Johanna BörjessonJohanna BörjessonMagazine portraitillustrationMagazine portraitillustration for the magazine " Author" 2020
Johanna BörjessonJohanna BörjessonCover pictureCover picture for the magasin " Author"
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinTarana Burke - creator of Me too Editorial illustration of the creator of the Me too movement, later #metoo 2017. Portrait of Tarana Burkes firts thoughts about Me too. 
Christian LindbergChristian LindbergPortrait of a colleagueA portrait of a colleague for an article
Isabelle RönnquistIsabelle RönnquistPortrait, wedding Wedding portrait, digital.
Jenny JanssonJenny JanssonThe Astrid Lindgren Code, "Astrid Lindgren"This was one prototype for an illustration project for The Astrid Lindgren Code. However, we chose to change the style of the illustration to something different.
Natasha SödergrenNatasha SödergrenPersonal work. "Thoughts of the present moment"Self portrait inspired by art nouveau .
Gun JacobsonGun JacobsonBig brothersBig brothers. collage. applehead
Anders ParsmoAnders ParsmoMirre (2020)Charicature with a lot of personal details.
Gun JacobsonGun JacobsonWaitingCollage. On the platform. Mars 2020.
Stina BrantingStina BrantingThe house for girls in SödertäljeA paintbook project for the girls in there own house in Södertälje.
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyPortrait of Karin larsson from the book Svenska HjältinnorPortrait of Karin larsson from the book Svenska Hjältinnor
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyStina WollterPortrait of Stina Wollter
Anna IlebyAnna IlebySelfportraitSelfportrait
Anna IlebyAnna IlebySara DaniusPortrait of Sara Danius
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyCampingPainting about camping
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyThe blue leopardPainting
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyQuarantinePainting from quarantine
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyHope, own projectOilpainting
Kai HänströmKai HänströmPersonal Work, "Man With Parakeet"Digital character illustration.
Kai HänströmKai HänströmFreelance, "Iyo'haar"Digital illustration of fantasy character for a client.
Kai HänströmKai HänströmPersonal Work, "One For Sorrow"Digital illustration based on original character and inspired by tarot cards.
Kai HänströmKai HänströmPersonal Work, "Angel Without Feathers"Digital illustration and character design of my original character Kyreli.
Stina NordStina NordYlva, my niece. Personal work.Personal project. Portrait. Digitalt illustration made in Procreate with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Mia FernauMia FernauSocionomen 2020Ensamhet i tider av karantän. Redaktionell illustration för Socionomen 2020.
Stina NordStina NordPersonal work. Wild strawberries. Children's portraits. Wild strawberries. Illustration made in Procreate on iPad with apple pen.
Christofer DegrérChristofer DegrérUntitled, 2018Illustration, digitally processed ink drawing, 2018
Christofer DegrérChristofer DegrérUntitled, 2020Digital drawing
Sasha KolesnikSasha KolesnikRosalie Abella portrait / Rebel GirlsA portrait I made for the book “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World”
Sebastian DahlSebastian DahlPersonal Project; My Brother, Digital PaintingDigital painting; Photshop and Wacom Cintiq
Sasha KolesnikSasha KolesnikPortraitAn illustrated portrait of me and Henrik, the author of "Var är Bennys Ugglor?"
Madeleine FjällMadeleine FjällPortrait - LavenderPortrait of my DnD character Lavender.
anna nilssonanna nilssonIllustration, character, client: Timi of SwedenTimi of Sweden is a giftbrand and produces various cards / greeting cards, notebooks and etc. I have illustrated "Kikki", the face of Timi of Sweden. She is printed on packaging, appear on fairs and on social media.
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkSmaug, portrait of a dragonConissioned work, based on latest film-adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens "The Hobbit". Ink and watercolour, 2020.
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Earnest RowEarnest Row
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornLinus, digital character potrait, personal projectDigital portait of Linus, a character I created from a previous characterdesigns and sketches. 2020
Mattias BrobergMattias BrobergCover art - 7" albumMusic album cover for singer and music artist Viktor Brobacke Photo. Per Kristiansen
tina nejderskogtina nejderskogWild westPortrait
tina nejderskogtina nejderskogOn a swingPortrait
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Staying With the CeronStill freeze frame from 2d animation Vanadisbadet, 2020 ink and pencil on paper
Kerstin HansonKerstin HansonBook cover artCover illustration and new design of "The History of Sweden", by popular author Herman Lindqvist.
Mia FernauMia FernauBokförlaget Max StrömPortraitillustration for Max Ström and the book "Svenska Hjältinnor" 2019.
Åsa Wärn BjörlingÅsa Wärn BjörlingDavidPortrait of a child, digital illustration. Photoshop.
Jonas GustafssonJonas GustafssonBaptism pictureA picture for the newly baptised child, a traditional picture with a personal twist.
Natasha SödergrenNatasha SödergrenPersonal work, " Verbal communication"Parrot as a symbol for verbal communication and a link between man and the spiritual world.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkPortraitsFashion portraits with marker and pencil.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkFashion KnightFashion illustrations with red details.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkHaute coutureLive drawing of Chantelle Guan's design. Model: Janet Mayer
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkFilm noirLife drawing with model Anna Catherine.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkFashion collageCollage technique, using paper ink and pencil.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkVougeFashion life drawing with model Ami Benton.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistProtector of the heirConcept / illustration
Sarah GampelSarah GampelDogPersonal Work
Veronica WirebringVeronica WirebringRed birdsPersonal work. Mixed medium, acrylic / digital.
Veronica WirebringVeronica WirebringFireDawnCharacter illustration made for a book.
Sarah GampelSarah GampelAmphi Production AB, character designCharacter design for three animated films. The films are part of an education about the relationshop between user and house supporter.
