Iso LindhIso LindhCBA, comic: Rat KingPage one of two in a story about executive disablity and burnout, made for C'est Bon Anthology. My aim was to draw a story that tells as well as shows how executive disablity may affect how a person parses information.
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekIntropicture to Graphic recordingSvenska institutet
Maria KaskMaria KaskRecyclingFor magazine about recycling
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekPosters for democracy Bygdegårdarnas RiksförbundPosters for democracy Bygdegårdarnas Riksförbund, one out of 4 posters. 
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonUnderjordisk renässans / Filter nr.80 2021 (2/3)The African root Iboga gives a nightmare-like intoxication that can last up to 48 hours and lead to cardiac arrest. More and more Swedes believe that the benefits outweigh the risks. Article written by Simon Appelqvist. The illustrations were published in the magazine Filter no.80, 2021.
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonUnderjordisk renässans / Filter nr.80 2021 (1/3)The African root Iboga gives a nightmare-like intoxication that can last up to 48 hours and lead to cardiac arrest. More and more Swedes believe that the benefits outweigh the risks. Article written by Simon Appelqvist. The illustrations were published in the magazine Filter no.80, 2021.
Anna JonssonAnna JonssonLUND by FOOTArt direction, graphic design and illustration. Folder to Visit Lund. 
Louise HavedahlLouise Havedahlinformative animation for IOGT-NTO-RörelsenAn informative animation explaining the amazing work of IOGT-NTO-Rörelsen in just little above 3 minutes. Produced alongside IOGT-NTO employees. Storyboard, illustration and animation made by me! Voiceover and music made by hired talents. An exiting project that was my first ever animation for a client. And I'd love to do more.
Katarina ErikssonKatarina ErikssonIllustration "Effects of foods on LDL cholesterol"Graphical abstract for the scientific paper "Effects of foods on LDL cholesterol". Several foods clearly modify LDL cholesterol according to recent systematic review by Malin Schoeneck and David Iggman published in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases.
Nils-Petter EkwallNils-Petter EkwallGrand Thornton - future-proof Editorial illustration for finance company Grand Thornton. About how to future-proof the company. 
Maria CederMaria CederCoordination, Kungliga biblioteket, flow chartA flow chart that describes the parties' role in a coordination assignment, for the Royal Library.
Maria CederMaria CederIndustrilås, encrypted communication, vectorIndustrilås have developed a new lock that enables encrypted communication. The illustration shows the communication path.
Maria CederMaria CederIllustration for Volvo Bussar, vector illustrationVecorised illustration for Volvo Bussar, Connect 2/2015.
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖMapIllustration of a vision of the developing of a new tourist attraction i Sundsvall.
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenIllustration of a plotprojectAn illustration I did for a plotproject. The picture showes three houses that are planed to be built.
Isabelle SjöIsabelle SjöSleepfacts - InfographicFrom a series of infographic about sleep. For Soja - Animation's instagram.
Lotta Grönkvist AlbinssonLotta Grönkvist AlbinssonThe Swedish Museum of Natural history: Exhibition: Nature in SwedenI have created a new graphic design for the exhibition about Swedish Nature. It includes large format print and all kinds of graphics. Both digital and analog.
Julia GrothJulia Grothhi, hållbar interiör (sustainable interiors)Illustration for Hållbar interiör, a project for environmental certification of interior projects. The picture shows where interiors fit among other subject with existing certifications, like furniture, materials and buildings. 
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSvenska Bostadsfonden | Visual IdentityA brand new visual identity and communications strategy for renowned property investor Svenska Bostadsfonden.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöBullshit jobsAnimation based on professor David Graebers theorys about bullshit jobs. Jobs we dont care about, feel shouldn’t exist and makes us depressed.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöTofu, Tempeh, SeitanA Booklet About Three Popular Plant Based Sources Of Protein, With Information About Their Origins, Nutrition And Some Recipes.
Margareta RudebeckMargareta RudebeckAncient castleHill fort. Sign for ancient monument.
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖIllustration for non fictionIllustration for non fiction/editorial.
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖIllustration for non fictionIllustration for non fiction.
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖIllustration for non fictionIllustration for non fiction book by psychologist Liria Ortiz.
Ivannia OlguinIvannia OlguinIllustration for Swedish Newspaper Dagens NyheterTime line about wine culture in Sweden.
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖMapMap over Njurunda for a broschure. Commission for Njurundaföretagarna. Illustration and graphic design.
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖNon fiction illustrationIllustration to a non fiction book by psychologist Liria Ortiz
Jasmine WihlborgJasmine WihlborgNorrbotten mapA map over beautiful Norrbotten surrounded by cloudberries.
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoPoster for a climbing gymPoster for a climbing gym. The purpose was to explain how to rope/lead climb. I developed the illustration style and the icons. Client: Klättercentret.
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoPoster for a climbing gymPoster for a climbing gym. The purpose was to explain safety aspects, common sense and etiquette in climbing. I developed the illustration style and the icons. Client: Klättercentret.
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoInformation graphic - grading system in climbingInformation graphics to explain the French grading system in climbing. Client: Klättercentret.
