Katarina ErikssonKatarina ErikssonIllustration "Effects of foods on LDL cholesterol"Graphical abstract for the scientific paper "Effects of foods on LDL cholesterol". Several foods clearly modify LDL cholesterol according to recent systematic review by Malin Schoeneck and David Iggman published in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases.
Elin Hjulström LordElin Hjulström LordHoudini Group, educational films about domestic violenceIllustrations for a series of educational films directed at healthcare professionals on how to initiate conversations about domestic violence when seeing signs of it in patients. The films consisted of dramatised conversations and a set of illustrated stills, varying between establishing shots and close ups.
Agnes DanielssonAgnes DanielssonFladdermöss, Park och naturförvaltningen i Göteborg, Naturstigen Fladdermöss, Park och naturförvaltningen i Göteborg, Naturstigen
Maria CederMaria CederSensitive teeth, medical illustration, Göteborgs-PostenNews graphic depicting sensitive teeth for Göteborgs-Posten.
Marie ÅhfeldtMarie ÅhfeldtVårdfokus, the four voices of of the nurseThe four voices of the nurse, the medical voice, the pedagogical voice, the caring voice and the authority voice. Illustration for the magazine Vårdfokus.
Marie-Caroline PerisMarie-Caroline PerisPersonal work, "My Endometriosis" This illustration is part of the picture book I wrote and illustrated on Endometriosis.
Julia KabellJulia KabellWunderlivetI had the great honour to illustrate and layout material for the swedish holistic reproductive health practitioner Wunderlivet.
Anders Borgenhag HolmqvistAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistStressIllustration about stress
Jan EdlundJan EdlundAt the hospitalInformation booklet for Stockholms läns landsting
Alexandra ForssAlexandra ForssLearnways / Mitt Inre Apotek, website and learningplatformWork in progress.
Alexandra ForssAlexandra ForssLearnways / Ryggmärgsskadecentrum i Göteborg. Medical illustrationer.In collaboration with Learnways. Created a set of medical illustrations.
Mark BelanMark BelanCyanobacteria Precipitation of BacteriaA front cover 3D illustration for Nature. It depicts the scientific value of searching for signs of life in structures called microbialites that are created through the geochemical processes of bacteria. 
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoVårdförbundetAn illustration proposal for "Vårdförbundet".
Mark BelanMark BelanPeriodontitisAn illustrated editorial spread about periodontitis. This poster details progressive changes in dental biofilm and gross morphology as the pathology advances over time.
Kari ModénKari ModénFreundin Magazine - Germany Illustration about the immune system
Kari ModénKari ModénFreundin Magazine - GermanyArticle about liver and heath issues
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarCranial nervesVector illustration of cranial nerves for medical studies
Lisa Karinsdotter PålssonLisa Karinsdotter PålssonIllustration - Nordic InfucareIllustrations on how to handle a infusion pump. Aimed for patient who manage their treatments at home.
Maja ModénMaja Modén'Master in genetics'illustration for U Magazine, UCLA School of Medicine
Veronica Ballart LiljaVeronica Ballart LiljaDonna magazineIllustration in watercolor about neurodermatitis for Donna magazine.
Mikaela NordlundMikaela NordlundCalming, Södertälje countyPictures published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Mikaela NordlundMikaela NordlundMeditation, Södertälje county Series of pictures published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Mikaela NordlundMikaela NordlundMindfullness, Södertälje county.Serie of Pictures made for Sodertälje county's intranet.
Mikaela NordlundMikaela NordlundRecovering, Södertälje kommunPictures made for recovery files published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Isak GjertsenIsak GjertsenBreathingAnimation loop. License from web and TV available on request.
Julia GrothJulia GrothUMS, "Canticum"Illustration a songbook with drinking songs för Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student Union. 
Kerstin ArfwedsonKerstin ArfwedsonMedical thesis, Pelle Törnqvist, swedish surgeonWatercolor and mixed media illustration for the cover of Pelle Törnqvist's medical thesis at Lund's University
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannBook illustration, ChunLabPeople of the Tanzanian Hazda tribe have a much more diverse intestinal microbial ecosystem than the urban population. Book illustration for ChunLab in South Korea, the leading company in microbiome research worldwide.
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistLungsMedical illustration showing the difference between healthy lungs and lungs suffering from COPD. Art direction and design by the ad agency Narva.
Kerstin HansonKerstin HansonSomna och somna omIllustration and design of a book on ways to cope with sleeping issues. Illustrations both decorative and descriptive.
