Tom BeastlandTom BeastlandLäkerolI worked with design agencies North Kingdom and King to produce the illustrations and logo for 'Let's Talk', a new app from Swedish candy brand Läkerol. The aim is to help people who need a bit more practice in Swedish by matching them with people who already speak Swedish. The belief being that the best way to integrate into the community is to be able to speak the language.
Leena KumpulainenLeena KumpulainenDebonair Free pram advertisementCampaign illustration. Own project.
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSKB, IconsWe where commissioned by SKB to supply a custom made collection of icons to go on their new and improved website, where members can opt for a range of features and services for their homes. The iconographic style we developed has since also been integrated in to the company identity design and is currently being applied to all sorts of brand carriers such as signage and information plates across their many developments.
Elisabeth WerngrenElisabeth WerngrenJapanese lady on the trainPersonal Work
Peter PåhlmanPeter PåhlmanFriendship in an app: GoFrendly, 2016UI/UX for the GoFrendly app which allows women to find new friends.
Peter PåhlmanPeter PåhlmanEvenemang mobile app, 2016UI/UX for Sweden's best event and ticket app.
Mats SimonsMats SimonsSlotAmerica. Spel. Slot. Wild FireSocial Casino Games, Facebook, Android, iOS
Mats SimonsMats SimonsSlotAmerica, Golden dollar, High Limit SlotSocial Casino, Facebook Canvas, Android och iOS
Mats SimonsMats SimonsMobile slot machine
Jenny HolmlundJenny HolmlundCheckout systemsSketch showing Bedege's hybrid between a mobile and stationary checkout system.
Jenny HolmlundJenny HolmlundInterior drawing storeInterior sketch to show Bedege's mobile checkout system in a customer situation.
Charlotte RodenstedtCharlotte RodenstedtSMKStop Motion animation for car retailer SMK
Karin ErikssonKarin ErikssonUggla Eget projekt 2015Blyerts
Annika Lundholm MobergAnnika Lundholm MobergPersonal work, "The Fly".Animation done in Procreate 5. 22 frames, 6 frames per second.
Jonas DarnellJonas DarnellKalender-appArbetsskiss för kalender-app (med en mängd design- och funktionsförslag blandade i en och samma vy)
Agneta ÅkerlundAgneta ÅkerlundMobile Comic Illustration; 2014Comic for mobile game
Emily RyanEmily RyanNatural history museum, icons for digital signs, 2015Icons for iPads on the subject of the evolution of life. For the Swedish Natural History museum's exhibition Fossils and evolution, 2015.
Peter PåhlmanPeter PåhlmanNokia, game, 2014Game promoting Nokia, built as a hybrid app for Facebook as well as mobile phones and tablets.
Linn SchrabLinn SchrabIllustrations for appIllustrations for an 7 minutes workout app.
Anna L AndrénAnna L AndrénWeb design +
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonOLMORDFRONTS LITTERÄRA MAGASIN NO 13 / NO 15
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénGame koncept, Happsan ABConcept process of apperance for mobile game. The same game different themes
Björn ThomassonBjörn ThomassonFolder illustration. WatercolorIllustrationfor product folder about a mobile crowd control system for airports, arenas etc. Watercolor. For Ericsson Microwave
Anna SköldAnna SköldMobile cases in Lumumma styleMobile cases & skins in Lumumma style - for sale on www.redbubble/people/lumumma
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénKoncept art for mobile gameKoncept art for mobile game. Spacefighter with ww2 attributes
Carina PascottiCarina PascottiPeace & Love Festival 2015Illustrations for grafic material to the Peace & Love Festival 2015. Posters, bracelets, giftcards, billboards, bus ads, big screens, tickets. 
Jeanette EngqvistJeanette EngqvistDigital health applicationsIllustrations for an article about electronical health applications and -devices for the magazine Vårdfokus.
