Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsViaplay, "Avatars"A selection of avatars made for a more personalized experience when you log in to your account.
Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsPAH-forum, "Living with PAH"Illustrations about living with pulmonary hypertension.
Anna L AndrénAnna L AndrénKeep distans!Keep distans! Corona.
Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsCover, Unionen, "Tech and Health"Tech is supposed to make us healthier, but is it?
Anna L AndrénAnna L AndrénKeep cool! Stay homeAnimation, AfterEffects. Corona.
Caroline TinterovaCaroline TinterovaMediterranean deliVector illustration 
Caroline TinterovaCaroline TinterovaFight CoronaIllustration made to spread love.
Nikki SchmidtNikki SchmidtBiosphere for BalticInformational short film for the international project Biosphere for Baltic. I made the storyboard, script, voice directions, illustrations and animations.
Johan ReichJohan ReichSura GubbarAnimated movie.
Sofia HolmlundSofia HolmlundUrkult festival, bracelets and name badgesGraphic design of bracelets and name badges for the Urkult festival. Mårten Grön was involved in the creative process of the bracelets. 2018
Per PelzPer PelzCity of Karlstad 2020Map of "Solapromenaden", a trail around the city for exercsize aswell as experiences of culture and art.
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzJärvsö map illustrationPromotional map illustration that provide an overview while also highlighting attractions and important places. This map inspire visits and help the user to understand where all the attractions are located. Järvsö map illustration has been created entirely in vector graphics.
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzNarvik Ski MapA good Ski map helps skiers to navigate an area. It should be clear, easy to understand. Landmarks and symbols should make it easy for users to find their bearings and navigate an area. It is also very important that the Ski map inspires people to visit. A lot of people look at the Ski map before deciding whether or not to visit a new ski resort, which means a good Ski map encourages more skiers to visit. Narvikfjellet's map has been praised in Norway and in Sweden.
Maja ModénMaja ModénBaptism illustrationsverbum publishing company, spot ilustrations for a folder 
Stina Nyberg WiikStina Nyberg WiikIllustrations for schools and teachersIllustrations Teachers web
Rebecka Porse SchalinRebecka Porse SchalinIllustrationIllustration
Fredrika FrykstrandFredrika FrykstrandBlondes Vibe BetterGraphics for Blondes Vibe Better video by SAAD.
Fredrik BrännströmFredrik BrännströmIcon designVarious different icon designs from the companies below: 1. Hemfrid 2. Lundgrens snus 3. Fixa 4. Roosfjällen fastigheter 5. Tya
Lina ForsgrenLina ForsgrenIKFF – Impact reportDesign of impact report for IKFF (Women's International League for Peace & Freedom in Sweden) that highlights their work between 1919–2019 and the impact it has had globally.
Helena LindholmHelena LindholmGraphic Recording, live drawingGraphic recording for Event Company/ event planner: München bryggeriet. Live drawing at Stockholm fair, on whiteboard, live during promotion. 
Kristine WidlertKristine WidlertVilla Nest, Map illustrationVilla Nest is a senior living that is about to be built in Västra Roslags-Näsby, Täby, Stockholm. I have illustrated maps for the prospect for this living.
Rikard HällRikard HällExplainer video for Skaraborgs KommunalförbundTogether with Dupp Film we created this movie for Skaraborgs Kommunalförbund. For the project »En skola för alla«, which means »Education for all«. It's a project that tries to get school dropouts to get back into school but also focuses on the students who are already in school – so that they want to go to there and feels welcome. This movie is created to show the teachers and politicians that the project has given really good result and to push the continuation of all the efforts. It's just me took care of the idea, storyboard and all the 2D animation. Together with Dupp Film we wrote the script and they did all the 3D shots.
Alwyn OnoriAlwyn OnoriIronworksPoster about ironworks in Sweden during the 16th and 17th centuries.
Alwyn OnoriAlwyn OnoriWisby Town WallPoster/ infographic about the construction of Visby town wall and medieval construction methods.
