Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderNew construction Karolinska InstitutetDetailed 3d map of new buildings in Karolinska Institutet campus area. Customer: Akademiska Hus
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderTrack map, Ursvik motion areaNew tracks for the city of Sundbyberg
Jenny FindahlJenny FindahlIllustrated map for Ecomuseum Bergslagen.Illustrated map showing all of Ekomuseum Bergslagens 68 visitors attractions.
Johan HesselstrandJohan HesselstrandA map of VadstenaAn handmade map of Vadstena, Sweden, 
Karin UlinKarin UlinScandinavian TravelerIllustrated map over Gazipasa, Turkey, for SAS airlines inflight magazine. Client: OTW / Scandinavian Traveler
Linda PabstLinda PabstMap for Swedish Yellow Books.Illustration for swedish "Trädgårdsresan", swedish equivalent to Yellow Books in England. 
Maria PerssonMaria PerssonKvinnokalender Umeå 2018     
Hjördis ThelanderHjördis ThelanderMap for Backafallsbyn, Spirit of Ven, SwedenMap for Backafallsbyn, Spirit of Ven, Sweden
Helena ÖhmanHelena ÖhmanMap Prana Festival 2018Map for the Prana Festival 2018 in Gothenburg. Client:  East-westcoast AB
Susanne FlodinSusanne FlodinKv. PilotenBird's eye view of the Pilot quarter, commissioned by Shepherd.
Cecilia WaxbergCecilia WaxbergRetail Guide Swedenllustrations cover, spreads, maps, graphs, icons, symbols and over all color coordination.
Anna Lena Mayor EkebladAnna Lena Mayor EkebladExhibition, Bohuslan, 2018Graphic design with watercolor.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownNature illustration for Sollentuna Community.One out of many nature illustrations for Sollentuna Communety.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownIllustration for sign. Upplands Väsby community. Graphic design and responsible for sign construction.Illustration for sign. Upplands Väsby community. Graphic design and responsible for sign construction.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownNature illustrationNature illustration for project, Sollentuna Community.
Hanna KlinthageHanna KlinthageEn flugskit på kartan-
Rebekka MornioRebekka MornioPensionsmyndigheten, Retirees living abroadPart of a press release about Swedish retirees living abroad.
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzSki map Geilo Norway 2018New ski map of Geilo Norway 2018
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzHemsedal summer, Norway illustrated map 2017Hemsedal promotional illustrated map summer that provide an overview while also highlighting attractions and important places. This map inspire visits and help the user to understand where all the attractions are located. As with my piste maps, this has been created entirely in vector graphics.
Josephine SkapareJosephine SkapareGoing Places (inflight magazine for Malaysian Airlines), editorial, 2018.Going Places (inflight magazine for Malaysian Airlines), editorial, 2018. Illustration for a Kuala Lumpur guide article.
Johnny DyranderJohnny DyranderKarta IKarta över Italien för Natur & Kultur.
Annika GudmundssonAnnika GudmundssonStatens fastighetsverk, karta centrala StockholmKarta över SFVs fastigheter i centrala Stockholm.
Josephine SkapareJosephine SkaparePersonal work, map illustration "My Vegan Days in New York City", 2017Personal work, map illustration "My Vegan Days in New York City", 2017. Summer 2017 I went to New York for the first time. The days were mostly spent with my little family on the Lower East Side. We had the best vegan food ever and I just can’t wait to go back and explore some more! I simply needed to make a map as a remider for future visits. The map is published on the site They Draw and Travel: 
Karin UlinKarin UlinHelsinkiIllustrations and surface pattern of buildings in Helsinki printed onto various products. Sold at Stockmann. Client: Citronelles Agenturer / Stockmann
Karin UlinKarin UlinKLF annual reportsCover for KLF's annual report 2015 and 2016 explaining the harvest process during the four seasons. Client: Navigator / Kristianstadsortens Lagerhusförening 
Maj PerssonMaj PerssonUpplevelsebolaget, book, 2017.Map illustrations starting every chapter in the book "riding a bike" which in photos and text takes the reader on eight great bike adventures on six different continents. Author and cyclist: Joakom Hermansson.
Rebekka MornioRebekka MornioInfogrphics, TT - Trading with IranIllustated information about Iran and the trading with Sweden.
