Emma RigbyEmma RigbyTess's favourite ThingsBook illustration idea inspired by my three legged dog Tess and her favorite things in life!
Emma RigbyEmma RigbyFrank's Fish ShopThings I miss from home ... number one; fish and chips! 
Emma RigbyEmma RigbyMarlon'MARLON' - Poster for a short movie 'Marlon'.
Emma RigbyEmma RigbyWhat's for Dinner?'What's for dinner?' - Commission for client's Kitchen.
Tara SundströmTara SundströmOwn project- girl in moonlightOwn project that I really enjoyed making. The illustration is of a girl in the moonlight with alabaster skin and the light is reflected in the hair
Alexandra KarsbergAlexandra KarsbergBad romance: lyrics posterEducational project within experimental typography: choose a song and design a typographic poster based on the lyrics. 
Maria KaskMaria KaskThe Gothenburg OperaAdaptation of poster made 2012 for the gothenburg opera
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekIntropicture to Graphic recordingSvenska institutet
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenAmusement Park PostersPoster designs made to Gröna Lund, the amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden. It's a part of the decoration of an underneath tube station for the new attraction, Monster.  During the task, I worked closely with the Art Director and Creative Director to sketch and design according to their vision.  Inspired by retro art style with a touch of humor and some of Stockholm's well-known buildings.
Rickard GrönkvistRickard GrönkvistPoster for Liseberg Amusement ParkPoster illustration for the 2021 opening of Liseberg Amusement Park.   
Emma RigbyEmma RigbyWinning Illustration for Vår Pizza Aspudden Illustration Competition, 2021.Winning Illustration for Our Pizza Aspudden Illustration Competition, 2021. Pizza Box design inspired by togetherness and community spirit despite the difficulties we have all faced during the past year. Positive Pizza!
Emma RigbyEmma RigbyTwo Dogs Having A Good Time - Winning Illustration for O'Brien's Bottle Shop Competition, 2021.Winning Illustration for O'Brien's Bottle Shop Competition, 2021. Theme; Peace, Love & Beer. Winning Illustration to be displayed in the O'Brien's Bottle shop & bar,  and available to purchase as a screen print in O'Brien's bottle shop.
Ellen LagersonEllen LagersonbananasPersonal Work, riso printed
Ellen LagersonEllen LagersonCatsPersonal Work
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoWild strawberry garlandPersonal project. Illustration for midsummer 2021
Karin Iréne AnderssonKarin Iréne AnderssonViva Vagina, 2015This pattern was first made as an illustration for an essay about why we need to talk more about the female genitals. After lots of appreciation and requests online, I made it into a poster that has been sold worldwide 
Karin GillbergKarin GillbergPersonal work "Ice cream"Ice cream  Share a ice cream with a friend.
Karin GillbergKarin GillbergProject Cake flowerCake flower  To produce a combination of cake and flower, one every week.
Catharina NygårdCatharina NygårdÅland post, exhibition cards and stampsExhibitioncards made for Åland Post on the theme of olympic sports.
Ellen LagersonEllen LagersonCatsPersonal Work
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekPosters for democracy Bygdegårdarnas RiksförbundPosters for democracy Bygdegårdarnas Riksförbund, one out of 4 posters. 
Mia Maria GüettlerMia Maria GüettlerCover for Spotify made for Ensemble YriaCover for Spotify made for Ensemble Yria 2021
Mia Maria GüettlerMia Maria GüettlerÖrebro townhall advent calendar, detailDetail from my illustration for Örebro townhall advent calendar 2014. 
Ellen LagersonEllen LagersonCatsPersonal work
Linn SchrabLinn SchrabEves in ParadisePersonal work on theme Paradise Lost. Plenty of Eves chilling in the garden.
Isabelle RönnquistIsabelle RönnquistGarden map, posterPoster size garden map, for Det Nya Landets Skafferi. Digital illustration.
Gabriella RobergGabriella RobergABC leopardAn ABC poster with leopards.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkMellan hägg och syrenA Swedish expression for beginning of summer. Written by hand in ink.
Karin KjällKarin KjällPersonal product, poster 1-10A poster with animals in numbers from 1-10.