Annie BeckmanAnnie BeckmanQuail featherInfographic of how a quail feather are constructed, for a book about quail breeding.
Ingrid SkåreIngrid SkårePersonal Work, "Cat Map!"From when we couldn't have cats in our old apartment: it was a matter of time before I've mentally mapped all the cats in our neighborhood, together with whether or not they allowed petting. This is the illustrated version. 1. Fat orange cat, always sleeping in the garden.  2. Black and white youngster. Runs from one safe space to another, can't be petted.  3. White Persian that has been groomed. Looks a little silly. Friendly. 4. Fluffy tabby that roams the woods. Very shy. 5. Stay-at-home tabby, always fighting cat number 6 for his territory. 6. Friendly orange tabby. Always looking for trouble. Likes being pet. Bonus! Walk a little more, and you might find a very cute and friendly tricolor. Allows petting and will even show you her belly. Can't always be found.  This illustration style is great for kids, be it picture books or academic materials. 
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenStadium Sustainability SymbolsStadium asked me to design a bunch of symbols for their Sustainability report and vision. The task was to take inspiration by their existing symbols but to add minimalistic design and designing them according to Stadiums Graphical Profile. All the Symbols are focusing on different areas to communicate their vision for a better climate.  Client: Stadium  
Lidia BlomgrenLidia BlomgrenTellus-
Lidia BlomgrenLidia BlomgrenFemale reproductive system, Human heart, Human lungs Medical poster collection
Lidia BlomgrenLidia BlomgrenPlant Morphology: Flowers and fruits-
Sofie Björkgren-NäseSofie Björkgren-NäseFinansliv, magazine coverLettering for the Finansliv magazine.
Daniel SpacekDaniel SpacekUniverseum Gothenburg MapInfographics map and set of brand illustrations for Gothenburg's science center Universeum. The style was tailor-made for Universeum and individual illustrations are used as visual building kit for promotions and communication. Color strategy and icons for individual areas are used on-site as navigation. Illustration, visual system: Daniel Spacek Agency: Art director: Kristofer Salsborn Project Manager: Marcus Aggfelt   Detailed project preview  
Daniel SpacekDaniel SpacekMixed spaces - editorial illustrationThe Place economy  AD: Andrew Johnstone, Hoyne Australia
Kari ModénKari ModénDonna Magazine | Germany Editorial health illustration about IBS
Daniel SpacekDaniel SpacekImaginary CityTo draw teeming images is sometimes quite crazy. It consumes lots of time and you can easily get lost in them. I have realized that even more crazy is to draw one of those images twice. As part of exercise to overcome creative block, I took this older image, which was done in ink and watercolor, and I turned it into its full digital version. I was able to add some more details and friends. 
Gunvor EkströmGunvor EkströmVision for Luleå lokaltrafikVision illustration for internal work with the company's goals and development.
Annika StårnerAnnika StårnerIllustration | PlumbingInfographic of plumbing system in a house, for VVStrygg. Vector graphic for printed matter and digital media.
Stef GainesStef GainesLive drawing from a workshop about the participation and learning of youthOne of many workshops held in Gothenburg for teachers on after-school programs. I was hired to document the workshops live which resulted in a PDF of 24 pages by the end of the day.
Stef GainesStef GainesPage from graphic recording of seminars on AspI was hired to document a three day seminar on the freshwater fish asp and the work to protect it in Sweden. The first two days where seminars and the third day was a exkursion. I drew down everything using my iPad Pro and the result was a PDF of 162 pages. (This is page 15). Assigned by Thyréns and in coperation with county administrative board of Uppsala.
Stef GainesStef GainesMap for Stockholm International Comics Festival 2019Map which was printed on the back of the officiall folder of STockholm International Comics Festival. The festival was held in the locals of Konstfack and it was the first time doing so, hence the importance of showing how to get there. A comission from Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.
Fredrika FrykstrandFredrika FrykstrandUngaTur - logotype and visual identityLogo design and artwork for Stockholm based theathre group UngaTur.