Peter BigestansPeter BigestansMap from book about a suburb to StockholmOne of the maps from a book about three regions in Stockholm, a picture collection 1936 to 1985. Höghus Förlag 2008
Klas FahlénKlas FahlénSkanskaKarta till Skanska för byggprojekt i Hammarby sjöstad
Klas FahlénKlas FahlénSkanskaKarta till Skanska för byggprojekt i Hammarby sjöstad
Matilda PeterssonMatilda PeterssonHoliday Inn, Bryssel. Wallpaper to hotel, 2016Wallpaper to corridor in hotel, Holiday Inn, Bryssel. Handmade and processed in photoshop to wallpaper and print. W:17m x H:3m.
Matilda PeterssonMatilda PeterssonHilton Hotels, Tapestry, Helsinki, 2016Print for glass walls at Hilton Hotels. The whole pice in the size of 17x3 meters. 
Li Rosén ZobecLi Rosén ZobecIcakurirenMaps to a guide over summer in Sweden. Icakuriren.
Susanne FlodinSusanne FlodinArenastaden, Växjö  
Susanne FlodinSusanne FlodinHSB Brf CitySkylt trapphus
Anna BjörnströmAnna BjörnströmBooksI work continuously on designing books, often also including image direction and graphics, maps and illustrations. On this image Carl-Jans klassiker  more than a cook book, Under samma himmel (Beneith the same sky), a textbook in religion for publisher Sanoma utbildning and Ingarö – sällsamheter och strövtåg, a book that looks back in the history of the island Ingarö and its inhabitants and life from early stone age up until now.
Filippo VanzoFilippo VanzoCape Horn celebratory map, 2016Illustrated map of Cape Horn, South America, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica. Made for Cape Horn clothing brand, as a celebration for the 400th anniversary of the discovery of Cape Horn
Johan HesselstrandJohan HesselstrandTänk omVadstena Konstrunda 2016.
Rebekka MornioRebekka MornioOrgan Transplant, VQR (The Virginia Quarterly Review)Graphics about organ donations in the USA.
Annika GudmundssonAnnika GudmundssonStatens fastighetsverk, kartaLinköpings slott
Johan HesselstrandJohan HesselstrandVadstena Konstrunda I´m drawing the map for Vadstena Konstrunda and I have done it from the start  2005. Our place is number 10.
Anna-Lena LindqvistAnna-Lena LindqvistInfoskylt på plåt "Levande Kust" 2016.BalticSea2020Informationsskylt ( utomhus) på plåt "Levande Kust" .En av en serie på åtta skyltar längs en naturstig på Ingarö, Säbyviken. Kund: Baltic Sea2020
Maja ModénMaja Modéninfographics, icons and maps Stockholm city council 'the new subway'
Johanna GustavssonJohanna GustavssonEnvironment, Malmö stad Environment, Illustrations for Miljöförvaltningen Malmö stad 2015.
Martin ThelanderMartin Thelander detailed mapNew maps for Vätternrundan
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderSummer activities at Flottsbro, mapSummer activities at Flottsbro, map. Client: Hugin Fastigheter
Anders OttossonAnders OttossonMapsMaps for "Arena 123" and "Arena – Internationell ekonomi", Gleerups förlag. 
Lena Svalfors HedinLena Svalfors HedinLibris bible, illustrations and maps50 maps and 12 small illustrations for Libris Bible-book.
Annika StårnerAnnika StårnerInfographics and Icons | Visit Hälsingland GästriklandInfographics and map icons for Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland. Idea, illustration, design and original for print and digital media.
Björn LundkvistBjörn LundkvistHSB, mapsMaps/illustrations to sell appartments
Anna-Karin WetzigAnna-Karin WetzigMap Sigtuna KommunMap Sigtuna Museum.
Matilda SvenssonMatilda SvenssonMaps to Länstyrelsen i GävleIllustrated maps of Axmar nature reserve commissioned by Länstyrelsen i Gävle.
Maria CederMaria CederVolvo Busses, editorial vector illustration map of the world.Illustration for Volvo Buses magazine Connect 2/2015.
Maria CederMaria CederKulturrådet, vector illustration map of the world book cover, vectorizedA map of the world for Kulturrådets book, Swedish performing arts for an international audience 2016.
Stina WiikStina WiikHousing Foundation Signalisten - mapillustration, area map
Claes LundströmClaes LundströmInflatable moonInflatable moon with a diameter of 16 meters for Zing in France. Image material from Nasa. Processed to ready to print and cut, in-scale files, all with an accuracy of better than 1 mm. About 800 sqm meters of fabrics. Material used 1.6 x 800 meters. Image size 1760 Megapixel. The renderings used the same model and texture. 
Stina WiikStina WiikHousing Foundation Signalisten - Annual Report 2014Illustrations. In cooperation with the communications agency Koordinera, for the housing foundation Signalisten, Solna.