Karin KjällKarin KjällPersonal product, ABC posterA poster with an animal for each letter in the Swedish alphabet.
Elin MolanderElin MolanderBig townPersonal work, Poster made in a limited edition. Printed on a Risograf.
Alba LangeAlba LangeThe Cabinet of Dr. CaligariReinterpretation of a silent movie classic as a poster for NonStop Entertainment's series of posters, "Timelessfest" 2021.
Alba LangeAlba LangeDu gamla, Du FriaPoster design (and illustration) for the short Du gamla, Du fria by Dawid Ullgren. Produced by Alina Rydbeck, Crisp Film, 2021.
Hanna BöhmHanna BöhmElsa & Sam, posterPoster for the diversity-focused Swedish webshop ELSA OCH SAM.
Hanna BöhmHanna BöhmMake Equal, posterPoster for foundation Make Equal's online event Allieringsstaffeten, as part of their project Allierad.
Linda ForsbergLinda ForsbergIn the woodIllustration in aquarelle.
Linda ForsbergLinda ForsbergBlossomThe pattern "Blossom" has been produced on a range of different products and in a variation of colours. Examples of uses are wallpaper, fabric, posters, cushions, mugs and trays.
Astrid Linnéa AnderssonAstrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal projekt "the Forest" Personal project of a poster with swedish forest animals and birds
Hanna Fideli FritzellHanna Fideli FritzellKaliban, PosterPoster. Digital Illustration
Hanna Fideli FritzellHanna Fideli FritzellPoster for the annual Christmas Market at KonstfackPoster for the annual Christmas Market at Konstfack. Ink and digital illustration
Hanna Fideli FritzellHanna Fideli FritzellIllustration and design for CalendarIllustrations and design for calendar Ink, crayons and digital illustration
Hannele FernströmHannele FernströmFlowershop, personal workVases and pots with flowers.
Jennifer BerglundJennifer BerglundKunskapsskolan, speech with an argumentationExplaining poster about having a presentation. Age group 10-11.
Anna Pers BräckeAnna Pers Bräcke-                         
Anna Pers BräckeAnna Pers Bräcke-          
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla AnderssonPortraiteditorial illustration
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla Anderssonthe walkeditorial illustration
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla AnderssonThe Philosopherpersonal project  
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla AnderssonThe Painterdigital painting
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla AnderssonTulips watercolor art print
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla AnderssonPale flowersprint att pattern design
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla AnderssonLittle girl & the weave Fusion  of digtal painting  and wallpaper design. 
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla AnderssonSeaweedWatercolor painting.
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla Anderssonthe Donkey and the cloud, picture book personal projectillustration picture book
Pernilla AnderssonPernilla Anderssonautumn bouquetArt print
Anders Borgenhag HolmqvistAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistCharacterPersonal project. mixed media
Anders Borgenhag HolmqvistAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistKikusArtistic illustration, mixed media
Anders Borgenhag HolmqvistAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistJacketDigital illustration
Anders Borgenhag HolmqvistAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistMark IVIllustration of a Mark IV tank from World War one
Anders Borgenhag HolmqvistAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistNygatanInk on paper
Anders Borgenhag HolmqvistAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistAliforsgatanInk on paper
Anders Borgenhag HolmqvistAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistStorgatanInk illustration
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina Landbergdots 2015
Gunnel GinsburgGunnel GinsburgMoGA/Museum of Graphic Art, poster 2021"Kedjor" (Chains) poster with patterndesign for MoGA/Museum of Graphic Art. Printed in different sizes.
Gunnel GinsburgGunnel GinsburgMoGA/Museum of Graphic Art, poster 2021"Palats" (Palace) poster with patterndesign for MoGA/Museum of Graphic Art. Printed in different sizes.
Gunnel GinsburgGunnel GinsburgMoGA/Museum of Graphic Art, poster"Rondell" ("Roundabout"), poster with patterndesign for MoGA/Museum of Graphic Art. Printed i different sizes.
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannArt wall calendar, JuniqeFollow the Rainbow. 2021 art wall calendar for Juniqe, Germany. 