Carina LänkCarina Länkillustration Sjöhistoriska museetillustration Sjöhistoriska museet
Carina LänkCarina Länkmap illustrationmap illustration
Carina LänkCarina LänkGraphic design, Sjöhistoriska museet, StockholmGraphic design, Sjöhistoriska museet, Stockholm
Carina LänkCarina LänkVasa's womenVasa's women, graphic design of exhibition at the Vasa Museum, Stockholm, large wall.
Carina LänkCarina LänkVasa's womenVasa's women, graphic design of exhibition at the Vasa Museum, Stockholm, large wall.
Kajsa IsenbergKajsa IsenbergAkademikernAkademikern
Kajsa IsenbergKajsa IsenbergAlt om TidskrifterAllt om Tidskrifter. Redesign.
Kajsa IsenbergKajsa IsenbergGenvägenDesign of Genvägen
Kajsa IsenbergKajsa IsenbergMagasin BKoncept and design of Magasin B
Kajsa IsenbergKajsa IsenbergMoi!Koncept, design and art direction of the magazine Moi
Kajsa IsenbergKajsa IsenbergAkademikernDesign and art direction of Akademikern.
Adrian MalmgrenAdrian MalmgrenIllustration, Lund University 2018Illustration for Lund Universitys catalogue on trans and intersex students 2018.
Adrian MalmgrenAdrian MalmgrenDiversity & Charhacterdesign, workshop illustration 2Illustration 2 for the workshop on diversoty and characterdesign.
Annika CarlssonAnnika CarlssonMinistry of EmploymentIllustration for one of the six strategic Gender Equality goals of the Swedish government, Ministry of Employment, 2018.
Annika CarlssonAnnika CarlssonKonsumentverketIllustration for the annual report of Konsumentverket, 2018.
Annika CarlssonAnnika CarlssonMinistry of the Environment and EnergyIllustrations for the swedish Ministry of the Environment and Energy, 2017.
Annika CarlssonAnnika CarlssonMinistry of the Environment and EnergyIllustrations for the swedish Ministry of the Environment and Energy, 2017.
Maria CederMaria CederInfo graphic, The fourth industrial revolution, editorial vector illustration for SP magazine Teknik;forskning.The fourth industrial revolution, editorial vector illustration, for SP magazine Teknik;forskning.
Hedvig WallinHedvig WallinPictogram for a schoolMade some icons/symbols for an education company called "AcadeMedia", 2019. Here are a few of them!
Per PelzPer PelzEpiroc, infographics 2019Characters from an infographics project. On behalf of Epiroc.
Maja LindénMaja LindénLocation of the church of FlemingsbergThe client, Church of Sweden, wished to show, in a nice and welcoming way, how to find the church in Flemingsberg.
Björn NilssonBjörn NilssonWind Turbine Cutaway Wind Turbine Cutaway for CEJN.
Karin UlinKarin UlinBird in treeUnpublished
Maja ModénMaja Modénweather iconsicons for Samsungs 'cabin app'
Kjell ThorssonKjell ThorssonMiningClient: Sandvik
Kjell ThorssonKjell ThorssonInformation graphicsClient: Beijer Bygg.
Eida SteenEida SteenVisumetrics 2019Illustration for Visumetrics 2019.
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSustainable TourismIllustrations and animation for a campaign on sustainable tourism for high shool students by NGO Schyst Resande. 
Björn NilssonBjörn NilssonAutoliv interior airbags Dashboard airbags for Autoliv.
Björn NilssonBjörn NilssonUddeholm emobility conceptEmobilty Concept. Promoting Uddeholm Tool Steel in Electric Vehicle manufacturing.
Rebecka Porse SchalinRebecka Porse SchalinIllustrationInfo kommer.
Rebecka Porse SchalinRebecka Porse SchalinIllustration for EJDeRInfo kommer
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSBF Property Management | Swedish Property FundA series of illustrations for Svenska Bostadsfonden's property managemnet services.