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoIllustration of the instrument KalimbaA closeup of one of the instruments that make up the sound of the band 'The Oneflower Tribe. Each instrument was portrayed like this, showing each instrument (and other things) that make the band sound like they do, like an anatomical map of their sound. 
Lotte KölareLotte KölareBrochure aboute gender equality.Brochure aboute gender equality.
Lotte KölareLotte KölareCollage.Collage.
Marie Tidquist LundinMarie Tidquist LundinRöhsska - museum of design and art. IllustrationFormkontakt was commissioned to produce construction, design and illustrations for the treasure map / treasure chest for the Röhsska Museum. The museum's educators came up with tricky questions and exciting assignments that take you around the museum's exhibitions. When you have finished the treasure hunt, you can fold your very own treasure chest (ie the Röhsska Museum) off the map.
Kim JanssonKim JanssonTechnical illustrationIllustration of a screwdriver made freehand.
Stefan LindbladStefan LindbladTechnical illustration for SSM residental developer builderTechnical illustration for SSM Fastigheter, residental developer builder. Neighbourhood Telefonplan. Apartment building complex named Metronomen. In Stockholm, Sweden.
Stefan LindbladStefan LindbladTechnical illustration for SSM residental developerTechnical illustration for SSM Fastigheter, residental developer. New development named Metronomen in Telefonplan, Stockholm,Sweden
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannIllustration, RiksidrottmuseetIllustrations for Riksidrottmuseet. 
Millis SarriMillis SarriEducation materialIllustrations for educational material Input, Natur&Kultur
matilda peterssonmatilda peterssonJM Bygg, KVM Magasin. Spoon Agency, 2020Illustration for JM Bygg, KVM Magasin. Winner in The Publishing Prize 2020
matilda peterssonmatilda peterssonSinfoyra. MSB, Stockholm. 2020Informative illustration for broschure. Aquarelle and ink. 
Susanne FlodinSusanne FlodinParker, Educational materialsIllustrations and layout of educational materials.
Anders ParsmoAnders Parsmo"The SDG Workbench" (2020)Infotrek and Swedwise have developed an application "The SDG Workbench" that visualizes how actions towards one or several sustainable development goals affect all the other global sustainable development goals. The application was developed as our contribution to the SAS Hackathon 2020 but we also hope that this will contribute to many companies and organizations work to reach these important Agenda 2030 goals. Scribble: Anders Parsmo Filming and editing: Lukas Andersson Voice over: Christoffer Englund
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoVårdförbundetAn illustration proposal for "Vårdförbundet".
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoJayway by Devoteam - Blogging about tech & DesignOne of many branding illustrations and animations which I made for the Creative Tech company Jayway by Devoteam from 2018 until today.
Johan LindhJohan LindhCare of old peopleCare of old people. An illustrations I made for Sara Öhrvall's lecture on her book ’Ditt framtida jag’ (Your future self)
Johan LindhJohan LindhClevererSome of the illustrations for Sara Öhrvall's lecture  on her book ’Ditt framtida jag’ (Your future self)
Johan LindhJohan LindhYour future selfSome of the illustrations for Sara Öhrvall's lecture  on her book ’Ditt framtida jag’ (Your future self)
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoBOMBARDIER Wayside - Hero Animation for a landing pageI've created this isometric animated illustration for Bombardier throught Jayway by Devoteam in 2020, usinf Adobe Illustrator & After Effects.
Mark BelanMark BelanPeriodontitisAn illustrated editorial spread about periodontitis. This poster details progressive changes in dental biofilm and gross morphology as the pathology advances over time.
Mark BelanMark BelanFruit of the Womb: The Botanical Classification of FruitA didactic poster illustrating the floral origins of fruit. The idea for this poster came from a summertime dinner conversation, when enjoying a salad and recalling the trivial fact that tomatoes are "actually" fruit. This spawned an interest in understanding why tomatoes are fruit, and led to an entire summer-long investigation into botanical and carpological literature. As a result, I was inspired to synthesize my findings into a visual reference guide that would be both informative and visually engaging.
Mark BelanMark BelanComparative Functional Anatomy of CephalopodsA didactic poster illustrating the diversity and function of tentacles, beaks, and eyes of cephalopods. Wondrously unique and alien in appearance, the anatomy of cephalopods never ceases to amaze people the world over.​
Kjell ThorssonKjell ThorssonRecyclingInternal and external communication. Costumer: Fortum.
Kjell ThorssonKjell ThorssonTruck, cross sectionInternal and external communication. Scania/Appelberg.
Kjell ThorssonKjell ThorssonIllustrations about safetyCustomer: Gränges, Appelberg
Kornelia EngqvistKornelia EngqvistCommunicateOwn project
Kari ModénKari ModénFreundin Magazine - GermanyArticle about liver and heath issues
Jens CalliusJens CalliusRedesign of reports from LayherRedesign and production of the Report En bättre byggprocess.
Cecilia PetterssonCecilia PetterssonIllustration of a Vår sik löja for the project Skimmer Och HärvorA fish that hardly can be seen nowadays, the Vår sik löjan, illustrated for the project "Skimmer och Härvor". Digital drawing.