Rebecka Porse SchalinRebecka Porse SchalinCover illustrationCover illustration.
Anna LolaxAnna LolaxPersonal work, "Yoga Girls"Digital illustration.
Kari ModénKari ModénStop Smoking LineIllustration Help center. Stop smoking Line.
Stefanie JegeringsStefanie JegeringsExploringPersonal work
Stefanie JegeringsStefanie JegeringsBlack crested mangabeyPersonal work
Eva Helena LarssonEva Helena LarssonReading ABCReading ABC
Camilla BlomCamilla BlomPause FestivalVisual identity and artwork for Pause Festival, Spain.
Camilla BlomCamilla BlomPersonal work – posterGiclée print on high quality paper in limited edition.
Camilla BlomCamilla BlomPersonal work – posterGiclée print on high quality paper in limited edition.
Camilla BlomCamilla BlomPersonal work – posterGiclée print on high quality paper in limited edition.
Alba LangeAlba LangeKNEG - sex filmer om arbeteTitle design, plates, animated transitions and keyart for the series and all 6 films in it, Sveriges Television's documentary series KNEG ("WORK"), 2021. Project manager Helena Ingelsten, editors Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh and Ina Holmqvist.
Titti LindstenTitti LindstenAdaPersonal illustration
Elin Hjulström LordElin Hjulström LordPersonal Work, illustrationIllustration adressing the issue of depletion.
Sara EdströmSara EdströmAlphabetic posterPoster for Rättviseförmedlingen and Fredrika Bremer förbundet. 
Margareta RudebeckMargareta RudebeckPersonal WorkA French Tulip , watercolour painting. More to find at http://www.mrudebeck.se/artshop
Stefanie JegeringsStefanie JegeringsIllustration for course in self-sufficient livingIllustration for Ekobruk poster for Hola Folkhögskola. With the drawing, I want to show that self-sufficient living is something you actually do together with others.
Emelie GårdelerEmelie GårdelerPortrait Iris ApfelPortrait of Iris Apfel. Personal work.
Li Rosén ZobecLi Rosén ZobecStockholmshemWaste sorting. Signs.
Lena HoltzbergLena Holtzberg"Tulipa" - posterPrivate project found at Printler.com. Charcoal artwork colourized in Photoshop.
Lena HoltzbergLena Holtzberg"Love Nature" - posterPrivate project found at Printler.com. Charcoal artworks colourized in Photoshop
Lena HoltzbergLena Holtzberg"Royal Roses" - print designPrivate project, available for licensing. Artwork hand-drawn with charcoal. Colour and repeat rendering in Photoshop.
Lena HoltzbergLena Holtzberg"Fish" - print designBed linen design for Franzéns Textil.
Tzenko StoyanovTzenko StoyanovGretaGreta Thunberg - magazine cover
Stina NordStina NordPersonal work, "älska min kropp som ett piano"Illustration based on lyrics by Yolanda Bohm, "Morgonrodnad".  
Gabriella RobergGabriella RobergPersonal project. "MOOSE"A digital painting of a moose.
Gabriella RobergGabriella RobergPersonal projekt. "BEAR"An illustrated portrait of a bear.
Maria CederMaria CederPoster for a fictive furniture exhibition, personal workWhen I was educated at Forsberg's school, I made this poster for a fictional furniture exhibition with designer Florence Knoll.
Emma SelbergEmma SelbergPersonal/may-challenge "Sealmaid"An illustration from the Mermay challenge of 2020. First posted on my twitter @Jontamarin on may 29, 2020. Photoshop
Marie-Louise HedinMarie-Louise HedinD.C.Mutual Aid identityDesign for D.C.Mutual Aid in washington DC, logotype, posters, fliers. This flier was chosen to be part of The Library of Congress permanent exhibit in Washington DC. The logo is used with different color background as seen on facemasks. Illustrator & Photoshop.
Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsOwn Project: "Roseanna"A tribute to Svenolov Ehrén.
Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsOwn project, "apple blossom"Inspired by milk cartons from my childhood, their colour codes and kurbits.
Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsOwn Project, "Athena"Own project, poster art.
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenPostcard illustration designThis is some of the postcards I have illustrated on the theme Coleus.