Pernilla AnderssonPernilla AnderssonThe Painterdigital painting
Hannele FernströmHannele FernströmHomeoffice, personal projectGif about the struggles of working with creativity from home.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöMaskotverketMaskotverket was my graduation project at Oslo Academy of The Arts. It’s an imaginary agency who’s mission is to provide swedish authorities with mascots.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöCharactersVector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöCharactersVector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöCharactersVector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöNatures callVector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöNatures call Vector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöNatures callVector illustration
Monica LindMonica LindCapricornClient promo
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioKlarna Bank | Reminder Fee IllustrationsIllustrations for KlarnaThe Never Forget Test - an in-app game for customers to win back reminder fees.
Monica LindMonica LindThe MusesClient Promo, New Year 2021
Monica LindMonica LindHappy HolidaysClient Promo
Ivannia OlguinIvannia OlguinOmboardning - Mobile.
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoBOMBARDIER Wayside - Hero Animation for a landing pageI've created this isometric animated illustration for Bombardier throught Jayway by Devoteam in 2020, usinf Adobe Illustrator & After Effects.
Monica LindMonica LindLibraClient promo
Jojo FalkJojo Falkstickers "Cozy Autumn" for iMessagea stickers pack for iMessage with 45 pictures and animations about autumn
Jojo FalkJojo Falksing-along app Hej Hyperillustrations and design for the sing-along app called Hej Hyper, for kids with diagnosis
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornInternational day of Happiness, themeday-game, at internship Flarie This was my favourite theme day I did during my Internship at Flarie "The international day of happiness". I based the game of of "these are a few of my favourite things" from Sound of Music.
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornBaking Break, Personal projectThis was a fake-gameproject in school. We had to come up with a gameidea and create fake screenshots for the game.​ I made "Baking Break" a mobile baking game. I wanted a very 50's advertizing style with a semi-realistic painted feeling. With an assistant character called Peggy.
Susanne FredeliusSusanne FredeliusCity of grace. Drunk on the moon. Animated music video for Drunk on the moons song City of grace.
Monica LindMonica LindAstro sign CancerZodiac - Client promo
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonConfirmation, bike rental app, school projectIllustration for a school project that involved designing and app for bicycle rental.
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonStickers, personal workDigital illustration.
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonPersonal work, cleaningDigital illustration.
Lisa MedinLisa MedinAlbum cover, Victor LeksellAnimation and cover illustration for music artist Victor Leksell's debut album "Fånga mig när jag faller", released by Sony Music in june 2020. 
Anna L AndrénAnna L AndrénKeep distans!Keep distans! Corona.
Stef GainesStef GainesStretcher and robot in elevatorOne of four vektor illustrations made for the app SNICKS, which provides short stories to read on your smartphone.
Lina ForsgrenLina ForsgrenMadderDesign of website for the communications agency Madder.
Elin Hjulström LordElin Hjulström LordMinecraft, illustrations for animated bookA few of the 24 illustrations made for Minecraf, describing tools and functions. The illustrations are used in an animated book that is published regularly on Minecraft's instagram. Book and animation are made by Animal Stockholm.
Elin Hjulström LordElin Hjulström LordSnicks App, illustration for short storyIllustration for the mobile-based short story platform Snicks, for the horror short story "The Girl in the Well".
Matilda WallénMatilda WallénMSc Design, Student project: Time To Let Me GoPoster to a student project where we collected old mobile phones. We also invited lecturer about circular economy, urban mining and repair. 
Ladislav KosaLadislav KosaHarvesting rain waterIllustration for mobile exhibition.
Karolina WestenhoffKarolina WestenhoffGif/animationGif animation for the designactivistic organization Omforma.
Mats SimonsMats SimonsMystery Star mobile online slot.Mobil online slot designed for the Asian market. Client: Golden Hero (Manilla).
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoIllustration, ’city’, Albert, 2019It's the illustration for the background of a junior math app.
Monica LindMonica LindPuzzle 2020Client Promo
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonTrailer for the womens handball world cup 2019 - ViasatArt by me and animated by Viasat / Nentgroup
Anna-Karin WetzigAnna-Karin WetzigChristmas card Christmas card 2019
Martina Todorova AsplundMartina Todorova AsplundTreasure! Personal project. One of the 2019 Inktober prompts, together with the Bruno Mars song by the same name, this piece came to be. #inktober2019
Esbjörn JorsäterEsbjörn JorsäterBerghs publishing houseThe video presents an exercise from the book Draw Cartoon. I filmed, edited on my mobile. All drawings in the video are mine. Johan Andreasson is in charge of inking the figure.