Ulrika NilssonUlrika NilssonTörnskogens walking trail for childrenFladde the bat. Illustrations for ten signs on Törnskogens walking trail for children. Client: Upplands Väsby kommun
Ulrika NilssonUlrika NilssonTörnskogens walking trail for childrenBibbi the wild bee. Illustrations for ten signs on Törnskogens walking trail for children. Client: Upplands Väsby kommun
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenVisualication of advertismentThis is one of many illustration I did for the event-company Visible Works to visualize their advertisment.
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekKonferens scenkonst Malmö stadFör teaterproduktions bolaget piratsagor. 
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekGraphic recording of an InnovationlabbSocial innovation labb for Göteborgs city and Sweco. 
Maja ModénMaja Modénillustrations for the trade union VisionA series of illustrations for print, web etc, 2020
Li Rosén ZobecLi Rosén ZobecSwedish Environmental Protection AgencyGuidance on noise from sports grounds
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarCranial nervesVector illustration of cranial nerves for medical studies
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekSRAT illustration Illustration made to illustrate the union SRAT new vision and to show their members importent roll in the community. 
Caroline SellstoneCaroline SellstoneGraphic recordning – CancerfondenAnalog graphic recording with the Cancer Foundation and GenPep during Järva Week - 19.
Caroline SellstoneCaroline SellstoneGraphic recording – HoudiniDigital graphic recording with 3 Step IT and Houdini. 
Caroline SellstoneCaroline SellstonePwC – digital graphic recordingDigital graphic recording med PwC under en ledarskapsutbildning för toppledare inom offentlig sektor.
Caroline SellstoneCaroline SellstoneArt recording – Swedbank  Art recording on a conference day with Swedbank. Acrylic and pencil on canvas. About 120x80 meters.
Caroline SellstoneCaroline Sellstone Telge network and recycling  One of six images that visualize Telge's business plan. Vector graphics in Illustrator.
Maja ModénMaja Modén'Master in genetics'illustration for U Magazine, UCLA School of Medicine
Maja ModénMaja ModénThe forest in schoola series of illustrations för a website to teach kids about the swedish forest
Jens CalliusJens CalliusIllustrations for EpeconsIllustrations for Epecons theory book on ceiling heating
Nils-Petter EkwallNils-Petter EkwallVPN Tunnels, Atea Illustration for Swedish Tech company Atea. Illustration describing Atea’s backup services for municipalities, VPN-tunnels through internet to safe backups in undergrund shelters and how the computer system restores data after virus attacks.
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderSweden's highest and longest map?Fun initiative by Haninge municipality. Visit the beautiful Tornberget in Haninge and look at the map and the beautiful view. 16.5 meters wide, 120 m above sea level.
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderNya tunnelbananMaps and 3d illustrations for the New Metro in Stockholm. Client: Region Stockholm
Åsa FredricsonÅsa FredricsonSaveaInfographics
Åsa FredricsonÅsa FredricsonCETIS – Centrum för tekniken i skolanWater cleaning system
Åsa FredricsonÅsa FredricsonTekniska verken i Linköpinginfographics
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladMap Sculpture Park Vadstena  Map of Folkparken and its sculptures 2020.
Carina Backlund MelanderCarina Backlund MelanderIllustration for Chalmers University of TechnologyGraphic infographic illustration for Chalmers University of Technology 2020
Annika StårnerAnnika StårnerIllustration | Map "Brevik–Lervik"Idea and design of welcomingsign for Brevik–Lerviks Vägförening. Map over the areas Brevik–Lervik in the Stockholm archipelago, Österåker. Vector graphics for printed matter and digital media. 
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekWash your hands, personal projectWash your hands, personal project, recipebook for children
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekEducational illustration for Region KronobergMethod and tool for cooperation. Created for internal educationmaterial at Region Kronoberg. 
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekLive drawing - Graphic recording at MUCF digital conference. Graphic recording, live drawing at digital online conference. 
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekStakholderanalysisIllustration for tools for development pratice. Educational illustation for Region Kronoberg.
Julia GrothJulia GrothIM, MESH, Luthagens Livs, "Hubli printers"The journey of the canvas bag from maker to consumer. The printers, painters and tailors in Hubli, India, that produced the bag are depicted in the print. Say hello to Sushila, Neelama, Dilshab and the others!
Björn ZahlbrucknerBjörn ZahlbrucknerEverydayWhat we do every day - work, routine, repetition. 
Jennifer BerglundJennifer BerglundShowreel 20202D animation 2017-2020.
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonRefleks 5Cover for text book in social sciences. Primary school.
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistLungsMedical illustration showing the difference between healthy lungs and lungs suffering from COPD. Art direction and design by the ad agency Narva.
Anthony TianAnthony TianApplesApples in colors.
Anthony TianAnthony TianStoveAn outdoor stove.
Anthony TianAnthony TianIce fishing, my project.Ice fishing rod.
Maja ModénMaja ModénMielizia Bio (Italy)illustrations for a range of organic products