Maja ModénMaja ModénAsk Dr MarkIllustration for column in Saga Magazine, The UK
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannThe brain and the nervous system, book illustrationThe brain and the nervous system. Illustration for the book Känslosmart, Norstedts 2019. 
Marika de VahlMarika de VahlUpcoming may 2020Upcoming 2020
Kari ModénKari ModénMagazine Allt om DiabetesMethods to use to measure the blood sugar
Maria LarssonMaria LarssonMedical illustration, Acta Physiologica Illustration in cooperation with Prof. Sanna Lehtonen, University of Helsinki, for Acta Physiologica. Supervisor and art direction: Prof. Pontus Persson, editor-in-chief, Acta Physiologica. 
Maria LarssonMaria LarssonMedical illustration, Acta Physiologica Illustration in cooperation with Prof. Osvaldo Delbono, Sticht Center for Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s Prevention, for Acta Physiologica. Supervisor and art direction: Prof. Pontus Persson, editor-in-chief, Acta Physiologica. 
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownHealth careIllustration for Magazine about Health care.
Emma EkstamEmma Ekstam"Parental leave" personal workIn the summer of 2019 Emma and her husband moved from central Copenhagen to the beautiful Swedish forests to raise their kids as nature intended; like animals. Once settled, the peaceful surroundings gave way for primal impulses, loss of control and insights into the bondage of biology.
Anna BlåderAnna BlåderInstruction illustration of infant reflexesInstruction illustration of infant reflexes, to be used in education. Commissioned by a preschool teacher.
Maria KällströmMaria KällströmMagazine artUniversity of Gothenburg Magazine 2019
Marika de VahlMarika de VahlIllustration for MSFIllustration for MSF
Lidia BlomgrenLidia BlomgrenFemale reproductive system, Human heart, Human lungs Medical poster collection
Gunnel GinsburgGunnel GinsburgIBM Medical Centre, information for the employed.Illustrations for cards with information from IBM Medical Centre. Ergonomics for the employed.
Kari ModénKari ModénDonna Magazine | Germany Editorial health illustration about IBS
Jan FunkeJan FunkePregnancyClient: Sahlgrenska university hospital
Jan FunkeJan FunkePregnancyClient: Sahlgrenska university hospital
Jan FunkeJan FunkeEye disease, conjunctivitisClient: Memira
Rana KadryRana KadryEditorial Illustration for Malala FundIllustration for Assembly Roll Call article “ A week in the life of a 19-year-old medical student in Morocco.” Assembly is a digital newsletter and publication from Malala Fund. https://assembly.malala.org/stories/naceem-roll-call
Kajsa IsenbergKajsa IsenbergForskning för HälsaRedesign of Heart-Lung foundations magazine Forskning för Hälsa.
Julia SzulcJulia SzulcAbbas sillIllustration for Abbas.
Petra Meyer LinderothPetra Meyer LinderothIllustration for the Swedish Rheumatism Association.Some examples of Illustration for the Swedish Rheumatism Association. Research report that will be published this autumn. 
Eida SteenEida SteenVisumetrics 2019Illustration for Visumetrics 2019.
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkLethal folksong?Illustration for article in HEMSLÖJD (issue 3, 2019), concerning plant magic, witchcraft, abortion remedy and traditional song lyrics
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarCognition and networks - medical illustrationIllustration for doctoral thesis:  "Precision in neuropsychology. Four challenges when using simplified assumptions": https://gupea.ub.gu.se/handle/2077/59540.   Graph theory illustrates how a networks vulnerability changes depending on age and insult.
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarProbability conceptsIllustration of basic probability concepts for my doctoral disseration: "Precision in neuropsychology. Four challenges when using simplified assumptions" https://gupea.ub.gu.se/handle/2077/59540
Matilda SerholtMatilda SerholtThe nine stages 2019. Amningshjälpen  Nine illustrations for a poster for breastfeeding help. The pictures show the nine stages the newborn baby is going through from the birthright until it starts breastfeeding. Pencil and watercolor.
Li Rosén ZobecLi Rosén ZobecNordicInfu CareMedical manual
Gustaf Öhrnell HjalmarsGustaf Öhrnell HjalmarsPersonal project-
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonPSYKOLOGTIDNINGENCover + Spread
Cecilia HedlundCecilia HedlundMiscarriageMiscarriage. Watercolour, ink. 2018.
Marek SkupinskiMarek SkupinskiAntibodies of maternal origin in newborns. Client: Karolinska Intitutet.An illustration to a scientific article describing how antibodies in human newborns of maternal origin are transferred across the placenta to provide passive immunity to a newborn during first 15 weeks after birth. Digital painting.
