Isabelle RönnquistIsabelle RönnquistGarden map, posterPoster size garden map, for Det Nya Landets Skafferi. Digital illustration.
Annika HuettAnnika HuettCoop, MersmakMap for Mersmak, holiday with Coop this summer.
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖMapIllustration of a vision of the developing of a new tourist attraction i Sundsvall.
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenIllustration of a plotprojectAn illustration I did for a plotproject. The picture showes three houses that are planed to be built.
matilda peterssonmatilda peterssonJM AB. Illustration for magazine about Älvjöstaden, Stockholm. Agency Nyla DesignIllustration in ink and aquarelle. 
Marie-Caroline PerisMarie-Caroline PerisEco Agroforestry Center, "A plan fo Linnarhult"Visual material to support a development plan for a suburb of Göteborg. It's a project that focuses on environmental and social sustainability to build a better future for Göteborg.
Dorte GottliebDorte GottliebMaps of my mind, digitalMaps of my mind, own project, digital illustration
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖPostcardIllustrations and graphic design for postcards.
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖMapMap over Njurunda for a broschure. Commission for Njurundaföretagarna. Illustration and graphic design.
Jasmine WihlborgJasmine WihlborgNorrbotten mapA map over beautiful Norrbotten surrounded by cloudberries.
Jasmine WihlborgJasmine WihlborgPride lake paradeI was employed as a freelance illustrator for the magazine QX and my illustration of boats with the theme "pride" was used with marketing for an event for Stockholm Pride.
Stefan LindbladStefan LindbladTechnical illustration for SSM residental developer builderTechnical illustration for SSM Fastigheter, residental developer builder. Neighbourhood Telefonplan. Apartment building complex named Metronomen. In Stockholm, Sweden.
Lotta NathorstLotta Nathorstillustrated map "Luthagen"Illustrated map of a popular area in Uppsala called Luthagen. Made as totebag and print products. Appears in Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers 2021
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownCultural map of Örebro municipalityCultural map of Örebro municipality. Shows important places to visit and convey and feeling about what Örebro is.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownVisiting Farm, Sollentuna kommunIllustration for visiting area: Visit Farm, animals, restaurant and walking paths.
Fred AnderssonFred AnderssonOficial Map of HelsingborgIllustration/ layout of map for the City of Helsingborg
Fred AnderssonFred AnderssonMap of north west Skåne Map illustration for NW Skåne. Great jobb, loved it!
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderSweden's highest and longest map?Fun initiative by Haninge municipality. Visit the beautiful Tornberget in Haninge and look at the map and the beautiful view. 16.5 meters wide, 120 m above sea level.
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderTrain Holiday26 fact maps and an illustrated poster for a new book about train travel in the Nordic countries. Client: Eva Wrede Förlag
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderNya tunnelbananMaps and 3d illustrations for the New Metro in Stockholm. Client: Region Stockholm
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladMap Sculpture Park Vadstena  Map of Folkparken and its sculptures 2020.
Moa FagerlundMoa FagerlundNovi Real Estate, mapillsutrationIllustrated map
Julia KabellJulia KabellMap. Personal work.Illustrated map over the village Unnaryd in Halland County. 
Annika StårnerAnnika StårnerIllustration | Map "Brevik–Lervik"Idea and design of welcomingsign for Brevik–Lerviks Vägförening. Map over the areas Brevik–Lervik in the Stockholm archipelago, Österåker. Vector graphics for printed matter and digital media. 
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekGraphic template used in digital conference ( at MIRO)Template for graphic facilitation used in conversation between visual pracitctioners. 
Evelina WaldemarssonEvelina WaldemarssonMap "Gröndal"Personal work. Illustrated map of Gröndal, Stockholm.
Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsOwn project, "Värmland"Värmland has a special place in my heart.
Anders LyonAnders LyonThe Lödöse trailThe pilgrimage route of the Göta River extends from the Masthugg church in Gothenburg via Nylöse church and the Lärjeån river. Continue through Vättlefjäll to Ale Municipality's forests and rural idyll and to Lödöse as a historical hub. Through Little Edet you cross the beautiful river and up to charming Hjärtum. Here, the road from Utby carries through magical forests to Trollhättan and Vänersborg where the trail connects to the pilgrim trails in Dalsland. The work is carried out in the project Pilgrim Trail Göta River which is a Leader project, the project is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Ale municipality is the project owner with the support of involved districts such as Gamlestaden, Östra Göteborg and Angered, Lilla Edet municipality and Trollhättan city and Vänersborg municipality. In the steering group, the Swedish Church, the Pilgrimage Center Gothenburg and Västarvet also cooperate.