Johan RöstwallJohan RöstwallPortraitOne of a few portraits of employees to a creative firm.
Stina PerssonStina PerssonHoodie, personal project.Hoodie, personal project.
Lina BlixtLina Blixtmagazine illustration, 2020Illustration for the magazine "Kommunalarbetaren". Theme; Workspace bullying.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkLive event illustrationLive fashion illustrations on location at Lotta Vintage Store in Stockholm. Approx 10 min/portrait.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkPink suit and trenchcoatFashion life drawing with model Ami Benton.
Josephine LawrenceJosephine LawrencePortraits for Svenska Hjältinnor Portraits for Svenska Hjältinnor  - Cecilia Vasa, Estrid Sigfastdottir and Betty Pettersson for Svenska Hjältinnor by förlag Max Ström published 2019.
Svetlana HällstenSvetlana HällstenBed Smokers, Personal WorkTusch Drawing
Helena LindholmHelena LindholmHeaviest of bags -Greta ThunbergCaricature/portrait of Greta Thunberg. Political, social comment. 
Helena LindholmHelena LindholmTrump -Reality check- Trump, caricature, political comment. Illustrated in Procreate. 
Karin Åström BengtssonKarin Åström BengtssonCommission a portraitA portrait of one of my best friends, commision.
Alba LangeAlba LangeCommissioned artwork, portrait of a housePersonal portraits of the same house from two different angles. Two separate illustrations.
Alba LangeAlba LangeIllustration: Skrômt ("Den vita natten")Illustrations for the RPG Skrômt, the scenario "Den vita natten" by Gabrielle de Bourg. Cover, monster and character portraits. 
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenCover illustration for the newspaper Metro swedenx
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenT-shirt print for clothes brand Nakatax
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenExpressionsx
Camilla AtterbyCamilla AtterbyPersonal Work, interpretation of the painting "Me and My Parrots" by Frida Kahlo from 1941This portrait is an interpretation of the painting "Me and My parrot" by Frida Kahlo from 1941. I made it in a series of "Do this in your style" where you would interpret classic works of art with female motifs. The other works of art were Mona Lisa (Leondardo da Vinci), The Girl with Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer), The Birth of Venus (Sandro Botticelli) and Lady Maria Conyngham (Thomas Lawrence).
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornA Dinozard, Personal projectAn illustration of one of the maincharacters in my gameproject during school, "Dinozards". It's a little dinosaur wizard, getting distracted and bewildered. 2020
Anna LolaxAnna LolaxPersonal work, "AOC"Portrait of politician and activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Anna LolaxAnna LolaxCommission, "BFF Ellen"Illustrated blog header for author, culture worker and blogger Ellen Strömberg.
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomCHRISTMAS, Album art, 2020Album art for a country band, with inspiration from knitted christmas sweaters. Illustration and graphic design/layout, 2020. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomYELLOW Fashion illustration, 2020Fashion illustration, created with digital painting, 2020. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomOLD TOWN Fashion illustration, 2020Fashion inspired illustration of one of the beautiful alleys in Old Town, Stockholm, created in liquid ink, watercolor and digital painting, 2020. 
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomSTOCKHOLM Fashion illustration, 2020. Fashion inspired illustration with view of Stockholm, created in liquid ink, watercolor and digital painting, 2020. 
Tova JertfeltTova JertfeltLive illustrationsFor events, afterworks, mingles and birthday parties I do quick portraits of the guests with ink on paper. All under 5 minutes. Selected clients have been Levi’s and Staropramen.
Tova JertfeltTova JertfeltRE:Public, editorial illustrationEditorial illustrations (five in total), and portraits of different environmental activists around the world that are in danger, because of their work. Read it here    
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landbergwacom paiting 
Elin SandströmElin SandströmJekyll and HydeMonster in Therapy
Elin SandströmElin SandströmDorian GrayMonster in Therapy
Elin SandströmElin SandströmEva DahlbeckPortrait of Eva Dahlbeck för Bergmanveckan
Elin SandströmElin SandströmMax von SydowMax von Sydow portrait for Bergmanveckan 2020.
Elin SandströmElin SandströmGirl with no face book illustration Girl with no face book illustration 
Elin SandströmElin SandströmSaint GretaPortrait from my portrait series Sisterhood Saints
Elin SandströmElin SandströmDavid Attenborough portrait for DI WeekendDavid Attenborough portrait for DI Weekend 2020
Lina BlixtLina BlixtVargtimmen (Wolf Hour)Illustration for the swedish horror podcast Vargtimmen
Anette Bengtsson VargasAnette Bengtsson VargasHalloween pumpkinMy fan art of the YouTuber Rachel Maksys Halloween outfit.
Linda SiewertLinda SiewertCharcoal from my own fire, 2019 - personal workWatercolour and charcoal
Anette Bengtsson VargasAnette Bengtsson VargasHegas bookseries, "SPLEJ", group pictureGroup picture of the characters from the bookseries "Splej", written by Torsten Bengtsson and published by Hegas förlag.
Camilla AtterbyCamilla AtterbyPersonal Work, Joséphine BakerAn illustration of Joséphine Baker (1906-1975), an American-born French entertainer, French Resistance agent, freemason and civil rights activist.
Gabriella RobergGabriella RobergKahloFrom the "icon collection" for Arty Swede.
Gabriella RobergGabriella RobergWoolfFrom the "icon collection" for Arty Swede.
Gabriella RobergGabriella RobergHendrixFrom the "icon collection" for Arty Swede.
Gabriella RobergGabriella RobergWhere art thouPainting.
Gabriella RobergGabriella RobergWish you were herePainting.
Gabriella RobergGabriella RobergBowiePortrait of Bowie.