Lorenza WalkerLorenza WalkerMarblingMarbled paper, by hand, that has been used for pattern design, handbound notebooks and prints.
Lorenza WalkerLorenza WalkerWild WomanPersonal work
Lorenza WalkerLorenza WalkerYell Your TruthPersonal project
Anna NilssonAnna NilssonHasse&Tage posterWatercolor of Swedish comedians Hasse Alfredson and Tage Danielsson.
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarCats vs. ProgressStill from my animated short film Cats vs. Progress. Nordic/national premierere Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2020, Internationell/USA premiere 2021 New York International Children's Film Festival. Story: All of history, from sabretooth tiger to the Internet and the future - told in 4 minutes from the cat's point of view. 
Kid FalkKid FalkChildrens book Stella en hundText and illustrations. Kid Falk Produktion
Viktoria RomanovaViktoria RomanovaOdd Molly, Amelie Earhart Illustration.Odd Molly, Amelie Earhart Illustration for 8:th of March, International Women Day. 
Lilian BäckmanLilian BäckmanLove is Valentine's Day 2021. Picture from my Instagram. A paraphrase of Kim Casali's Love is. Here with an inclusive update!
Stina NordStina NordPersonal work: SalladsrutanPersonal work. Digital illustration made with Procreate.
Stina NordStina NordPersonal work, GeishaPersonal work. Digital illustration made in Illustrator.
Magdalena CavallinMagdalena CavallinSomething, illustrationIllustration from the book "Ingenting och Allt" by Naima Chahboun, Rabén & Sjögren, 2021
Magdalena CavallinMagdalena Cavallinillustration, "Ingenting och Allt"Illustration from the book "Ingenting och Allt" by NaimaChahboun, Rabén & Sjögren, 2021
Magdalena CavallinMagdalena CavallinEverything, illustrationIllustration from the book "Ingenting & Allt" by Naima Chahboun, Rabén & Sjögren, 2021
Alaya VindelmanAlaya VindelmanMarknadsföringAffisch till nycirkusföreställningen Kollision med gruppen Kollektiv Knaster. Jag har även gjort många andra typer av marknadsföringsmaterial till gruppen, t.ex: flyers, visitkort, säljblad, tekniskrider m.m.
Alaya VindelmanAlaya VindelmanCirkusföreställning för samtyckeTryckt och digitalt material till nycirkusföreställningen Tillsamman. En föreställning som riktar sig till lågstadiet och handlar om samtycke. Föreställningen följs av workshop och lärarhandledning. Jag har tagit fram det visuella formspråket och skapat flyers, affisch, lärarhandledning och hemsida.
Susanne EngmanSusanne EngmanDrama QueenOwn project, poster "Drama Queen" 50x70 giclee print.
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landbergown new work 
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina Landbergmask  workshop by Erica Jakobson Illustratörcentrum zoom 
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina LandbergNew work process 
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K LandbergNew own processwork 
Hannele FernströmHannele FernströmPersonal work, Swedish fikaPersonal work made in proecreate.
Stella SpenteStella SpenteIllustration for RiksteaternIllustration for Riksteatern
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannPortrait Frida KahloPortrait of Frida Kahlo. Wall of Femme is a series of portraits of brave and inspiring women who challenged conventions, dared to be different and paved the way for others.
Kim KarlssonKim KarlssonSelf portrait posterA poster with the theme "self". A self portrait with my name. A part of the illustration class from my exchange to Tama Art University in Tokyo spring 2019
Kim KarlssonKim KarlssonEarthquake posterA poster with the theme "earthquake". Graphics are based on different mythological sources of earthquakes. From the illustration class on my exchange to Tama Art University in Tokyo 2019
Cecilia Undemark PéterfyCecilia Undemark PéterfyIllustrationIllustration of pomegranate for a diploma
Linda PabstLinda PabstPoppyLove to paint flowers, also to dig my own hands in the soil. Here is a Poppy.
Tarek AlfutihTarek AlfutihPoster- Advertisement A poster for a photography course at HDK-Valand - Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg.
Tarek AlfutihTarek AlfutihT-shirtT-shirts design for kids.
Tarek AlfutihTarek AlfutihKultur i Väst - Region Västra GötalandThe work performed for Konsten att delta väst - Region Västra Götaland  in collaboration with Shamim Shokrani. 
Alexandra ForssAlexandra ForssHasan & Partners / K-MarketIllustrations made for the grocery chain K-Market.
Felicia IversenFelicia IversenIllustration, "Resilience"2019
Felicia IversenFelicia IversenPosters, Hot beverages2018
Åsa HolmbergÅsa HolmbergPersonal work, "Walrus"Illustration of a walrus in goache.