Linda MillLinda MillIllustration / Örum 119Illustration
Per PelzPer PelzCity of Karlstad 2020Map of "Solapromenaden", a trail around the city for exercsize aswell as experiences of culture and art.
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzGausta Norway Ski MapA good Ski map helps skiers to navigate an area. It should be clear, easy to understand. Landmarks and symbols should make it easy for users to find their bearings and navigate an area. It is also very important that the Ski map inspires people to visit. A lot of people look at the Ski map before deciding whether or not to visit a new ski resort, which means a good Ski map encourages more skiers to visit. Gausta´s Ski Map has been praised in Norway and in Sweden.
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzNordic map illustrationNordic Work Mobility and Labor Market publication for Swedish Association of Professional Scientists map illustration in vector graphics.
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzJärvsö map illustrationPromotional map illustration that provide an overview while also highlighting attractions and important places. This map inspire visits and help the user to understand where all the attractions are located. Järvsö map illustration has been created entirely in vector graphics.
Annika HuettAnnika HuettBrabo, Haga NorraMaps for the residential area Haga Norra in Solna.
Maria LarssonMaria LarssonTel Aviv, illustrated map for Landidée Verlag, GermanyMap illustration for German Lifestyle Mag Cosy, produced by Landidée Verlag. AD Susanne Leiminger
Maria LarssonMaria LarssonMarrakesh, illustrated map for Landidée Verlag, GermanyMap illustration for German Lifestyle Mag Cosy, produced by Landidée Verlag. AD Susanne Leiminger.
Maria LarssonMaria LarssonLeipzig, illustrated map for Landidée Verlag, GermanyMap illustration for German Lifestyle Mag Cosy, produced by Landidée Verlag. AD Susanne Leiminger
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownSchweizerparken, DalaröChart sign, Schweizerparken, Dalarö
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownBeach signChart illustration for beach sign.
Kristine WidlertKristine WidlertVilla Nest, Map illustrationVilla Nest is a senior living that is about to be built in Västra Roslags-Näsby, Täby, Stockholm. I have illustrated maps for the prospect for this living.
Ingrid SkåreIngrid SkårePersonal Work, "Cat Map!"From when we couldn't have cats in our old apartment: it was a matter of time before I've mentally mapped all the cats in our neighborhood, together with whether or not they allowed petting. This is the illustrated version. 1. Fat orange cat, always sleeping in the garden.  2. Black and white youngster. Runs from one safe space to another, can't be petted.  3. White Persian that has been groomed. Looks a little silly. Friendly. 4. Fluffy tabby that roams the woods. Very shy. 5. Stay-at-home tabby, always fighting cat number 6 for his territory. 6. Friendly orange tabby. Always looking for trouble. Likes being pet. Bonus! Walk a little more, and you might find a very cute and friendly tricolor. Allows petting and will even show you her belly. Can't always be found.  This illustration style is great for kids, be it picture books or academic materials. 
Daniel SpacekDaniel SpacekCzech Olympic ComitteeKey art visual for Czech Olympic Committee, event winter Olympic games.
Daniel SpacekDaniel SpacekUniverseum Gothenburg MapInfographics map and set of brand illustrations for Gothenburg's science center Universeum. The style was tailor-made for Universeum and individual illustrations are used as visual building kit for promotions and communication. Color strategy and icons for individual areas are used on-site as navigation. Illustration, visual system: Daniel Spacek Agency: Art director: Kristofer Salsborn Project Manager: Marcus Aggfelt   Detailed project preview  
Daniel SpacekDaniel SpacekLet's go to coloniesDedicated to all the wonderful people whose work brings us closer to the universe. Digital drawing 120 * 80cm  
Daniel SpacekDaniel SpacekImaginary CityTo draw teeming images is sometimes quite crazy. It consumes lots of time and you can easily get lost in them. I have realized that even more crazy is to draw one of those images twice. As part of exercise to overcome creative block, I took this older image, which was done in ink and watercolor, and I turned it into its full digital version. I was able to add some more details and friends. 