Susanne FlodinSusanne FlodinEnergy companyIllustrations for interactive education on behalf of Lexicon.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenFyshuset, sponsorship and collaborationAn illustration which describes the collaboration between Fryshuset as a non-profit organization and sponsorship.
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzHudson River Skywalk map illustrationHistoric site outside New York at Catskill. Two artist homes are located on either side of the Hudson River. The map illustration shows how to get between the two attractions over the Rip van Winkle bridge and inspire new visitors. Client: DrewDesignCo USA.
Rebecka Porse SchalinRebecka Porse SchalinBook coverBook cover
Rebecka Porse SchalinRebecka Porse SchalinVector illustrationVector illustration and infographics.
Rebecka Porse SchalinRebecka Porse SchalinMagazine layout and illustrationPrinted in 15000 copies.
Rebecka Porse SchalinRebecka Porse SchalinMagazine layout and illustrationPrinted in 15000 copies.
Nils-Petter EkwallNils-Petter EkwallJCK Magazine (US), Mom-and-Pop Jewelers, editorial. Editorial illustration. For article about Mom-and-pop jewelers adding locations / shops. JCK is a glossy magazine from New York and is covering news, trends and fashion within the jewelry industry in US.  
Kjell ThorssonKjell ThorssonCarFrom the book Så funkar det – Fordon och farkoster. Bonnier Carlsen 2019.
Elin Matilda AnderssonElin Matilda AnderssonDoteveryone: Tech Sector ValuesEditorial work recently commissioned by Doteveryone (UK), accompanying their research into how tech professionals want to see more responsible and ethical practices within their industry. 
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarCognition and networks - medical illustrationIllustration for doctoral thesis:  "Precision in neuropsychology. Four challenges when using simplified assumptions":   Graph theory illustrates how a networks vulnerability changes depending on age and insult.
Anna L AndrénAnna L Andrén"Familj- och skolservice"Information movie, 2019. Upplands Väsby kommun.
Anna L Andrén / AnnaGrafikAnna L Andrén / AnnaGrafik"Excuse the mess", Insta movie."Excuse the mess", movie for Upplands Väsby kommun, 2019.
Lotte KölareLotte KölareGender Equality ReportInfo graphics and graphic design for We Effect.
Matilda CarlssonMatilda Carlsson Degree project in packaging designIllustrate and animate an information film in After Effects, about how to build an insect hotel, to learn the program.
Li Rosén ZobecLi Rosén ZobecSollentuna Energi & MiljöWebb.
Frida HultmanFrida HultmanFor a sustainable wardrobe for THRIVE - Conscious FashionSeries of illustrations about conscious and sustainable fashion for THRIVE - Conscious Fashion. 5 tips for a sustainable wardrobe, digital illustration. For social media and newsletters.
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonPSYKOLOGTIDNINGENCover + Spread
Joen WetterholmJoen WetterholmVectormaps. Helicopter-ambulance traffic.Understanding and facts-checking are sometimes 80-90% of the whole job.
Erika NorénErika NorénInfo graphics, 2017.Info graphics, illustration of numbers. Personal work.
Erika NorénErika NorénPersonal work.Illustration of the most common names according to statistics 2014.
Kajsa EldstenKajsa EldstenIllustrations for signs, Huddinge Municipality, 2018.Illustrations for signs, Huddinge Municipality, 2018.
Martina LundgrenMartina Lundgren info graphics, BillerudKorsnäs, part of wall illustration, 2019Part of a wall illustration to show the process in a paper mill
Lotte KölareLotte KölareÖrebro mapIllustrated map of Örebro from the paper Företagshistoria. Employer Centrum för Näringslivshistoria.
Maja ModénMaja ModénInfographics for SLLStockholms city council, infographics for the new subway lines
Matilda PeterssonMatilda PeterssonHoppy Beer, 2019, Art Calendar, Tokyo.Artistic, handmade artwork for Hoppy Beer, Tokyo. Printed in A2 as a part of their Art Calender. Aquarell and ink.