Linda PabstLinda PabstThe SwansPrivate illustration for my own scarf brand.
Elin AnderssonElin AnderssonPampiga systrar (Mighty Sisters)Illustration made for Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra to illustrate one of the concerts made for a young audience
Elin AnderssonElin AnderssonCafé TerezinIllustration made for Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra to illustrate one of the concerts made for a young audience
Catrina Norman-TengrothCatrina Norman-TengrothCatrina Norman Tengrothpencil and watercolor information material socialworkers  
Annika CarlssonAnnika CarlssonKonsumentverketIllustration for the annual report of Konsumentverket, 2018.
Elisabeth WidmarkElisabeth WidmarkKvinnohistoriskt museum, posterillustration, 2018Illustration for an exhibition about women, activism and society in Europe during 1900-century for Kvinnohistoriskt museum.
Cilla LindbergCilla Lindberg DescriptionsDescriptions  
Maja ModénMaja ModénGraphic companies, illustrations and coverGuide book for TET
Susanne FlodinSusanne FlodinHagab products3d visualizations of ventilation products.
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafPicture Book, Illustration, 2018Picture Book, Illustration, 2018
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafIllustration, FolderIllustration, Folder
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafIllustration, brochureIllustration, brochure
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafEditorial illustration, Adults with ADHDEditorial illustration, Adults with ADHD
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafEditorial illustration, about ADHDEditorial illustration, about ADHD
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafEditorial Illustration, ADHDEditorial Illustration, ADHD
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafBentota Live SketchBentota Live Sketch
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafLisbon Live SKetchLisbon Live SKetch
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafSabbatsberg Live SketchSabbatsberg Live Sketch
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafHvar Live SketchHvar Live Sketch
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafShanghai Live SketchShanghai Live Sketch
Cecilia WaxbergCecilia WaxbergRetail Guide Swedenllustrations cover, spreads, maps, graphs, icons, symbols and over all color coordination.
Björn ThomassonBjörn ThomassonThe building method for a small sailboat in plywood, 2015.This is an image from the boat catalog of my website, showing the recommended building method for a small sailing Sharpie in plywood.
Klara BartilssonKlara BartilssonUniversity of Gothenburg, Doctoral Degree Conferment catalogue, 2016Ten illustrations featuring the faculties at the University of Gothenburg, in the catalogue for the Doctoral Degree Conferment 2016.  
Josephine SkapareJosephine SkaparePersonal work, "Inky tools", 2017.Personal work, "Inky tools", 2017. Some of my favourite tools as a vegan illustrator.
Karin UlinKarin UlinKLF annual reportsCover for KLF's annual report 2015 and 2016 explaining the harvest process during the four seasons. Client: Navigator / Kristianstadsortens Lagerhusförening 
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafIllustration Book, 2017Illustration Book, 2017
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafIllustration Book spread, 2017Illustration Book spread, 2017
Bo AlvarssonBo AlvarssonOtto the BlacksmithOtto
Annika GudmundssonAnnika GudmundssonNordiska museet, Affisch TedagsAffisch till utställningen Tedags på Nordiska museet, 1994-1995
Annika StårnerAnnika StårnerAnnual report | KodcentrumIdea and graphic design of Kodcentrum's annual report year 2017. Editing and original for print and digital use.
Anders ParsmoAnders ParsmoChristmas-catalogueFrontpage for a Christmas Catalogue for the swedish toystore "Barnens Hus" (2009).
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonSEYMORHELLO / GOODBYE
Stina WiikStina WiikUppsala kommun - Annual Report 2012illustration for Uppsala kommun - The Concert & Congress hall
Carina LänkCarina LänkSampSamp, the intercontinental museum network. The book is three-lingual and are on 288 pages.
Annika CarlssonAnnika CarlssonIOGT/NTO, 2018Cover illustration for a report on alcohol and violence by IOGT/NTO.
Eva EdbergEva EdbergArmed Forces , illustrated children's book " When I lend my father to the country of fight . "Illustrated the children's book "When I lend my father to Landet Osams" which is written by Officer Torbjörn Engelkes and published to the Swedish Armed Forces.
Eva EdbergEva EdbergSLL, Stockholm County Council , annual statistics and webAround 20 pc illustrations to the website of the Stockholm County Council RTK. Annual Cover and Chapter 25 photos in Årsstatistikboken ago in 2006.
Eva EdbergEva EdbergSpendrups beer- and winemagazine , cover imagesCover Illustrations for Spendrups wine and brewing catalog.
Malin ErixonMalin ErixonProgramguiden (Administration of Education)PROGRAMGUIDEN, cover page + 6 out of 18 illustrations for the inside. The catalogue was distributed to all 9th grade students choosing high school. Client: Administration of Education in Stockholm.