Vania CastagninoVania CastagninoTambopata-Peru mapIllustrated map of Tambopata-Peru for the Wildlife Conservation Society.    
Johan HesselstrandJohan HesselstrandPilgrim RoundA map for pilgrims on bikes in Östergötland, Sweden.
Stef GainesStef GainesMap for Stockholm International Comics Festival 2019Map which was printed on the back of the officiall folder of STockholm International Comics Festival. The festival was held in the locals of Konstfack and it was the first time doing so, hence the importance of showing how to get there. A comission from Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.
Lotte KölareLotte KölareIllustrated map over ÖstersundIllustrated map of Östersund for the magazine Företagshistoria.
Lotte KölareLotte KölareMap of Höganäs.Mapillustration in the magazine "Företagshistoria".
Emma ÖfverbergEmma ÖfverbergSNIGELSNÄCKANS LAND, Personal WorkSNIGELSNÄCKANS LAND is a collection of maps born from stories told by children. This map is one of six illustrated maps from a project made together with children from Blackevägen preschool, 2016.  
Carina LänkCarina Länkmap illustrationmap illustration
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoIllustration, ’Africa’, Albert, 2019It's the illustration for the background of a junior math app.
Carolina GrönholmCarolina GrönholmMap, Visuell Vägledning 2018Map over Swedish high school programs. Playful poster design and web design 2018
Jenny WallmarkJenny WallmarkMellanfjärden, illustration to trayMellanfjärden, illustration to tray
Jenny WallmarkJenny WallmarkSvenska kyrkan Tyresö, kartaA map with pilgrimages in Stockholm, Sweden.
Jesper JenemarkJesper JenemarkMap over SjövikenFrom the chapter book Trubbel i Sjöviken: Sommarpyromanen, published by Idus förlag 2019.
Maja LindénMaja LindénLocation of the church of FlemingsbergThe client, Church of Sweden, wished to show, in a nice and welcoming way, how to find the church in Flemingsberg.
Josephine SkapareJosephine SkapareGothia Fortbildning, cover illustration for book catalogues, 2019Illustration for catalogues presenting the 2020 selection of books from Gothia Fortbildning.
Anna LindstenAnna LindstenMap of my corner of the townIllustrated map, Kungsholmen, Stockholm
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenFyshuset, sponsorship and collaborationAn illustration which describes the collaboration between Fryshuset as a non-profit organization and sponsorship.
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzHudson River Skywalk map illustrationHistoric site outside New York at Catskill. Two artist homes are located on either side of the Hudson River. The map illustration shows how to get between the two attractions over the Rip van Winkle bridge and inspire new visitors. Client: DrewDesignCo USA.
Nils-Petter EkwallNils-Petter EkwallJCK Magazine (US), Mom-and-Pop Jewelers, editorial. Editorial illustration. For article about Mom-and-pop jewelers adding locations / shops. JCK is a glossy magazine from New York and is covering news, trends and fashion within the jewelry industry in US.  
Jennifer NystedtJennifer NystedtKulturfamiljen, illustration for "Pay it Forward", Come Along Friend" Illustration for the book "Come Along Friend" in the series "Pay it Forward".
Lotte KölareLotte KölareÖrebro mapIllustrated map of Örebro from the paper Företagshistoria. Employer Centrum för Näringslivshistoria.
Maja ModénMaja ModénInfographics for SLLStockholms city council, infographics for the new subway lines
Matilda PeterssonMatilda PeterssonHoppy Beer, 2019, Art Calendar, Tokyo.Artistic, handmade artwork for Hoppy Beer, Tokyo. Printed in A2 as a part of their Art Calender. Aquarell and ink. 
Michelle RiedlMichelle RiedlInfographics - Mesoamerica, 2018Informative graphic about Mesoamerica, made for educational purposes.
