Lotta Grönkvist AlbinssonLotta Grönkvist AlbinssonThe Swedish Museum of Natural history: LABBET- THE LAB LABBET- THE LAB is the name of a new koncept that The Swedish Museum of Natural history has created lately. This is a new arena for public and scientists to meet and interact. I made the designmanual and all the graphics for this place.
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioKlarna Bank | Reminder Fee IllustrationsIllustrations for KlarnaThe Never Forget Test - an in-app game for customers to win back reminder fees.
Jessica PopeJessica PopePersonal work, animationAnimation (2021)
Li Rosén ZobecLi Rosén ZobecNaturvårdsverketIcons
Linda PabstLinda PabstPackaging Design LanthandelnIllustration and Packaging for Lanthandel, Göteborg
Erica JacobsonErica JacobsonThe Church of NorwayBapstism branding illustrations to make the ceremony more inclusive.
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomCHRISTMAS, Album art, 2020Album art for a country band, with inspiration from knitted christmas sweaters. Illustration and graphic design/layout, 2020. 
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarACCONEER sample (2016)Sample from commercial for ACCONEER radar modules. Client Rak Vision / Nils Reimers. Script, speaker, japanese translations were delivered. I did storyboard, characters, animation, music, extra sound.
Maja ModénMaja ModénCooper test labillustration icon for COOP sweden
Kerstin ArfwedsonKerstin ArfwedsonFab Beauty Bar, digital pictogramsDigital pictograms for Fab Beauty Bars offer, visible on the website and on stationery/pricemenu in front of the boutique
Isabel Castro HolmIsabel Castro HolmSymbols for BELLINGSSymbols for a german company "BELLINGS" The company sells outdoor gear
Henrik ReintzHenrik ReintzNordic map illustrationNordic Work Mobility and Labor Market publication for Swedish Association of Professional Scientists map illustration in vector graphics.
Fredrik BrännströmFredrik BrännströmIcon designVarious different icon designs from the companies below: 1. Hemfrid 2. Lundgrens snus 3. Fixa 4. Roosfjällen fastigheter 5. Tya
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenStadium Sustainability SymbolsStadium asked me to design a bunch of symbols for their Sustainability report and vision. The task was to take inspiration by their existing symbols but to add minimalistic design and designing them according to Stadiums Graphical Profile. All the Symbols are focusing on different areas to communicate their vision for a better climate.  Client: Stadium  
Lidia BlomgrenLidia BlomgrenPlant Morphology: Flowers and fruits-
Lidia BlomgrenLidia BlomgrenChristmas pictograms-
Edin TucalijaEdin TucalijaIdeA StoreIllustration IdeA Store, City of Helsingborg.
Agnes StenqvistAgnes StenqvistLogotype and visuell identity.Logotype and graphic profile for Intensivsvenska, project within the Swedish Academy. In cooperation with Adam Herlitz Form.
Maria CederMaria CederAdvent Calendar on Instagram, vector illustrations smart phoneIn December a few years ago, I published 24 pictures a day on Instagram. The goal was to bring awareness to alternative Christmas gifts in the form of donations. Donatins to the Red Cross, Plan International Sweden and UNHCR, among others.
Hedvig WallinHedvig WallinPictogram for a schoolMade some icons/symbols for an education company called "AcadeMedia", 2019. Here are a few of them!
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSustainable TourismIllustrations and animation for a campaign on sustainable tourism for high shool students by NGO Schyst Resande. 
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarCognition and networks - medical illustrationIllustration for doctoral thesis:  "Precision in neuropsychology. Four challenges when using simplified assumptions": https://gupea.ub.gu.se/handle/2077/59540.   Graph theory illustrates how a networks vulnerability changes depending on age and insult.
Tian GanTian GanBrand Identity Design, 2019. Eat East.Brand identity and business card design for a Chinese restaurant. 
Tian GanTian GanStockholm Typography, 2019. Personal work. Typography design, personal project.
Tian GanTian GanStockholm Icon Set, 2019. Personal work. A series of minimalist icons depicting some iconic buildings and objects in Stockholm.
Maja ModénMaja ModénInfographics for SLLStockholms city council, infographics for the new subway lines
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenFast Food PictogramsMenu Pictograms for fast food and restaurant. The idea is to visualize each object with one stroke and keep it simple as possible yet informative. 
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoEditorial illustration, children's book, 2018“Red-crested crane"
Jiawen MaoJiawen MaoEditorial illustration, children's book, 2018"Ocean"
Jessica EkströmJessica EkströmPictogramPictogram, recycling
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonArticle, Göteborgs-PostenFuture treatments of depression
Anna Lena Mayor EkebladAnna Lena Mayor EkebladBed and Breakfast, vegetables, 2019The illustrations are made for a hotell that put focus on a vegan menue. The illustratons are made with ink and watercolor. 
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioCopyright, KLYSIllustration and animation of "Copyright" for KLYS - Artistic and Literary Professionals' Cooperation Committee.
Kate EnglandKate EnglandIcons for coffee, tea, cake, and sandwichIcons for different kinds of coffee, tea, cake and sandwhich. 
Lotte KölareLotte KölarePictogram i tid och rumLäromedel. SPSM.
Linda PabstLinda PabstMap for Swedish Yellow Books.Illustration for swedish "Trädgårdsresan", swedish equivalent to Yellow Books in England. 