Maria CederMaria CederAdvent Calendar on Instagram, vector illustrations smart phoneIn December a few years ago, I published 24 pictures a day on Instagram. The goal was to bring awareness to alternative Christmas gifts in the form of donations. Donatins to the Red Cross, Plan International Sweden and UNHCR, among others.
Elin Matilda AnderssonElin Matilda AnderssonSvalna appDeveloped by scientists, Svalna is an app that helps Swedes track and reduce their personal carbon footprint. It was a joy to work on these illustrations that encourage and help the user navigate the app.
Anna GunneströmAnna GunneströmWine guide, AppWine guide, App, illustration
Carolina GrönholmCarolina GrönholmSummer Night Walk, 2019Summer Night Walk, 2019. From a illustrated series of images.
Johan ReichJohan ReichGrumpy old menAnimated short movie
Tzenko StoyanovTzenko StoyanovProcrastinating Procrastination, digital temptations as a time thief
Jennifer NystedtJennifer NystedtMme Figaro Japon, "Sports Chic"Illustration for fashion magazine Mme Figaro Japon, children's fashion.
Maja LindénMaja LindénForce of reaction, Newton´s third lawExplainer on the force of reaction, made by the newly founded animation studio Förklara. Facts: Per Lindén, Information design and illustrations: Maja Lindén, Animation, sound design and speaker: Johan Jergner-Ekervik.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenFast Food PictogramsMenu Pictograms for fast food and restaurant. The idea is to visualize each object with one stroke and keep it simple as possible yet informative. 
Monica LindMonica LindZebra frenzyClient Promo
Alexander LindénAlexander LindénAlexunderstands Showreel 2019Alexunderstands Illustrator Animator Musicator --------------------------------------- Illustration, animation and music: Alexander Lindén
Josephine SkapareJosephine SkaparePersonal work, "1k sticker for Instagram", 2019Animated gif for Giphy, hopefully available as a sticker on Instagram Stories soon.
Maja LindénMaja LindénAdvertisement video for education in Graphic DesignAdvertisement video for a new graphic design program at Fridhems folhögskola, Svalöv. Images made by students, sound by Anders Vestergård, design and animation by me.
Julia PerssonJulia PerssonIllustration for Infocaption, 2018.One of five illustrations in a series about different stages of learning. Infocaption 2018.
Helena LindholmHelena LindholmPostNord/IcaEditorial for Icas magazine. Caricatures of people in the food industry. For ICA 2017.
Kornelia EngqvistKornelia EngqvistPersonal Work, "Like me", 2019Personal illustration work
Josefin HerolfJosefin HerolfSwedwatch / What does your T-shirt cost?Illustration / infographics for the magazine "What does your T-shirt cost?", designed for the target group of young consumers - about the real price for what you eat, your clothes, your mobile phone and your trips. Published by Swedwatch.
Mats SimonsMats SimonsLucky Stones, Golden Hero Asien.Mobil Casino slot. Designed for the mobil phones and for the asian market. By Excubitor games for Golden Hero in Manilla.
Martina Todorova AsplundMartina Todorova AsplundIn natureMy take on the #drawthisinyourstyle artist challenge, in this piece I interpret the original by Lana Jay, in my style.
Kerstin HolmstedtKerstin Holmstedt"Strike Gold", StudentlitteraturIllustration for poem, "Strike Gold", Studentlitteratur
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioStjärnkalaset 2019Stjärnkalaset 2019 illustration for Teatercentrum.
Pia DunérPia DunérIllustration Unum 2018.Illustration for Tobin projects: The plants Unum 2018.
Pia DunérPia DunérCampaign image for Salmon, 2018.Illustration to the fish shop's instagram.
Pia DunérPia DunérRecipe image for Moule, 2018.Illustartion to the fish shop's instagram
Pia DunérPia DunérRecipe image for lobster soup, 2018.Illustartion to the fish shop's instagram.
Mia NilssonMia NilssonDagens nyheterCover illustration for the swedish newspaper Dagens nyheter's summer supplement about reducing mobile phone time while spending time with your children.
Matilda SerholtMatilda SerholtAlpha-app flyer  Flyer for the launch of the digital letter book "Alpha app".  I used illustrator and photoshop to do the layout and graphic form.
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomFLORA Illustration, 2016FLORA Illustration, 2015. Water color & vector technique.
