Agnes StenqvistAgnes StenqvistLogotype/graphic elementDesign of logotype/graphic element for Kuststad 2025, Trelleborg.
Adam DahlstedtAdam DahlstedtThe National Organization for Rescue and Emergency Services, logotypeUpdated logotype and visual identity. 
Maria CederMaria CederVara municipality, Line drawing of Sprinten a new cultural meeting place in the city of Vara, vector illustration 2019Vara municipality is planning and building a new neighborhood, Sprinten, which will be a cultural meeting place for students, visitors and residents of all ages, with a goal to increase the flow of visitors to the municipality. The project includes new, remodeling and extensions of school premises and premises for Vara Concert Hall. My assignment was to develop a silhouette that could be used to market the new neighborhood. The illustration is made in Adobe Illustrator and is vectorized.
Ben BakerBen BakerPersonal Work, "Rabbit"Hand drawn promo animation for my own company
Ben BakerBen BakerMRG Wines, logo animation.I brought MRG’s peacock logo to life and gave it some character in a series of animated gifs.
Ben BakerBen BakerMRG Wines, logo animation.I brought MRG’s peacock logo to life and gave it some character in a series of animated gifs.
Henri GylanderHenri GylanderMermaidMy version of the Gothenburg Book Fair logo. Part of the fair's fan art campagne 2018.
Lisa Berg SvedinLisa Berg SvedinHelljus AB, Logo, 2016Logo for Helljus AB, 2016
Tirild OftedalTirild OftedalLogotypeLogotype to a small company offering alternative medicine.
Tian GanTian GanPortrait rubber stamps, 2014 - 2016. Private commissions. Personalized portrait rubber stamps I made for customers. 
Tian GanTian GanBrand Identity Design, 2019. Eat East.Brand identity and business card design for a Chinese restaurant. 
Tian GanTian GanStockholm Typography, 2019. Personal work. Typography design, personal project.
Tian GanTian GanStockholm Icon Set, 2019. Personal work. A series of minimalist icons depicting some iconic buildings and objects in Stockholm.
Matilda CarlssonMatilda CarlssonSchool assignment, tags for rainponcho "UV".School assignment, design a rainponcho with logo and packaging/tags, etc. Three small tags with front and back info, in cardboard, held by the ponchon with plastic straps. Reduces the amount of packaging material. The poncho is in uv-colors and the nave is UV, written with two drops of rain.
Frida Hansson Frida Hansson Suggested illustration for "Vetekatten" 2018School project, illustrations for pastry shop "Vetekatten".
Matilda CarlssonMatilda CarlssonTC Skot logotypeLogotype to forestry machine company. The machines crane and prehensile claw represents T and C.
Adam DahlstedtAdam DahlstedtLes Big ByrdMerch graphics for the Swedish band Les Big Byrd.
Lisa Berg SvedinLisa Berg SvedinOdinkören, Logo 2017Logo for Odinkören 2017
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenEaster Logo animationPersonal project, animated Easter Rooster logo
Jennifer NystedtJennifer NystedtMme Figaro Japon, "Lion print"Illustration for fashion magazine Mme Figaro Japon, children's fashion.
Jennifer NystedtJennifer NystedtMme Figaro Japon, "Sports Chic"Illustration for fashion magazine Mme Figaro Japon, children's fashion.
Sabina Wroblewski GustrinSabina Wroblewski GustrinPackaging. Wine Labels, Hungry Wines.Hungry Wines is a premium selection of wines that are all about the food they should be paired with. All produced responsibly using natural methods. I had the pleasure to work with the Visual Identity consisting of logotype design, wine label design and watercolour illustrations for the labels.
Matilda PeterssonMatilda PeterssonKraft Brewery, Koncept, logotype och etiketter, 2017Branding. Logotype, graphic profile, illustrations and labels for Kraft Brewery. Handmade illustrations that was later on processed in Photoshop. The illustrations were central in the brands concept, refering to the brand name Kraft.  Therefor - we made a fun concept where we played with the three laws of Newton. Each beer, has its own equation. Lager, Ipa and I-ipa- 
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenFast Food PictogramsMenu Pictograms for fast food and restaurant. The idea is to visualize each object with one stroke and keep it simple as possible yet informative. 
Magdalena BrunzellMagdalena BrunzellGimstad bys museer, logotype, 2016.Logotype with four parts: Ibsen, Hamsun, Hagebruk, Sjøfart.
