Catharina NygårdCatharina NygårdÅland post, exhibition cards and stampsExhibitioncards made for Åland Post on the theme of olympic sports.
Sara GollboSara GollboConcept Art - Game Project-
Sara GollboSara GollboKey Art - Game Project-
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällMeira - DnD Character-
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällPersonal WorkPortrait
John AnderssonJohn Andersson"Fungi", Personal WorkSculpted in VR using Oculus Quest and Medium, model was then brought into Modo for texturing and rendering, and lastly edited and overpainted in Photoshop.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistGhost castleHaunted castle
Erik NykvistErik NykvistGhost kingKing that haunts his castle.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistGhost kings HallHaunted castle
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenStar Wars Concept Star Wars franchise Concept art. What happens year after episode 9?  What if the Stormtroppers from the fallen Empire made their own clans with Empire sympathizers?  This is an exploration about how it could be and look like.
Elin MolanderElin MolanderAvocadoAvocado, animation for client in the music industry.
John AnderssonJohn Andersson"Regrowth", Personal WorkEnvironment Concept Design. 2D and 3D.
John AnderssonJohn Andersson"Soldier", Personal WorkMood Concept and Narrative/Storytelling.  
Kim JanssonKim JanssonFantasy conceptIllustration for an upcoming board game.
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällTarot card -
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällPersonal Work-
Kim KarlssonKim KarlssonThe Wallpaper: animated "sample gameplay"A part of my bachelor's project from HDK-Valand. A short animation showing potential "sample gameplay" with sound and timing.
Anders ParsmoAnders ParsmoAccept the ChallangeDigital playground for the Sweish Bibelsociety (for planning your biblereading).
Sebastian DahlSebastian DahlPersonal project: RPG characterCharacter to the rpg-game Forbidden Lands. Digital illustration.
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällPax Viking - Box Cover IllustrationBox cover illustration for the board game Pax Viking.
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällPersonal Work - In the forest.
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällCharacter design - LavenderCharacter design of my DnD character Lavender.
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällPersonal Work - A long way from home.
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornDinozards snowday, personal projectI got inspired to make a cute picture related to my third gameproject at FutureGames, Dinozards. The Dinozards are making a snowman of their father in the lovely snowy weather. 2020 
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornFlying theme, personal projectA theme exercise I had with two friends, the theme was "FLYING". 2020
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornLinus, digital character potrait, personal projectDigital portait of Linus, a character I created from a previous characterdesigns and sketches. 2020
Stella SpenteStella SpenteCapturing Strength-
Yossra El SaidYossra El SaidThe Adventure beginsPersonal piece based on original story + character designs.
Christian LindbergChristian LindbergTTY3K - Future pit stopPersonal work. 
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenAlien Structure I'm trying out a new pipeline with 3D and paintover to a personal project.  I have been doing a lot of studies lately to LvL up my skills, and it has also given me some thoughts about developing my universe. I'm super pumped to continue this journey and to put out more content! I hope you guys like it!
Erik NykvistErik NykvistProtector of the heirConcept / illustration
Erik NykvistErik NykvistMayor houseConcept / illustration
Erik NykvistErik NykvistHomeConcept/ illustration
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenThe Search Concept art of an wastland desert planet.
Jojo FalkJojo Falksing-along app Hej Hyperillustrations and design for the sing-along app called Hej Hyper, for kids with diagnosis
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornInternational day of Happiness, themeday-game, at internship Flarie This was my favourite theme day I did during my Internship at Flarie "The international day of happiness". I based the game of of "these are a few of my favourite things" from Sound of Music.
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornBaking Break, Personal projectThis was a fake-gameproject in school. We had to come up with a gameidea and create fake screenshots for the game.​ I made "Baking Break" a mobile baking game. I wanted a very 50's advertizing style with a semi-realistic painted feeling. With an assistant character called Peggy.
Kim JanssonKim JanssonHere be Dragons - TrailerA trailer for the board game Here be Dragons - Into the Unknown.
