Linnea Holmström LjungLinnea Holmström LjungCRSPR Cas9 ScissorsScientific illustration of CRISPR-Cas9 commissioned by Umeå University (MIMS). To be used in presentations and by press when discussing/explaining how CRISPR Cas9 works. Photoshop.
Linnea Holmström LjungLinnea Holmström LjungCRISPR-Cas9 IllustrationsScientific illustrations of CRISPR-Cas9 commissioned by Umeå University (MIMS), featured in the magazine Tänk (Think) in print and online as a digital download. Photoshop.
Kari ModénKari ModénApoteket HjärtatIllustrations for Swedish pharmacy - Vitamins packaging  
Jan FunkeJan FunkePAH, pulmonary arterial hypertensionClient: Relevans, Actelion
Johnny DyranderJohnny DyranderÖratLäromedel. Örat i genomskärning.
Agnes DanielssonAgnes DanielssonPeppared Nature Information, Mölndal MunicipalityNatural Information Sign
Susanne FlodinSusanne  
Karin UlinKarin UlinWellspectA series of illustrations for an informational film about how to use pharmaceutical products. Client: Wellspect Health
Aron LandahlAron LandahlAron LandahlChest tube, pneumothorax, 2018.
Airi IlisteAiri Ilistesynaps
Sofia WrangsjöSofia WrangsjöFrom cover for Läkartidningen, a medical journal Front cover of Läkartidningen. The theme is about the difficulty of getting people to take preventive medicine . A person is facing away from a string of medicines.
Jenny HolmlundJenny HolmlundHealth Care ReportIllustration to report on health care. How medical priorities affect the queuing time in different parts of the country.
Jenny HolmlundJenny HolmlundHealth Care ReportIllustration for Medical Care report. Logistics in Health Care and the patients path.
Björn ÖbergBjörn ÖbergThe unwanted onesCover illustration for Swedish business magazine Finansliv - about the people who tend to get rejected by insurance companies; owners of refugee camps, children with serious medical conditions/ disabilities and pizzeria owners.
Björn ÖbergBjörn ÖbergImproved medical distributionIllustration for Horizont magazine, about how nation-wide medical distribution can be improved with joint procurement.
Jan FunkeJan FunkeCoronary artery, Human leukocyt antigenClient:Inst. Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund
Johanna GustavssonJohanna GustavssonTooth brushingIllustrations in vector for TePe Munhygienprodukter AB.
Elisabeth WerngrenElisabeth WerngrenTorsten's WorldSanoma Education. Illustrations for educational book series, Health and social care  
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonSEYMORHELLO / GOODBYE
Tove HennixTove Hennixchildcare, 2015Article about nursing children home from work, 2015 
Jan FunkeJan FunkeHospitalbedClient: Innovationalmovement
Jenny HolmlundJenny HolmlundInfusion/MixInstruction illustration for infusion –how to mix the medication with the drip. One of a number of step-by-step illustrations in a product brochure for Mediplast.
Maj PerssonMaj PerssonThe Swedish Cancer Society, booklet and magazine, 2014-2018.My illustrations help the reader to understand new research results on cancer treatmen and cellular processes.
Jan FunkeJan FunkePAH, pulmonary arterial hypertensionClient: Relevans, Actelion
Jan FunkeJan FunkeBlood supply of the faceClient: Skinplan
Jan FunkeJan Funke CariesClient: The Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
Jan FunkeJan FunkeSpare partClient: Valentin & Byhr, Volvo
Jan FunkeJan FunkeAstmaClient: Meda
Jan FunkeJan FunkeProstatahyperplasiClient: Bioforce
Jan FunkeJan FunkeProlapseClient: Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Telemark Hospital
Jan FunkeJan FunkeSpare partClient: Valentin & Byhr, Volvo
Jan FunkeJan FunkeObesitas surgeryClient: Roccia, AstraZeneca
Jan FunkeJan FunkeAxelskadaClient: Body
Eva EdbergEva EdbergSLL, Stockholm County Council , annual statistics and webAround 20 pc illustrations to the website of the Stockholm County Council RTK. Annual Cover and Chapter 25 photos in Årsstatistikboken ago in 2006.
Kjell ThorssonKjell ThorssonMedical illustrationsLeft: Hjärt-lungfonden. Rigth: Så funkar det, kroppen inifrån och ut (Bonnier Carlsen)
Stina BrantingStina BrantingNetdoktorPro.seBröstcancer invasiv, information for general public 
Malin ErixonMalin ErixonMedical illustrationsVARIOUS MEDICAL ILLUSTRATIONS.
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarThe Memory Clinic (hospital use)Examinations at a hospital (memory clinic). Enables visual communication at a hospital, aimed at e.g. situations of problems with language and memory.
Ulf JohanssonUlf JohanssonCell, Science life Lab KTHIllustration for knowledge resource on website - Illustrator.
Ulf JohanssonUlf JohanssonApoteketApoliva Illustrations for packaging - illustrator.
