Steffi AluochSteffi AluochKonstnärernas Riksförbund, article. Illustration for the article "Black Lives Matter and the Swedish art institutions silence" 
Julia FabriciusJulia FabriciusGunillaThe portrait of Gunilla tries to catch an instant expression and the essence of a personality. Watercolors on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm. 2019. 
Julia FabriciusJulia FabriciusDemons of SpringA book containing a collection of texts that are a respresentation of how the author's identity has changed during a couple of years living in Berlin. The visual concept was translated into a variation of typography and layouts, depending on what part of the identity that they respresent. Digital print, hand bound, and embossed. 12,5 x 18,5 cm, 125 pages, 2021.
Anna Pers BräckeAnna Pers Bräcke-          
Marie ÅhfeldtMarie ÅhfeldtThe dogs of LaurenPortrait of 7 Cavalier King Charles spaniels.
matilda peterssonmatilda peterssonIllustration for JM Bygg, Magazine about the area Älvsjöstaden. Agency Nyla Design. Illustration in ink and aquarelle. 
Marie-Caroline PerisMarie-Caroline PerisCommissioned illustration, "Emma Hasselblad"Portrait of the textile artist and knitter Emma Hasselblad.
Marie-Caroline PerisMarie-Caroline PerisLekkontoret, "Gallery portraits"I have made for a series of portraits for each member of Lekkontoret, a design studio based in Göteborg, that work on architecture and design issues with and for children. 
Elin SvenssonElin SvenssonVide & VännerPortrait of hairdressers at the hairdressing salon Vide & Vänner in Kalmar. Technique, liquid ink.
Natasha SödergrenNatasha SödergrenEget projekt, Material balance of filtrationAcrylic on canvas 50x60cm
Bim HjortronsteenBim HjortronsteenSundayMorning dreamer
Viktoria RomanovaViktoria RomanovaNina Simone Illustration for Odd Molly​Illustration for 8th of March. International Womens Day Campaign. Hand Drawing Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
Viktoria RomanovaViktoria RomanovaFrida Kahlo Illustration for Odd Molly​Illustration for 8th of March. International Womens Day Campaign. Hand Drawing Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
Viktoria RomanovaViktoria RomanovaIllustration for Odd Molly​Hand Drawing Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
Julia KabellJulia KabellAll eyes on UsEggtemperapainting of a great source of inspiration. 
Maria HellqvistMaria HellqvistPersonal Work: Portrait of Sven NordqvistPortrait of the Swedish childrens' books author and illustrator Sven Nordqvist. Made in watercolors and ink.
Maria HellqvistMaria HellqvistPersonal Work: Portrait of Hans ArnoldPortrait of the Swedish illustrator and artist Hans Arnold. Made in watercolors and ink.
Maria HellqvistMaria HellqvistPersonal Work: Portrait of Tove JanssonPortrait of the finnish writer and artist Tove Jansson. Made in watercolors and ink.
Kornelia EngqvistKornelia EngqvistGeorge FloydPersonal work
Kornelia EngqvistKornelia EngqvistDaydreamerPersonal work
Kornelia EngqvistKornelia EngqvistThe hunterPersonal work
JENNY OHLSJÖJENNY OHLSJÖIllustrationPersonal work. Illustration for a local art exhibition.
Stina NordStina NordPersonal work: Me as an illustratorTema: conceptual illustration with theme 'me as an illustrator'. i'm catching clouds/ideas and comission work. And welcoming to my artistic inner world "Digital mixed texhnique". Drawing, photography, vector, procreate, adobe illustrator, ipad pro, apple pencil.
Lorenza WalkerLorenza WalkerRoguePersonal work
Lorenza WalkerLorenza WalkerMajestyPersonal work
Anna NilssonAnna NilssonHasse&Tage posterWatercolor of Swedish comedians Hasse Alfredson and Tage Danielsson.
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenKissKiss
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenThinkThink
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenManWoManSheman
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenOh Deer!Oh Deer!
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenMe and my demonsMe and my demons
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenBANG!BANG!
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenOh Holly!Oh Holly!
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenGrrrGrrr
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenSkullSkull
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenLookLook
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenDragonDragon
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenQueenQueen
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenViolinistViolinist
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenTrumpTrump
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenDreamDream
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenGamerPortrait
Björg Helene EggenBjörg Helene EggenGood RastaPages from my diary
anna nilssonanna nilssonIllustration, client MetromodeIllustration for a serie of articels about all challengings you meet as a newborn mother. 
Linda PabstLinda PabstGRL PWRWomens portrait for an private exhibition at Gothia Towers. Girl Power.
Viktoria RomanovaViktoria RomanovaOdd Molly, Amelie Earhart Illustration.Odd Molly, Amelie Earhart Illustration for 8:th of March, International Women Day. 
Malin ErixonMalin ErixonThe Spyglass. (Work in progress).Still from the short film The Spyglass. Work in progress.
Emily RyanEmily RyanSweden's Young Academy, "Research dreams - tales for inquisitive children"Portraits of fresearchers Danica Kragic Jensfelt and Mina Liinason as children.
Åsa Wärn BjörlingÅsa Wärn BjörlingWinterPortrait in a winter landscape, digital painting, Photoshop.
Kai HänströmKai HänströmFreelance, "Iyo'haar Portrait"Digital portrait of fantasy character for a client.
Susanne EngmanSusanne EngmanRise and shineCalendar illustration, January
Helena SellgrenHelena SellgrenOwn project, The assistent and I.Illustrate what it can be like to work from home.
Stefan LindbladStefan LindbladPortrait illustration MagazineIllustration portrait of two men interviewed in Fokus magsin. One a football player and one a fotball manager.