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomAIR BALLOON Illustration, 2017AIR BALLOON Illustration for a children's room poster, 2017. Water color, digital painting & vector technique. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomLET'S MAKE UP Illustration, 2013LET'S MAKE UP Vector illustration, 2013. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomYELLOW JACKET Illustration, 2014YELLOW JACKET Illustration, 2014. Fashion illustration, indian ink & watercolor. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomABC Book cover, 2015ABC Book cover, 2015. Illustration & layout, vector technique. Book cover for a music based study book, for children in pre school. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomMULTIPLICATION DISCO Cd cover, 2017MULTIPLICATION DISCO Cd cover,  2017. Illustration & layout, vector technique. CD cover with music inspired math for children in elementary school. 
Helena LindholmHelena LindholmBecome supersmart, part 1/99 information movies will be published during fall 2018. For "Hem&Skola"
Johanna A. ArpiainenJohanna A. ArpiainenSuperhero.
Teresa TingbrandTeresa TingbrandCommercial Illustration for the company TeliaIllustration for Telia and the campaign "Young surfers". One of a total of three illustrations for Telia during 2017/2018. All on the subject of children and mobiles / connectivity.
Teresa TingbrandTeresa TingbrandCommercial illustration for Swedish ApoteketIllustration for Apoteket's new app, which meant that you could chat with a pharmacist.
Lisa ZachrissonLisa ZachrissonAnimation of illustration from the book »Ett liv i balans«, Lava förlag.Animation of illustration from the book »Ett liv i balans«, Lava förlag.
Lisa ZachrissonLisa ZachrissonIllustration/animation for Arbetets museum in Norrköping, for a new exhibition. Illustration/animation for Arbetets museum in Norrköping.
Anna WindsethAnna WindsethRobot character designCharacter concepts and illustrations for the game Robototics, Dohi Entertainment.
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoThe Windy RoadThis looping animation comes from a part of my latest assessment for Hyper Island, 2018.
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoThe GoldfishI gave birth to this tiny, curios Goldfish in order to practice importing both Photoshop and Illustrator layers into After Effects.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenWordBrainA bunch of WordBrain characters done to the mobile game WordBrain, each figure represents a new game level, made in vector graphic to the mobile company MAG Interactive. All Copyright and ownership of content, MAG Interactive.
Linnéa Teljas PuranenLinnéa Teljas PuranenVogue MagazineIllustration for Vogue Magazine article "Why Baja Norte Is Becoming a Culinary Hot Spot (And Exactly Where You Should Eat)"
Julia PerssonJulia PerssonIllustration: Simrishamn libraryDetail from an illustration done for the Mobile library of Simrishamn, 2018.
Mårten LundinMårten LundinLaserix logo, game graphics for mobileLogotype in retro 80's style for a mobile game. Visual concept, logotype, GUI design, game graphics and icons.
Kari ModénKari Modénvårsvenskademokrati.seStudy material on different cards on an educational platform where you can learn more about the Swedish constitution, and some of the principles that build our democratic rule of law Sweden
Kari ModénKari ModénJAMZ Social media and content markering agency in Paris
Cecilia MellaCecilia MellaArbetsförmedlingen illustrationsResponsive illustrations for Arbetsförmedlingen
Fredrik SwahnFredrik SwahnMeltingIllustration to an article about superficiality and all the contemporary forces (from screens and social media) that prevent contact with one's own core.
Rebekka MornioRebekka MornioPensionsmyndigheten, Retirees living abroadPart of a press release about Swedish retirees living abroad.
Mia LjunggrenMia LjunggrenPersonal project. Illustration for a children's book.Illustration
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSKB, facilities iconsWe created a new digital product that works as a platform for increased community activity and social cohesion among the residents of SKB by providing key user-centered functions that are accessible directly online such as event listings, notice boards and booking of communal spaces. For this we developed a bespoke icon set.
Alexander LindénAlexander LindénTake the first step!The girl from the header illustration steps into the rosy world of Delbar.
Alexander LindénAlexander LindénGet Rolling!Illustration for the sharing startup Delbar in Umeå.
Pia LilenthalPia LilenthalDesign of book and mobile application: Stark på insidan by Igor Ardoris and Madeleine Vall Beijner. 2017.Design and final art work of book cover and inlay. Design of mobile application. Published by Buena Vida Ltd, 2017. See more at
Pia LilenthalPia LilenthalDesign of book, illustration, mobile app: Gravid på dina villkor by Elin Borg. 2017.Cover illustration in water colour and PhotoShop, design and final art work of cover and inlay, and mobile application. Published by Buena Vida Ltd, 2017.
David RubarthDavid RubarthClear Vision Online Promo/TitlePromo/Title illustration for mobile game Clear Vision Online.
Maja LindénMaja LindénFace Down-syndrome, Helsingborgs DagbladFace Down, infographic on the effects of frequent use of mobile screens. Based on interview with physiotherapist. Helsingborgs Dagblad.