Jonas DarnellJonas DarnellStartskärm "Flapping Herman" iOS spelStartskärm "Flapping Herman" iOS spel
Christina AnderssonChristina AnderssonAuris Time for a selfieTest of mobile phones
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarZogaj Memo Gym - appIllustration and user interface for Memory training app. Zogaj Memo Gym, iTunes /Appstore:
Helena BergendahlHelena BergendahlIllustration on an article about apps and digital invoices for Gothenburg city authorities
Christina AlvnerChristina AlvnerRåd & RönRåd & Rön
Ebba Strid UdikasEbba Strid UdikasGirl sends text
Janette BornmarkerJanette BornmarkerArticle on new media, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling (Swedish Property)
Jessica LaurénJessica LaurénCover "Absolutely Random" by Jessica Laurén
Jessica LaurénJessica LaurénPitch for film about teenagers and drugs
Emma VirkeEmma VirkeArbetet, editorial illustrationIllustration for an article on snow and it's effect on different jobs. Tidningen Arbetet 2011.
Anna ÅgrahnAnna ÅgrahnSwedish news agency TT Spektra
Johan Cedmar-BrandstedtJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtShaven beaverUnfortunate beaver. Private project.
Karin GandiniKarin Gandini
Mattias PeterbergMattias PeterbergIllustration for children´s book, Oliver in ParisIllustration for the children's book Oliver in Paris.
Björn ÖbergBjörn ÖbergThe inside of mobile experiencesIdentity illustration for app development company Dewire. Visualization of their corporate tagline: "the inside of mobile experiences"
Ayat AsadAyat AsadSJ NyttIllustration about work environment for SJ (Swedish rails).
Cecilia HedlundCecilia Hedlund"Sociala medier", Röda Korset 2013.Illustration for the Swedish Red Cross magazine Henry on the subject of social media and charities. Henry 1/2013.
Ingrid FlygareIngrid FlygareRadioapan app, Sveriges RadioSpelgrafik och konceptutveckling för Sveriges Radio - Radioapans app. (Radioapan, Tassa och Emmot är designade av Patrik Lindvall.) App-producent: Doberman.
Ulrika WeinzUlrika WeinzDaydream
Ida BrogrenIda BrogrenCustomersillustration of characters for customer segmentation for the company Brandjobs
Mårten LundinMårten LundinToki Time game graphicsConcept, graphics, animations and marketing materials for the game Toki Time.
Mårten LundinMårten LundinJack Hammer, 30's retro graphics for a gameRetro 30's comic book inspired graphics for a game. Concept and illustration.
Mårten LundinMårten LundinSunny Scoops, ice cream gameConcept, game graphics, texturing and marketing materials for an ice cream game in 50's style.
Mårten LundinMårten LundinValentines day stickersStickers for iPhone in Valentines day theme. Design, illustration and animation.
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénGame konceptLoadscreen used in iphone/ipad game. Vector and pixel graphic
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénIllustrations for mobile kids-gamePapagoja Creative made all visual content for the app-game Troublings. 
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénImages for educational mobile game, Happsan ABMathTub was a educational mobile game, with math i focus.
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénConcept art for mobile game, Games WorkshopAn on going mobile game project.
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénFlip It, Happsan ABShow case for educational mobile game
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénKoncept art for mobile game, Hihopia ABkoncept art for mobile childrens game. Vectorgraphic
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénNeon, Happsan ABConcept image for retro mobile game. 
Henrik LysénHenrik LysénKoncept art for mobile gamePlayer design koncept art. Mobile game. Space theme
Kerstin HolmstedtKerstin HolmstedtHjälpmedelinstitutet, HIIllustration to cover, Functional evaluation of mobile patient lifts, Hjälpmedelinsttutet, HI
Emily RyanEmily RyanBee Puzzled, game graphics 2013Graphics and character design for the iPhone game Bee Puzzled, for Reverse Interactive.
Kamilla AnderssonKamilla Andersson
Jenny HargneJenny HargnePregnancy app, NovaIllustrations for pregnancyapp for Iphone and Android.