Stefan LindbladStefan LindbladIllustration to magasine - where the crawdads singIllustration to magasine, about the book: Where the crawdads sing. For the culture section in the swedish weekly magazine Fokus.
Stefan LindbladStefan LindbladAnnika in Pippi LongstockingAnnika in Pippi Longstocking, magazine Fokus. During the 75yh anniversary of Pippi Longstocking, in Swedish news media, magazine culture sections many talked highlighted Annika in the story. IN my illustration, for the swedish weekly magazine, I placed Pippi LOngstocking in the background as an astronaut. It was also my homage to the American-Swedish Astronaut Jessica Meir.
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannPortrait Frida KahloPortrait of Frida Kahlo. Wall of Femme is a series of portraits of brave and inspiring women who challenged conventions, dared to be different and paved the way for others.
Kim KarlssonKim KarlssonSelf portrait posterA poster with the theme "self". A self portrait with my name. A part of the illustration class from my exchange to Tama Art University in Tokyo spring 2019
Felicia IversenFelicia IversenCover for picture-bookCover-illustration for my own picture-book project. 2020
Felicia IversenFelicia IversenSingle-cover, "Leave me"Single-cover for the song "Leave me" from the album "Roots" by Beat Funktion. 2019
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannPortrait -Malala YousafzaiPortrait of Malala Yousafzai. Wall of Femme is a series of portraits of brave and inspiring women.
Johanna BörjessonJohanna BörjessonMagazine portraitillustrationMagazine portraitillustration for the magazine " Author" 2020
Johanna BörjessonJohanna BörjessonCover pictureCover picture for the magasin " Author"
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinTarana Burke - creator of Me too Editorial illustration of the creator of the Me too movement, later #metoo 2017. Portrait of Tarana Burkes firts thoughts about Me too. 
Christian LindbergChristian LindbergPortrait of a colleagueA portrait of a colleague for an article
Isabelle RönnquistIsabelle RönnquistPortrait, wedding Wedding portrait, digital.
Jenny JanssonJenny JanssonThe Astrid Lindgren Code, "Astrid Lindgren"This was one prototype for an illustration project for The Astrid Lindgren Code. However, we chose to change the style of the illustration to something different.
Natasha SödergrenNatasha SödergrenPersonal work. "Thoughts of the present moment"Self portrait inspired by art nouveau .
Gun JacobsonGun JacobsonBig brothersBig brothers. collage. applehead
Anders ParsmoAnders ParsmoMirre (2020)Charicature with a lot of personal details.
Gun JacobsonGun JacobsonWaitingCollage. On the platform. Mars 2020.
Stina BrantingStina BrantingThe house for girls in SödertäljeA paintbook project for the girls in there own house in Södertälje.
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyPortrait of Karin larsson from the book Svenska HjältinnorPortrait of Karin larsson from the book Svenska Hjältinnor
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyStina WollterPortrait of Stina Wollter
Anna IlebyAnna IlebySelfportraitSelfportrait
Anna IlebyAnna IlebySara DaniusPortrait of Sara Danius
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyCampingPainting about camping
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyThe blue leopardPainting
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyQuarantinePainting from quarantine
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyHope, own projectOilpainting
Kai HänströmKai HänströmPersonal Work, "Man With Parakeet"Digital character illustration.
Kai HänströmKai HänströmFreelance, "Iyo'haar"Digital illustration of fantasy character for a client.
Kai HänströmKai HänströmPersonal Work, "One For Sorrow"Digital illustration based on original character and inspired by tarot cards.
Kai HänströmKai HänströmPersonal Work, "Angel Without Feathers"Digital illustration and character design of my original character Kyreli.
Stina NordStina NordYlva, my niece. Personal work.Personal project. Portrait. Digitalt illustration made in Procreate with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Mia FernauMia FernauSocionomen 2020Ensamhet i tider av karantän. Redaktionell illustration för Socionomen 2020.
Stina NordStina NordPersonal work. Wild strawberries. Children's portraits. Wild strawberries. Illustration made in Procreate on iPad with apple pen.
Christofer DegrérChristofer DegrérUntitled, 2018Illustration, digitally processed ink drawing, 2018
Christofer DegrérChristofer DegrérUntitled, 2020Digital drawing
Sasha KolesnikSasha KolesnikRosalie Abella portrait / Rebel GirlsA portrait I made for the book “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World”
Sebastian DahlSebastian DahlPersonal Project; My Brother, Digital PaintingDigital painting; Photshop and Wacom Cintiq
Sasha KolesnikSasha KolesnikPortraitAn illustrated portrait of me and Henrik, the author of "Var är Bennys Ugglor?"
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällPortrait - LavenderPortrait of my DnD character Lavender.
anna nilssonanna nilssonIllustration, character, client: Timi of SwedenTimi of Sweden is a giftbrand and produces various cards / greeting cards, notebooks and etc. I have illustrated "Kikki", the face of Timi of Sweden. She is printed on packaging, appear on fairs and on social media.
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkSmaug, portrait of a dragonConissioned work, based on latest film-adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens "The Hobbit". Ink and watercolour, 2020.
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornLinus, digital character potrait, personal projectDigital portait of Linus, a character I created from a previous characterdesigns and sketches. 2020
Mattias BrobergMattias BrobergCover art - 7" albumMusic album cover for singer and music artist Viktor Brobacke Photo. Per Kristiansen
tina nejderskogtina nejderskogWild westPortrait
tina nejderskogtina nejderskogOn a swingPortrait
Kerstin HansonKerstin HansonBook cover artCover illustration and new design of "The History of Sweden", by popular author Herman Lindqvist.
Mia FernauMia FernauBokförlaget Max StrömPortraitillustration for Max Ström and the book "Svenska Hjältinnor" 2019.