Stella SpenteStella SpenteFreya.
Stella SpenteStella SpenteGeneration's Blessing-
Stella SpenteStella SpenteAnnotate-
Sonja ReuterskiöldSonja ReuterskiöldMattemacken, Liber läromedel 2020Mattemacken, Liber läromedel 2020
Sonja ReuterskiöldSonja ReuterskiöldNature book for children, personal workNature book for children, personal work
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Post-apocalyptic fiction conceptPost-apocalyptic fiction concept. Matte and illustration in Photoshop.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Church 3D model3D model church, modeled and rendered in 3ds Max.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Marvin the flying hippo 2D Unity gameMarvin the flying hippo game, Photoshop & Unity.
Jan KustfältJan KustfältVildhallon, parlour gameIllustration for the parlour game NätTrollz.
Jan KustfältJan KustfältVildhallon, parlour gameIllustration for the parlour game DinoFajten.
Jan KustfältJan KustfältVildhallon, parlour gameIllustration for the parlour game DinoFajten.
Jan KustfältJan KustfältVildhallon, parlour gameIllustration for the parlour game DinoFajten.
Jan KustfältJan KustfältVildhallon, parlour gameIllustration for the parlour game NätTrollz.
Mats SimonsMats SimonsO Yeah!Client: Aspect
Mats SimonsMats SimonsMighty Tiger slotmachineClient: Aspect
Sofia Lantz BarziSofia Lantz BarziBackground for SHIELDMAIDENSHIELDMAIDEN is a animation project by Vilhelm bergendal. It follows the adventures of Rota, a young nordic girl, as she travels to the Eastern Roman Empirein to search for her missing grandfather.
Sofia Lantz BarziSofia Lantz BarziSteampunk Key ArtGame art for an unnanoced project mach 3 game
Vania CastagninoVania CastagninoPastry partyFrame by frame animations created for Bubumbu video game.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistNormandieThe storming of the beaches of normandie
Niki AsimakidisNiki AsimakidisThe Witcher 3 - Discord emojisVectorillustration of Discord emojis for The Witcher 3.
Emmy WahlbäckEmmy WahlbäckEmberlit - RPG illustrationsA few illustrations of the Kaza, a goatlike folk who inhabit the world of Verthandi in the tabletop roleplaying game Emberlit.
Elin Hjulström LordElin Hjulström LordMinecraft, illustrations for animated bookA few of the 24 illustrations made for Minecraf, describing tools and functions. The illustrations are used in an animated book that is published regularly on Minecraft's instagram. Book and animation are made by Animal Stockholm.
Tara SundströmTara SundströmThe Bat Pateown project that at start was suppose to be a character to a game.
Tara SundströmTara SundströmKalevala gamedesign projecthead-design for the maincharacter Väinämöinen in the game Kalevala
Tara SundströmTara SundströmDragonforceLogo made for the gamingserie Dragonforce
Jule GoerkeJule GoerkeWeekend adventurerIllustration for a children's pen & paper role playing game
Jule GoerkeJule GoerkeWeekend adventurerIllustration for a children's pen & paper role playing game
Mats SimonsMats SimonsCasino games for AsiaMobil games for designed for the Asian market. Client: Golden Hero.
Mats SimonsMats SimonsMystery Star mobile online slot.Mobil online slot designed for the Asian market. Client: Golden Hero (Manilla).
Daniel SpacekDaniel SpacekCzech Olympic ComitteeKey art visual for Czech Olympic Committee, event winter Olympic games.
Carina StåhlbergCarina StåhlbergTuva in the snowA children's book under progress, about waiting for the first snow and dreaming about snow monsters and playing in the snow. .
Vania CastagninoVania CastagninoMice FencingFrame by frame animation for "Bubumbu" a video game project. 