Fideli SundqvistFideli SundqvistInterrailInterrail
Fideli SundqvistFideli SundqvistInterrailInterrail
Fideli SundqvistFideli SundqvistInterrailInterrail
Åsa KaxÅsa KaxField – repeat patternThis repeat pattern is made from two icons that symbolizes clover and rye.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenWordBrainA bunch of WordBrain characters done to the mobile game WordBrain, each figure represents a new game level, made in vector graphic to the mobile company MAG Interactive. All Copyright and ownership of content, MAG Interactive.
Stina WiikStina WiikSymbolsSymbols for print and webb. Majemaförlaget AB 2018.
Maja ModénMaja ModénGraphic companies, illustrations and coverGuide book for TET
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonSOCIONOMENCOVER AND ILLUSTRATIONS FOR ARTICLE.
Ulrika NilssonUlrika NilssonInfo graphicsIllustrations for moving info graphics, Mindpool.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenMinimalistic PortraitsPortraits of some well-knowed people in a minimalistic style. 
Kari ModénKari ModénSLLStockholm County Council
Helena ÖhmanHelena ÖhmanSymbol Logotype - Helena ÖhmanSymbol Logotype. Client: DMDM www.dontmissdontmatter.com
Helena ÖhmanHelena ÖhmanWatering System - Helena ÖhmanIllustrations för manual and packaging, Watering System. Customer: Rusta
Maja ModénMaja Modénseries of infographics illustration for websiteinfographics illustration, The post code foundation
Karin UlinKarin UlinHelsinkiIllustrations and surface pattern of buildings in Helsinki printed onto various products. Sold at Stockmann. Client: Citronelles Agenturer / Stockmann
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSKB, CommunityCooperative property developer SKB has 72 neighboorhods in Stockholm and each of them got their very own "logotype" to use in local signage, printed matter and notices.
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioDramatikerinnen, Teater TillsammansGraphic design and illustration for the theater play "Dramatikerinnen" by Teater Tillsammans.
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSKB, facilities iconsWe created a new digital product that works as a platform for increased community activity and social cohesion among the residents of SKB by providing key user-centered functions that are accessible directly online such as event listings, notice boards and booking of communal spaces. For this we developed a bespoke icon set.
David HensonDavid HensonFlickan Restaurant, Emoji Menu (2017)Emojis for Flickan Resturant's menu https://www.restaurangflickan.se/#
Johan RöstwallJohan RöstwallMusic RocksMusic Rocks - sällskapsspel
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSKB, IconsWe where commissioned by SKB to supply a custom made collection of icons to go on their new and improved website, where members can opt for a range of features and services for their homes. The iconographic style we developed has since also been integrated in to the company identity design and is currently being applied to all sorts of brand carriers such as signage and information plates across their many developments.
Karin UlinKarin UlinWellspectA series of illustrations for an informational film about how to use pharmaceutical products. Client: Wellspect Health
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonCutting ChartMeat school - cutting chart
Maja ModénMaja Modéninfographics, icons and maps Stockholm city council 'the new subway'
Emily RyanEmily RyanNatural history museum, icons for digital signs, 2015Icons for iPads on the subject of the evolution of life. For the Swedish Natural History museum's exhibition Fossils and evolution, 2015.
Anders OttossonAnders OttossonPictogram and buttonsIllustrations for Ottosson Media.
Christoffer PetterssonChristoffer PetterssonLJUSKULTUR / PANOPTICONLJUSKULTUR / PANOPTICON
Anders OttossonAnders OttossonLeadership and organisationIllustrations and graphic design of book cover and book, "Ledarskap och organisation", Gleerups förlag. 
Stina WiikStina WiikHousing Foundation Signalisten - mapillustration, area map
Lisa WickmarkLisa WickmarkPictogramPictograms © Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Lisa WickmarkLisa WickmarkElephant BoyBook
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarThe Memory Clinic (hospital use)Examinations at a hospital (memory clinic). Enables visual communication at a hospital, aimed at e.g. situations of problems with language and memory.
Ulf JohanssonUlf JohanssonRed Cross  Transformation of symbols into moving media - Illustrator.
Karin UlinKarin UlinLinnégatanMap over Linnégatan's pubs and shops. Client: Göteborgs Lokaler / Linnéstadens Företagarförening
Arina StoenescuArina Stoenescu
Claes StridsbergClaes Stridsberg
Anders HolmbergAnders HolmbergPICTOGRAM Uppdragsgivare SAKAB ABPICTOGRAM Uppdragsgivare SAKAB AB
Hans ThoursieHans ThoursieBertil Svenssons Stiftelse för belysningsteknikMärke för Bertil Svenssons Stiftelse för belysningsteknik
Lottie PetterssonLottie Pettersson
Lottie PetterssonLottie Pettersson
Jessica EkströmJessica EkströmPictogramPictogram till informationsmaterial om brukarkompetens.
Gabriella AxelssonGabriella AxelssonLogo, Project Sörmländska Gifts. "Graphosoma lineatum"The template, logo and graphic element for graphic profile for Sörmländska Gifts.
Helena ÖhmanHelena ÖhmanPictogramPictogram
Gabriella AgnérGabriella AgnérIcon for Adra Match e-book
Lidia BlomgrenLidia BlomgrenBasil, sage, dillHerbs.
Karin UlinKarin UlinÖrebroIllustrations and surface pattern of buildings in Örebro printed on products. Sold at Örebro Slott. Kund: Citronelles Agenturer / Örebro Kompaniet 
Karin UlinKarin UlinBest wishesOwn project