Stina WiikStina WiikThe MMORPG Gamers HandbookCover for "The MMORPG Gamers Handbook" by Musse Dolk.
Johanna GustavssonJohanna GustavssonStreet map with symbolsStreet map with symbols. Lovely qute little town.
Karin UlinKarin UlinLinnégatanMap over Linnégatan's pubs and shops. Client: Göteborgs Lokaler / Linnéstadens Företagarförening
Martin ThelanderMartin Thelander3d-mapClient: Tyresö Kommun
Eva EdbergEva EdbergSLL, Stockholm County Council , annual statistics and webAround 20 pc illustrations to the website of the Stockholm County Council RTK. Annual Cover and Chapter 25 photos in Årsstatistikboken ago in 2006.
Ivannia OlguinIvannia OlguinIllustration & infographic.
Ivannia OlguinIvannia OlguinIllustration & infographic.
Johan AndreassonJohan AndreassonSödermalmTecknad karta över Södermalm, beställd av Daytrip Stockholm.
Ulf AlamaaUlf Alamaa
Ulf AlamaaUlf Alamaa
Peter GöranssonPeter Göransson
Jan RojmarJan RojmarUpplands Väsby kommun, Vilundaparken. Map
Maria KaskMaria KaskShopping mapmap for shop owners collective ads, downtown gothenburg
Franciska Sieurin-LönnqvistFranciska Sieurin-LönnqvistA map showing the travels of the apostle Paul, and how he ends up i Rome. I drew this map in Illustrator for a new Bible, published by the Argument Förlag in Varberg.
Franciska Sieurin-LönnqvistFranciska Sieurin-LönnqvistThe art Museum at Borås has a sculpture-festival every year. This map shows where in the town the sculptures are, and how to find them. Made in Illustrator
Anna BergströmAnna BergströmGotrisAnimation
Anna SchenkAnna SchenkA sketch that will be painted on fabric that is 4x3m. For the play Revy Love 2011, by Botkyrkarevyn
Carina ErikssonCarina ErikssonJudgement will change Sweden Spread in Lag & Avtal
Carina ErikssonCarina ErikssonHow to come to a decision in the EU Spread in Lag & Avtal 2007
Carina ErikssonCarina ErikssonMap in Lag & Avtal
Carina ErikssonCarina ErikssonSweden
Johan IsakssonJohan IsakssonJapanJapan. For SAS inflight magazine Scanorama
Johan IsakssonJohan IsakssonBook cover Henry Parland "Sönder" SLS FinlandBook cover Henry Parland "Sönder" SLS Finland
Leif ÅbjörnssonLeif ÅbjörnssonMariefredMap over small house area in Mariefred. Client: Småa Hus AB.
Anders LagerdahlAnders LagerdahlMap of SkaneA tourist map over the region Skane in the south of Sweden. The illustration was made in cooperation with an ad agency in Gothenburg.
Charlotte RinaldoCharlotte Rinaldo
Matilda SvenssonMatilda SvenssonMaps of wine regions to Åbro Revir Maps of wine regions to the combined magazine and product catalog Åbro Revir (by Åbro Bryggerier). Client: Roxx and Åbro Wine.
Karin UlinKarin UlinÖrebroIllustrations and surface pattern of buildings in Örebro printed on products. Sold at Örebro Slott. Kund: Citronelles Agenturer / Örebro Kompaniet 
Karin UlinKarin UlinGarden StoriesPersonal project.
Anders LyonAnders LyonIllustration for Fritidsresor Treart
Cecilia WaxbergCecilia WaxbergScandlines Ferries.Scandlines Ferries. Advertising, signs, posters, menue, magazine, maps, flags...
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonCover for design magazineCover for design magazine 2018
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderMap subscriptionMap subscription
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderIllustrations for the EU Information CentreClient: The EU Information Centre of the Swedish Parliament
Martin ThelanderMartin Thelandertopographic mapMaps for guidebooks. Client: Norstedts
Martin ThelanderMartin ThelanderInfographics/mapInfographics/map. Client: Mäklarvärlden
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownIllustration for sign. Bromma Council.Illustration for sign. Bromma Council. Maps , park environment, nature Project for Bromma Council. Designing sign, graphic design and responsible for sign construction.  
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownIllustration for sign. Eksjö community. Illustration for sign. Eksjö community. Graphic design and responsible for sign construction.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownCultural map, Upplands Väsby Community.Cultural map, Upplands Väsby Community.
Magdalena Wennberg LavebrattMagdalena Wennberg LavebrattGraphics and maps (different assigners)Graphics and maps (different assigners).