Michelle RiedlMichelle RiedlLogotype - Naturnära Jobb, 2019Logotype developed for a newly started company in the north of Sweden, 2019
Michelle RiedlMichelle RiedlLogotype - Boendefabriken, 2016Logotype was developed for a newly started company in 2016.
Michelle RiedlMichelle RiedlLogotype - Wridge, 2017The client was the newly started company called Wridge - who acts as a bridge between students at university and different companies, to help with work oppourtunities. The logotype was developed after meetings, sketches and a more worked through final version.
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonGöteborgs-PostenEnd of shopping - Göteborgs-Posten
Lou-Lou PetterssonLou-Lou PetterssonHorse with blue hair 2019.Horse. Ink and oil pastell
Per PelzPer PelzSir Longbottom´s GinPrivate project, "Sir Longbottom´s Gin". 
Katarina ErikssonKatarina ErikssonLogotype, Skärpa StudioLogotype for Skärpa Studio, a Swedish firm for designing sustainable green environment. It's inspired by maps and drawings, as well as the leaves of a tree and emerald.
Helena LindholmHelena LindholmPostNord/IcaEditorial for Icas magazine. Caricatures of people in the food industry. For ICA 2017.
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoEditorial illustration, children's book, 2018“Red-crested crane"
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoEditorial illustration, children's book, 2018"Ocean"
Margaretha WixnerMargaretha WixnerFritid & Vildmark New graphic profile 2015
Sofia LindholmSofia LindholmLogo for the restaurant La Guagua, 2012.Logo for the restaurant and bar La Guagua in Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Felicia FortesFelicia FortesBorås' Flower ProgramCover illustration for the city Borås' Flower Program for 2018. The B is built up by a selection of the flowers in the program with the over all  theme of silver. Client: Borås Stad
Björn BerglundBjörn BerglundVisual identity for Barber Art & CraftsHand-crafted visual identity for Barber Art & Crafts. Assignment has included (so far) logo, gift cards, business cards, bags, signs, flags, posters, pins and more. For full project description, please visit my website at
Eida SteenEida SteenReumatikerförbundet, 2019Animation i After Effects. Logga och design av årets pin 2019 till Reumatikerförbundet, Riksförening för SLE.
Björn BerglundBjörn BerglundTypographic cover for Magasinet NEOLina Högberg, Art Director at Magasinet NEO, wanted a hand-drawn design for the cover of this years 4th issue. After initial discussions I was given pretty much free hands to create a totally hand-drawn typographic cover. My initial focus was to find a suitable style. I researched a lot to find the right type of lettering and the effects that I wanted. The chosen lettering style suited the vision of the magazine and also has a subtle familiarity to the NEO logotype. I started drawing the main headline. Next step was to find a good layout and create the hierarchy between the main headline, its subheading and the smaller headlines. To avoid the cover to be cluttered I used four fixed sizes of letters. I also added some suitable illustrative elements to fill the blanks in the cover. To highlight the main headline even more I added shadows, etc. The background has a subtle gradient and a combination of different textures in order to give it more depth. All type was initially hand-drawn by pencil and then refined digitally. For the printed cover the headlines are covered with UV varnish. For full project description, please visit my website at
Björn BerglundBjörn BerglundLettering logo and vignettes for Magasinet FilterJenni Carström, Art Director at award-winning Magasinet Filter (for example Stora Journalistpriset, Guldspaden and Årets Tidskrift), wanted a hand-drawn mark to celebrate their 10 year anniversary as a magazine. Jenni already had found a “swooshy” script style on my website that would fit, so my initial focus was to find a good composition for the lettering. After a whole lot of free hand sketching I selected four options to show Jenni and Magasinet Filter. They chose an option where I had designed the number “10” in the same lettering style as the logo for the magazine – the two lettering style works perfect together! Besides the celebration mark I also designed year vignettes for the celebration issue (2008–2017). For full project description, please visit my website at
Anna Lena Mayor EkebladAnna Lena Mayor EkebladBed and Breakfast, vegetables, 2019The illustrations are made for a hotell that put focus on a vegan menue. The illustratons are made with ink and watercolor. 
Katarina ErikssonKatarina ErikssonBooklet, Friktionskraft - Expected or SurprisingBooklet for Teatercentrum‘s project Friktionskraft, about diversity and inclusion on and off stage at independent theatres in Sweden. The booklet can be read from either direction, depending on if you're part of the ensamble or the production team. Each part is colour coded.