Ulf JohanssonUlf JohanssonTePe Image bankIllustrations to image bank - illustrator.
Ulf JohanssonUlf JohanssonMAIIllustrations and text to poster - illustrator.
Tove HennixTove HennixSÖS, vaccination 2021Illustrations to the hospital SÖS in Stockholm.
Anette HedbergAnette Hedberg
Gunilla KvarnströmGunilla Kvarnström
Anna NordinAnna Nordin
Anna BjörnströmAnna BjörnströmBook illustrations (un)equalityIllustrations on the theme unequality between men and women within healthcare in sweden.
Lennart MolinLennart MolinMigraineMigrain. Employer: Astra Zeneca. Technique: Watercolour, Illustrator, Photoshop.
Jeanette EngqvistJeanette EngqvistIcons for vitamin guide, Cura phamacyIllustration for the vitamin guide for Cura pharmacy's customers magazine.
Jeanette EngqvistJeanette EngqvistPsycopharmaca depressedIllustration for the book "Akutsjukvård", Sanoma Utbildning
Jeanette EngqvistJeanette EngqvistTreatment of soarsIllustrations in a customer magazine for the Cura Pharmacy
Jeanette EngqvistJeanette EngqvistTonsil surgeryIllustration for the story on the website about Elias and Moa who have operated on the tonsils
Jeanette EngqvistJeanette EngqvistNeurology monitoring - the Norwegian Medical Association's magazineIllustration for a series of articles about neurophysiology for the Norwegian Medical Association.
Jeanette EngqvistJeanette EngqvistNeurology monitoring 2 – the Norwegian Medical Association's magazineIllustrations for a series of articles about neurophysiology for the Norwegian Medical Association.
Sofia WrangsjöSofia WrangsjöLunds UniversityIllustration for Research Day on the theme "When the hearts stops." Organizers: Lund University and Region Skåne.
Nina MuntheNina Munthe
Nina MuntheNina Munthe
Gunilla ElamGunilla Elam
Gunilla ElamGunilla Elam
Gunilla ElamGunilla Elam
Gunilla ElamGunilla Elam
Gunilla ElamGunilla Elam
Lars R MelanderLars R Melander
MIkael AnderssonMIkael AnderssonSurgical Gown and health care products. Series of illustrations for Västra Götalandsregionen, 2006
MIkael AnderssonMIkael AnderssonHaptic simulator. Illustration. Client Unjo
Susanne SvedleSusanne Svedle
Elisabet BergElisabet BergMedical attendence, broschureIllustrations for broschure "Where do I go when my child gets ill?", medical attendence i Uppsala.
Peter BigestansPeter Bigestans"Sally" (animation)"Sally" is one of the films in the website "Sjukvårdsrådgivningen" or "1177". There You can find several other films where I have been the illustrator and animator and also been paticipating in the manus writing. See:
Ulrika WeinzUlrika WeinzHealth care job vacancies
Helena ÖhmanHelena ÖhmanVårdguiden – How to cure hickupsIllustration for an article about different hickups cures  /  Customer: Magazine Vårdguiden, SLL
Helena ÖhmanHelena ÖhmanTelemedicineIllustration for Maritime Joint Work Environment Council
Eva EdbergEva EdbergChildren & Cancer , illustrationsA brother and sister who appears in every issue of the magazine Barn & Cancer .
Stina BrantingStina BrantingStockholms landsting, Lafa, enheten för sexualitet och hälsaPregnancy, education for schoolchildren Stockholms landsting
Stina BrantingStina BrantingStockholms landsting, LafaHormone from hypothalamus, education for schoolchildren, Stockholms landsting, lafa
Stina BrantingStina BrantingStudentlitteraturNervus trigeminus, education book "Local Anastasie and pain" Karolinska Universityhospital
Stina BrantingStina BrantingStudentlitteraturNervus lingualis mentalis. educationbook "localanestesia and pain" Karolinska University
Stina BrantingStina BrantingPhobiaPhobia, idea illustration for newspaper Svenska Dagbladet
Stina BrantingStina BrantingNetdoktorPro.seCladiocation, information for doctors and nurses,  
Stina BrantingStina BrantingGothia Förlag and Haukkeland universitetssjykehus i BergenNervus trigeminus och occipitalis from education book "Orofacial smärta, ett multidiciplinärt omhändertagande", Gothia Fortbildning and education at klinisk odontolog, Haukkeland univeritetssjykehus i Bergen, Norge.
Stina BrantingStina BrantingDepressionPsychical disease , ideaillustration, newspaper Svenska Dagbladet
Tove HennixTove HennixDust, 2009A art cartoon about dusting in nightmares. Exhibition 1-7 nov. 2006 - Tokyo, Japan. Published as a book in 2009
Tove HennixTove HennixAdvice and support group, 2011Illustrations made for the broschure for advice and support group at Karolinska Universityhospital 
Tove HennixTove HennixKÄTS, 2008Organistation KÄTS, about treatment for eatingdisorder.