Mattssons Annual Rapport 2019Collage with mixed technique as a foldout for Einar Mattsson's property register.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak MonsterVignette concept for University West Live Session. Props. Procreate.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Matcha sumo 3D3d character for matcha latte cafe. Modeling and rendering in Autodesk Maya.
Eva EdbergEva EdbergBliwa campaignBliwa campaign with personal characters and stories.
Emilie BergmanEmilie BergmanIllustration, Håll NollanJag har  samarbetat med Håll Nollan och deras manifestation för att åskådliggöra att samarbete har en avgörande betydelse för att skapa en olycksfri byggbransch. Jag har gjort en illustration som ska finnas med i hela kampanjen Håll Nollans Säkerhetspush - tillsammans för säkrare byggen. En gemensam manifestation som kommer att genomföras på ett flertal bygg- och anläggningsarbetsplatser runtom hela Sverige 15 september kl. 13.00 2020.​
Munira YussufMunira YussufWebgraphics for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020Webgraphics for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020
Munira YussufMunira YussufWebbgraphics for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020Webbgraphics for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020
Munira YussufMunira YussufWebgraphics made for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020Webgraphics made for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Illustration for Vucjak shelter, Serbia.Illustration in Procreate for Vucjak shelter to promote dog adoptions in Serbia.
Nils-Petter EkwallNils-Petter EkwallVPN Tunnels, Atea Illustration for Swedish Tech company Atea. Illustration describing Atea’s backup services for municipalities, VPN-tunnels through internet to safe backups in undergrund shelters and how the computer system restores data after virus attacks.
Veronica Ballart LiljaVeronica Ballart LiljaPostnord, stampsWatercolor illustration for Stamps, with the theme food from different parts of the world. A total of 6 different motifs.
Tzenko StoyanovTzenko StoyanovBy electric bike through the AlpsThe benefits of the electric bike and why it is not a rival to the racing bike. De Volkskrant
Julia SzulcJulia SzulcHeimodlatIllustrations made for Heimstaden.
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistArtStreetHbgI was invited to paint a mural as part of the ArtStreetHbg 2020 street art festival. It's located at Västra Bryggaregatan 34, Helsingborg.
Ulrika GustafssonUlrika GustafssonHeart  An illustration of a heart in collaboration with Hemtex.
Annika HuettAnnika HuettCoop, MersmakIllustration for Coop Mer Smak summer supplement, vacation with Coop's partners.
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladFolder Boställets vedugnsbageriFolder for Bostället's wood oven bakery, a presentation about the business.
Carina Backlund MelanderCarina Backlund MelanderBirds of knowledge  Illustration for the finance company Flexfunktion AB. Three different bird pictures for different levels of financial advice and administration.
Madelen LindgrenMadelen LindgrenVictor Vaissier AtmosphèreGraphite/Watercolor/Digital
Nils-Petter EkwallNils-Petter EkwallAtea Software Asset Management cutaway illustration Cutaway Illustration for IT infrastructure supplier ATEA. Illustration about Software Asset Management. Each part of the company's service plan is depicted as a floorplan in the office building. 
Maurice MechanMaurice Mechan"Kill Bill"Mash-up poster of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill & Pulp Fiction movies. Digital painting
Mikaela NordlundMikaela NordlundCalming, Södertälje countyPictures published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Mikaela NordlundMikaela NordlundMeditation, Södertälje county Series of pictures published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Mikaela NordlundMikaela NordlundMindfullness, Södertälje county.Serie of Pictures made for Sodertälje county's intranet.
Mikaela NordlundMikaela NordlundRecovering, Södertälje kommunPictures made for recovery files published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Maja ModénMaja ModénCooper test labillustration icon for COOP sweden
Marie HerzogMarie HerzogCampaign showed on bussesFor Skåne's helplines for women, transpersons and girls 2018​
Tinna AhlanderTinna AhlanderMoodIllustration for Krösatågen's train magazine Lingonet.
Tinna AhlanderTinna AhlanderVÄNDesign of logo, packaging, labels, leaflets and brochures for FRIEND. A company with environmentally and skin-friendly products. Shampoo, soap, skin cream, liniment, foot cream, detergent, deodorant etc.
Ingela BackmanIngela BackmanHelleborusWatercouloring
Elise RosbergElise RosbergI'm flawlessMy own project for print on tote bag, digital.
Lisa MedinLisa MedinAlbum cover, Victor LeksellPart of cover illustration for music artist Victor Leksell's debut album "Fånga mig när jag faller" released by Sony Music in 2020.
Kari ModénKari ModénAkademibokhandelnIn Store posters + web
Jennifer BerglundJennifer BerglundShowreel 20202D animation 2017-2020.
Frida Hansson Frida Hansson Recipe illustration, Gooseberry compote 2020Illustration suggestion for recipe, gooseberry compote 2020. Own project. Recipe by Malin Broman.
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonFreedomEditorial illustration for Psychology journal
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonBeach with cabinsBeach with cabins
Julia GrothJulia Grothseaweed divers, tourist publicationOne of six illustrations from a publication showing food destination in the south of Bohuslän.
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistCOPD CampaignIllustrations for a campaign aimed at doctors treating patients suffering from COPD. The goal was for the doctors to encourage the patients to work out more. Art direction and design by the ad agency Narva.
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistLungsMedical illustration showing the difference between healthy lungs and lungs suffering from COPD. Art direction and design by the ad agency Narva.
Maja ModénMaja ModénIllustrations for COOP swedenIllustartions for new series of organic paperbags 2020
Maja ModénMaja ModénMielizia Bio (Italy)illustrations for a range of organic products
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtGinetteCommercial for the beer Ginette.
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSkipping girlShort personal project.
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtRoyal Opera House LondonWorking with the Royal Opera House in London to promote one of their ballets. A collaboration between me, Elain Song, Zena Kay, Ellie Spoerry and Jane Lee.
Kari ModénKari ModénAkademibokhandeln | SwedenPosters etc.
Alexandra KrasuskaAlexandra KrasuskaItalian balconiesSocial distancing during Covid 19 - something wonderful happened. The Italians went out to their balconies and played and sang together -they find a way to be happy at pandemia time together after all. Solidarity!
Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsOwn project, "sardines"Mediterranean apero.
Mattias KällMattias KällLife new years promisesAn illustration for the magazine Live Life and an article about how to keep your new years promises.
Mattias KällMattias KällKarl bicycle insuranceIllustration for an austrian insurance company specialised in insurances for bicycles.
Mattias KällMattias KällExperioLabIllustration for ExperioLab
Mattias KällMattias KällExperillabIllustration for ExperioLab
Lina SchnauferLina SchnauferStockholm City Theatre - Kulla GullaAssignment for Stockhol City Theatre and the play Kulla Gulla.  Illustration. Used in both digital and printed media. As a poster and animated. Photography: Matilda Rahm CD: Karl Andersson
Sara "SaraMara" PettersonSara "SaraMara" PettersonHotel Pigalle, illustrations to restaurantIllustrations to restaurant Atelier, hotel Pigalle-
Caroline TinterovaCaroline TinterovaMediterranean deliVector illustration 
Anders LyonAnders LyonConstantly exceeding expectationsPromotional piece