Moa FagerlundMoa FagerlundPersonal work, illustration, 2017A map over Gotland
Christina Jonsson, Fingerprint illustrationerChristina Jonsson, Fingerprint illustrationerMapMap over recretion area Hågelby park
Annie BobergAnnie BobergSanoma utbildning/education-Sweden , What´s up 5, City map T text book
Filippo VanzoFilippo VanzoGålö fish canalClient: Stockholms stad Layout: Oliver Karlöf
Filippo VanzoFilippo VanzoHemmesta sjöängFrom the book: Upplevelser i Stockholms natur : platser, kartor, guider​ (av Erik Hansson, Oliver Karlöf, Vide Ohlin | Bokförlaget Polaris | 2018)
Filippo VanzoFilippo VanzoMap of Östergötland (North)From the book: Den glömda konsten : folkkonst i Östergötland Client: Östergötland länsmuseum
Filippo VanzoFilippo VanzoAles' Stones and Kåseberga, informational panelClient: Statens fastighetsverk
Mats Gus GustavssonMats Gus GustavssonNKS Showroom (Skanska)Graphic design and illustration. Information texts, information films, infographics, maps, menu for touch screen on interactive scale model, material samples etc.
Mats Gus GustavssonMats Gus GustavssonNKS Showroom (Skanska)Graphic design and illustration. Information texts, information films, infographics, maps, menu for touch screen on interactive scale model, material samples etc.
Jenny WallmarkJenny WallmarkTray, StockholmTray, illustration/pattern Stockholm.
Jenny WallmarkJenny WallmarkSveriges konsumenter, illustrationer till broschyr 2018.
Katarina ErikssonKatarina ErikssonLogotype, Skärpa StudioLogotype for Skärpa Studio, a Swedish firm for designing sustainable green environment. It's inspired by maps and drawings, as well as the leaves of a tree and emerald.
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoEditorial illustration, children's book, 2018“Red-crested crane"
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoEditorial illustration, children's book, 2018"Ocean"
Sofia LindholmSofia LindholmÄngsbacka course center, garden map, 2017A map over the Swedish course center and festival hub Ängsbacka's veggie garden, handed out to festival visitors so that they can walk through the garden and learn about the crops. 
Björn LundkvistBjörn LundkvistSwimming competition, finish area map, 2018 Vansbrosimningen, swimming competition.
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoPersonal workHappy Chinese Lunar new year of pig
Ola SkogängOla SkogängThe museum - floor planllustration of the floor plan, for Åbergs museum of comics, art and toys.
Josephine SkapareJosephine SkapareUnionen/Kollega, editorial, 2018.Illustration for article about gender, education and excpected salary.
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoPicture book, Shandong Friendship Publishing House, 2018An illustration from the picture book "Chinese Tale Four Treasures of the Scholar". Text by By Faraday Pang.
Helena SundinHelena SundinStockholm's Old TownPersonal work 2018 Pictorial/Illustrated map of Stockholms Old Town made with fineliners, watercolours and acrylics. Text is added through Procreate. 
Lena Eklund, KOLOFONLena Eklund, KOLOFONInfographics, Nordiska museetInfographics for the exhibition "Gamlingar" (Old people) at Nordiska museet, Stockholm.
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoEditorial illustration, "Great Heat", 2017Illustration about the beginning of the 12th of the 24 solar terms.
Rebecka Porse SchalinRebecka Porse SchalinREKO-Sverige: Graduation projectBranding.
Helena ShutrickHelena ShutrickDNA mapping, on a mapHow DNA-mapping of small rodents shows when Europeans first arrived on the American continent. Science supplement in Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.
Annika HuettAnnika HuettThe New YorkerBermuda map for The New Yorker
Matilda PeterssonMatilda PeterssonWallpaper made for Linköping commune. Theme: society and development. Handmade wallpaper made for Linköping commune. Theme: society and development. Made in ink and aquarelle. 
Karin UlinKarin UlinScandinavian TravelerIllustrated map for an article about boattrips in Italy. Published in SAS inflight magazine. Client: OTW / Scandinavian Traveler 
Christina Jonsson, Fingerprint illustrationerChristina Jonsson, Fingerprint illustrationerMap over Wadköping, Örebro. Made for orientation material, signs and folders. For Advant 2018Map made i photoshop. The clent wanted an easy read and friendly atmosphere. 
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderHotel GuidesMaps / guides for hotels and other customers. Dynamic maps, folders, blocks, wallpapers and more.
Kate EnglandKate EnglandIllustrated Map of FredhällMap of Fredhäll, Stockholm. 2018. Ink and vectors combined.  Poster and branding materials. 
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderTrail MapTrail Map, Orsa Grönklitt