Mats SimonsMats SimonsLucky Stones, Golden Hero Asien.Mobil Casino slot. Designed for the mobil phones and for the asian market. By Excubitor games for Golden Hero in Manilla.
Svetlana LeuchukSvetlana LeuchukLogotype design Bröderna MerkelLogotype design for the company offering building services and sales of building materials.
Svetlana LeuchukSvetlana LeuchukStampThe stamp for the company Green Business Team AB. I worked on the visual identity of the company, which include the logo design, colours, graphic elements, as well as designed printed material, created illustrations and web graphics.
Marja NybergMarja NybergLogoLogo for my own website, Digital art, 2018.
Adam DahlstedtAdam DahlstedtTavelwerket logotypeLogotype for, a small e-commerce business producing fine quality art prints. T-symbol shaped by using a vertical and a horizontal frame. 
Matilda WallénMatilda WallénAlbum Cover for Sleep MoscowAlbum cover and logotype for the artist Sleep Moscow´s debut albumn A Wounded Moon.
Niki AsimakidisNiki AsimakidisBranding The H.I.V.E. ResistanceThe H.I.V.E. Resistance is a developer-firm with a vision to create user friendly digital experiences in an honest and down-to-earth manner. My work here was to create a visual identity from scratch and to deliver this in a brand manual.
Niki AsimakidisNiki AsimakidisRe-branding NoozRe-branding of Keune ambassador-salon "Nooz." Delivery of: Brand manual (new logotype, new color palette, typography etc.), original production of print files for the opening of the salon and some assistance with interior concept.
Adam DahlstedtAdam DahlstedtCodiax logotypeCodiax logotype and corporate identity with style references to circuit boards.
Katarina ErikssonKatarina ErikssonLogotype, Centre for a Spacefaring Civilization - spacelaw and spacepolicy think tankLogotype, Centre for a Spacefaring Civilization, a British/international spacelaw and spacepolicy think tank. Inspired by the classic space mission patches. The rocket launching from the book symbolizes how space travel has to be founded also on law and decisions we make.
Niki AsimakidisNiki AsimakidisRe-branding Natacha MerrittCritically acclaimed fine art photographer Natacha Merritt needed a new visual identity for her website. Together with developer Johan Nordström, I created a clean and editorial platform where Merritt could showcase her photography and talk about her books and latest projects.  A case which lasted for 7 days and which included close follow-ups with the artist on all the how-tos of website and identity building. The result; an editorial space with a clear sense of being "Loud and Proud", bold colors and dynamic typography following the movement and mood of the motifs.  
Niki AsimakidisNiki AsimakidisRe-branding Mimis TavernA traditional Greek seaside tavern, while under refurbishment, was longing to modernize its image. I created a new visual language; colors, typography usage, logotype, concept of take away box, illustrations, business cards and menus.
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Graphic novel cover design, Ex AMA Ten vol 1Cover design for graphic novel, Ex AMA Ten vol 1. 2018
Ellinor RicheyEllinor RicheyRobot mascot design for Creative Coast FestivalThe robot logo mascot of Creative Coast Festival, commissioned by Johan Toresson, 2015. Illustrator/Photoshop
Sara N BergmanSara N BergmanLogo designLogotype, Lovewarriors of Sweden AB
Anna BergströmAnna BergströmLogo for IdNodeLogo and visual identity for IdNode
Fredrik TjernströmFredrik TjernströmLogos Logotypes for Humlan Taqueria & Bar and Bea Szenfeld.
Maria WallMaria WallFAMNA Logotype. 2018Logotype for the project FAMNA, working to manage the, in norther Europe, invasive species northamerican mink. Logotypes where made in swedish, english and finish varieties.
Maria WallMaria WallClub SKIN Logotype. 2017Logotype for Club SKIN. Art-deco and gold. Club SKIN organizes clubnights with DJ:s and dancemusic
Maria WallMaria WallLogotype, Älvtåets Gröna, 2014Logotype. Ecologic, genuin food. Served in a friendly place
Titti BackströmTitti BackströmNydala, design logotype, label and folderNydala, design logotype, label and folder.
Martina LundgrenMartina LundgrenLogotypeLogotype for "Kirurgveckan 2020, Luleå". 
Louise LöwenbergLouise LöwenbergLogotype for the pod cast Pod & Konst, season 2, "Girl Power". 2017.Logotype for the pod cast Pod & Konst, season 2, "Girl Power". 2017
Carina ChiCarina ChiLOGOTYPELogotype for the re-launch of the chargrill kitchen Garage Food in Hamar, Norway 2018.
