Camia PIA PetterssonCamia PIA PetterssonDokumenterande illustrationerse mer i youtubepersentation. Universeum, TEDx, CSR, mm
Evalena elk KarlssonEvalena elk KarlssonLive painting, "Life is"My art is created and grow before your eyes. Se your music in colour or your words come alive in different shapes. Live painting on kick off, event and conference.
Johan HesselstrandJohan HesselstrandLife DrawingLife Drawing for Dag Källman
Agneta ÅkerlundAgneta ÅkerlundPersonal Work, Tuschillustration "Nils"; 2015Ink illustration 2015
Anders FloodAnders FloodCaricatureCaricature made on a fair. 
Kid FalkKid FalkBabyPrivate order.
Kid FalkKid FalkMusicvideo "I call you"Illustrations for musician Ian Carr´s musikvideo "I call you", 2014. Idé together with Anna Nyberg who also was filming.
Eva EdbergEva EdbergSLL, Stockholm County Council , annual statistics and webAround 20 pc illustrations to the website of the Stockholm County Council RTK. Annual Cover and Chapter 25 photos in Årsstatistikboken ago in 2006.
Ida Hane SahlinIda Hane SahlinPersonal work "Flamenco"Produced for the society of flamenco
Margareta LindhMargareta LindhMarklyftIllustration "Marklyft"
Ida Rosén BranzellIda Rosén BranzellReportageLive drawing.
Hanna StrömbergHanna StrömbergBass player, pencil drawingBass player, pencil drawing
Anna GranAnna GranEget projekt, "Änglavakt".Tillägnad mina barn.  
Anna GranAnna GranEget projekt, "Martin".Barnteckning.  
Eva EdbergEva EdbergChildren & Cancer , illustrationsA brother and sister who appears in every issue of the magazine Barn & Cancer .
Helena LindholmHelena LindholmOffice superheroesLivedrawncaricatures from the Unions conference, 2011
Ingela AlmgrenIngela AlmgrenLeif G.W. PerssonPortrait of professor of criminology Leif GW Persson