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonArticle, Göteborgs-PostenFuture treatments of depression
Stina BrantingStina BrantingGothia FortbildningMusculature from the jaw, from the education book "Orofacial smärta, ett multidiciplinärt omhändertagande", Gothia Fortbildning.
Stina BrantingStina BrantingGothia FörlagTemporomandibularis, from educationbook "Orofacial smärta, ett multidiciplinärt omhändertagande", Gothia Förlag AB, and diffrent posters about pain, Karolinska hospital.
Anders FloodAnders FloodPancreasIllustration of a pangreatic reduction.
Ann-Kristin Yman-RobarthAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthAutumleafsWatercolor
Ann-Kristin Yman-RobarthAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthDreams in the parkWatercolor
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Graphic novel cover design, Ex AMA Ten vol 1Cover design for graphic novel, Ex AMA Ten vol 1. 2018
Kari ModénKari ModénFocus GermanyGuide hospitalization
Matilda SerholtMatilda SerholtBrochure for NestléBrochure on Nutrition to Nestlé. Here I have done everything from photography, editing, layout and illustration.
Helena ShutrickHelena ShutrickPollen season posterRetro poster for a Swedish pharmacy group. Both illustration and graphic design.
Helena ShutrickHelena ShutrickAllergic reactionThis happens in the body in an allergic reaction. Detail, science supplement for Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter.
Helena ShutrickHelena ShutrickStrokeCerebral haemorrhage / stroke for a Swedish medical journal.
Helena ShutrickHelena ShutrickChlamydia in both ladies and gentsChlamydia may cause infertility even in males. Medical illustration.
Helena ShutrickHelena ShutrickBroken Heart Syndrome – a broken heartA severe crisis or loss can actually damage the heart. Medical illustration for Science supplement of daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter.
Airi IlisteAiri Ilisteneuronto the book Haja ADHD
Madelen LindgrenMadelen LindgrenIllustration for chapter "Självbild" ("Self image") in the book HormonkalendernIllustration and graphic design by me. Written by Maria Särén.
Karin UlinKarin UlinHundsportIllustration for an article about cardiac scanning on dogs. Client: Make Your Mark / Hundsport
Julia SzulcJulia SzulcMalmö SaluhallIllustration for malmö Saluhall
Julia SzulcJulia SzulcMalmö SaluhallIllustration for Malmö Saluhall.
Roger AnderssonRoger AnderssonRoger Andersson3D avatar
Jenny HolmlundJenny HolmlundMediplats - Foam with SAFStep by step instructions for attaching an adhesive plaster with foam to the patient.
Kjell ThorssonKjell ThorssonIllustrations for det Nobel Centerwww.nobelcenter.se
Linnéa Teljas PuranenLinnéa Teljas PuranenRevansch MagazineIllustration for an article on #metoo and mental health
Gunilla ElamGunilla ElamCirkulationIllustrates the relation between cardiovascular disease and stroke. For Zenicor.
Gunilla ElamGunilla ElamAntibodiesAntibodies. For Agrisera.
Gunilla ElamGunilla ElamCRISPR/Cas9Illustration on Genediting CRISPR/Cas9, for the Swedish Gene Avisory Board Additional illustrations at genteknik.nu
Gunilla ElamGunilla ElamAutophagythe 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Gunilla ElamGunilla ElamVivoline Lung SystemInstructional animation showing the procedure with the Vivoline system for lung tranplant
Sanna HaverinenSanna HaverinenVerbal förlag, book cover "Sjukt, syster!", 2018The history of professional nursing pictured by combining form elements from 1860, when Florence Nightingale founded the first nursing school, until today. Handtexting and Graphic Design.
Susanne FlodinSusanne FlodinB. BraunIllustrations for B. Braun Stoma Care School
Susanne FlodinSusanne FlodinVårdhandbokenInfographic for the National Healthcare Manual.
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafIllustration, FolderIllustration, Folder
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafIllustration, brochureIllustration, brochure
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafEditorial illustration, Adults with ADHDEditorial illustration, Adults with ADHD
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafEditorial illustration, about ADHDEditorial illustration, about ADHD
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafEditorial Illustration, ADHDEditorial Illustration, ADHD
Matilda SerholtMatilda SerholtGrandpa    
Matilda SerholtMatilda SerholtStrolling   
Linnea Holmström LjungLinnea Holmström LjungCRSPR Cas9 ScissorsScientific illustration of CRISPR-Cas9 commissioned by Umeå University (MIMS). To be used in presentations and by press when discussing/explaining how CRISPR Cas9 works. Photoshop.