Carina ChiCarina ChiLogotypeThe logoype was created for the Swedish embassy in London. Tech Bridge Swe-UK promotes collaborations between Swedish and Brittish companies.
Therese NilssonTherese NilssonLogotypeLogotype for the company Svensson Trädgård & Design
Anders Végh BlidlövAnders Végh BlidlövPå plats i tiden - Lin vid muren (Swedish children's book)Cover, interior illustrations and logo created for a children's book about Ming-dynasty China. Written by Åsa Storck (Hegas förlag 2018)
Anders Végh BlidlövAnders Végh BlidlövPå plats i tiden - Vide i Lund (Swedish children's book)Cover, interior illustrations and logo created for a children's book about medieval Sweden. Written by Åsa Storck (Hegas förlag 2018)
Julian SchneiderJulian SchneiderEmblem Björkparken DelsboEmblem for the activity park Björkparken Delsbo
Julian SchneiderJulian SchneiderLogo & illustration, DOKANew logo and illustration for the punkrock band DOKA.
Julian SchneiderJulian SchneiderLogo Svenskaflugor.seLogo for
Elsa RichnauElsa RichnauElsa RichnauAnimation in Blender.
Linda PabstLinda PabstPackaging design and illustration for ICA Sweden.Illustrations, font design and packaging design for ICA Swedens diapers category. 
Kristine WidlertKristine WidlertAM Living Studio, logotype 2015Logo for furnishing company AM Livning Studio.
Kristine WidlertKristine WidlertKråkes Kök, logotyp 2014.Logo for Kråkes Kök, a shop & café on Tomarp Gårdshotell in Skåne, Sweden.
Kristine WidlertKristine WidlertDelling Foods AB - Den Svenska Ugnspåsen, Graphic design and illustration 2015.  Label for packaging for food product.
Fideli SundqvistFideli SundqvistInterrailInterrail
Fideli SundqvistFideli SundqvistInterrailInterrail
Fideli SundqvistFideli SundqvistInterrailInterrail
Åsa KaxÅsa KaxField – repeat patternThis repeat pattern is made from two icons that symbolizes clover and rye.
Åsa KaxÅsa KaxDuck Pond – surface pattern designPattern with ducks in a happy place – in some of Pantones trend colors for spring/summer 2019.
Åsa KaxÅsa KaxFlamingos – surface pattern designSeamless vector pattern in retro style with flamingos.
Åsa KaxÅsa KaxRanunculus – surface pattern designFlorals in harmony with Pantones trend colors for spring/summer 2019.
Frida HultmanFrida HultmanMonogramMonogram for wedding, LÅP, watercolour & ink.
Mats SimonsMats SimonsVideo Slot Game art for SlotAmerica social casino
Lena Eklund, KOLOFONLena Eklund, KOLOFONKosters trädgårdar, logoLogo for the company Kosters trädgårdar.
Jenny FindahlJenny FindahlFeature. Cover. Main article. The PIE Review (UK). Cover illustrations, wallpaper/pattern, main feature illustration and art direction for The PIE Review – a quarterly magazine about international education. This issue about "the picture below the peaks". 
Mårten LundinMårten LundinLaserix logo, game graphics for mobileLogotype in retro 80's style for a mobile game. Visual concept, logotype, GUI design, game graphics and icons.
Gabriella AxelssonGabriella AxelssonPersonal work, "Evil Cow" logotype for flagInkdrawing processed in Adobe Illustrator.
Anna GunneströmAnna GunneströmThe Food Workers’ Union, Congress 2017The Food Workers’ Union, Congress 2017. Design and lay-out, digital material. Congress logotype.
Dorte GottliebDorte GottliebBodafors Bokhandel logoLogo for a small antique book store at Kulturgatan Bodafors, Småland.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownLogotype till Ekobo gårdLogotype till Ekobo gård
Helena ÖhmanHelena ÖhmanSymbol Logotype - Helena ÖhmanSymbol Logotype. Client: DMDM
Marianne ErlandssonMarianne Erlandssonwestie dog portrait in oilsWest Highland White Terrier "Ellen". Portrait in oils, old technique, 50 x 50 cm. Also to be used as a logotype for a breeder in Sweden.
Lars FuhreLars FuhreLogotypesBergkrantz Arkitektur, Orrefors 100 years, Birka Vikingastaden, Interlude Art Lab