Sonja ReuterskiöldSonja ReuterskiöldSea elv. Personal WorkSea Elv. Digital Painting
Sonja ReuterskiöldSonja ReuterskiöldDigital Painting. Winter Landscape. Personal WorkDigital Painting. Winter Landscape. Personal Work
Erik NykvistErik NykvistMurderIllustration 2019
Mats MolidMats MolidSpökpiratenChildrensbook. 2019. Ghost Pirate.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistMonastery and residenceIllustration 2019
Erik NykvistErik NykvistShrine of odinPersonal painting
Adrian MalmgrenAdrian MalmgrenPage, Wicked Hero, 2019From my comic Wicked Hero, 2019
Adrian MalmgrenAdrian MalmgrenDiversity & Charhacterdesign, workshop illustration 2Illustration 2 for the workshop on diversoty and characterdesign.
Karin UlinKarin UlinBird in treeUnpublished
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenSpace CowgirlCowgirl character design. I had this idea to illustrate a character in a western theme but with a twist!  I wanted to create a strong character that could be on a Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon show in a retro space western theme inspired by one of Clint Eastwoods western character.  There was some main factors such as to keep it simple, flat shapes, shape variation and negative space with some overlays that gets all the three themes in one.
Sonja ReuterskiöldSonja ReuterskiöldPoster. Childrens room 2019ABC poster for kids, collagetechniqe in Photoshop  
Gabrielle NilssonGabrielle NilssonConnectionPersonal work, 2019
Jennifer NystedtJennifer NystedtKulturfamiljen, Illustration for "Pay it Forward, Come Along Friend"Illustration for the book "Come Along Friend" in the series "Pay it Forward".
Mårten LundinMårten LundinTiger rush, game graphicsConcept, graphics, animation and marketing material for the game Tiger rush. Inspired by traditional Japanese artwork.
Torbjörn KällströmTorbjörn KällströmGalion, The Elven Kings ButlerGalion from Lord of the Rings. Done for Lord of the Rings LCG by Fantasy Flight Games
Torbjörn KällströmTorbjörn KällströmThe One RingSaurons ring, painted for Lord of the Rings LCG by Fantasy Flight Games
Astrid SterngrenAstrid SterngrenNetEnt, Asgardian StonesConcept art and background for the game Asgardian Stones which I worked on with my team at NetEnt. You can find the finished game here:
Jennifer NystedtJennifer NystedtPersonal work, "Day of the Dead"Illustration for theme day, "Dios de los muertos"
Jennifer NystedtJennifer NystedtMme Figaro Japon, "Romantic Kawaii" Illustration for fashion magazine Mme Figaro Japon, children's fashion.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenObject illustrations Illustration of some objects. Focusing on color and light to inform each unique functions.
Alexander LindénAlexander LindénAlexunderstands Showreel 2019Alexunderstands Illustrator Animator Musicator --------------------------------------- Illustration, animation and music: Alexander Lindén
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoEditorial illustration, children's book, 2018“Red-crested crane"
Sofia LindholmSofia LindholmTidskriften Folkuniversitetet, 2015Illustration for article on 'gamification', an article that discusses how tools from computer games are being used in other areas, for example schools.
Mats SimonsMats SimonsLucky Stones, Golden Hero Asien.Mobil Casino slot. Designed for the mobil phones and for the asian market. By Excubitor games for Golden Hero in Manilla.
Sofia Lantz BarziSofia Lantz BarziJurg the VikingFor a pitch - project 
Sofia Lantz BarziSofia Lantz BarziPompaDor character lineupPersonal work - for a pitch
Magdalena CavallinMagdalena CavallinPersonal work, Soon it will be to late, 2018Collage on masonit
Martina Todorova AsplundMartina Todorova AsplundMuckles, personal project, 2018.Small creatures who made a home in pot plants.
Anna NilssonAnna NilssonThank-you-card for svampriket.seA thank-you-card for everybody who applied for the editor job at the game site
Erika Andersson PorathErika Andersson PorathDark Souls II PS3 coverCommission for someone who wanted a specific cover to their copy of the game Dark Souls II to PS3. Made in Photoshop