Åsa HolmbergÅsa HolmbergPersonal work, "Squid"Goache illustration of a squid.
Åsa HolmbergÅsa HolmbergPersonal work, "Turtle"Goache illustration of a turtle.
Åsa HolmbergÅsa HolmbergPersonal work, "Sea weed".Two color risoprint from goache illustrations.
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannPortrait -Malala YousafzaiPortrait of Malala Yousafzai. Wall of Femme is a series of portraits of brave and inspiring women.
Åsa HolmbergÅsa HolmbergPersonal work, ABC poster.ABC poster with animal illustrations, 50 x 70 cm.
Linda PabstLinda PabstIllustration and Graphic Design, Sammels LantgårdIllustration, Graphic Design and logotype, Sammels Lantgård
Millis SarriMillis SarriRobin, educational materialIllustration for educational material "Robin". Written by Pernilla Gesén and published by Sanoma Utbildning.
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinHerringsPoster about branding for herring business. Client: Bohusläns museum 2018
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinSemla - a seasonal pastryA coffee breake during the cold winter with some iceing sugar on top. Personal work 2021
Johanna BörjessonJohanna BörjessonWash your handsPrivate illustration 
Johanna BörjessonJohanna BörjessonWalk the line illustration 
Isabelle RönnquistIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work, camping nightPersonal work, digital.
Isabelle RönnquistIsabelle RönnquistPortrait, wedding Wedding portrait, digital.
Jenny JanssonJenny JanssonThe Astrid Lindgren Code, "Astrid Lindgren"This was one prototype for an illustration project for The Astrid Lindgren Code. However, we chose to change the style of the illustration to something different.
Camilla HögbergCamilla HögbergA set of Swedish trade alphabet digitally illustrated, commissioned by Jag Hör Dig ABSwedish hand alphabet with a design of a child's hand was illustrated was commissioned by Jag Hör Dig AB: The hands were digitally illustrated one by one, but here is shown as a picture overview. Products with the hands can be seen on the company's website https: //jaghordig.com/
Anders ParsmoAnders ParsmoMirre (2020)Charicature with a lot of personal details.
Åsa Wärn BjörlingÅsa Wärn BjörlingModerspassionBook cover
Camilla HögbergCamilla HögbergOwn project for social media with Christmas greeting.Own project for social media with Christmas greeting. Digital illustration.
Camilla HögbergCamilla HögbergPrivate project - Thank you in Swedish sign language  Digital illustration, thank you card with instructions on how to say thank you in swedish sign language.
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistRiksteatern: Fritt FallPoster for Riksteatern and the play Fritt Fall, a high school drama for the ages 13-15.  
Mia FernauMia FernauWater color paintingPersonal project. 2020
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyFlying womenFlying women
Linnea BlixtLinnea BlixtRFSU, illustration, redaktionelltIllustrationer till RFSU:s tidning till kriminalvården. Artikeln handlar om sexfantasier.
Stina NordStina NordYlva, my niece. Personal work.Personal project. Portrait. Digitalt illustration made in Procreate with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Tanja MarxTanja MarxIllustration for the national association AttentionOne out of six illustrations, will be published at attention.se in the beginning of 2021.
Rana KadryRana KadrySalong Sergel, Mural Shades of Hope  – In addition to the dark and cold of winter, we’re also witnessing global uncertainty and ambiguity due to the pandemic. With my abstract mural, I would like to shine a light into that darkness by inspiring some sort of hope. Hope hides in the darkness. Salong Sergel exhibition is running in Sergel Torg until 31 January 2021.
Christofer DegrérChristofer DegrérComic page format "exhibition text"Comic page format exhibition text for the artist Rasmus R. Streiths exhibition … i väggarna /… In The Walls, One Room One Day, Addo, Malmö (2020)
Ben BakerBen BakerPersonal work, poster - "Intergalactic Monument"Poster illustration.
Ben BakerBen BakerPersonal work, poster - "Life Support"A poster illustration.
Ben BakerBen BakerPersonal work, poster - "Ray"A poster illustration.
Ben BakerBen BakerCalendar illustration "March"A handmade illustration for the month of march for the Penstore made with layers of watercolour and water soluable pencil.
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornDinozards snowday, personal projectI got inspired to make a cute picture related to my third gameproject at FutureGames, Dinozards. The Dinozards are making a snowman of their father in the lovely snowy weather. 2020 
anna nilssonanna nilssonPoster print, client Timi of SwedenTimi of Sweden is a giftbrand and produces various cards / greeting cards, notebooks and etc. This illustrated type has been printed on posters. A simpel "high five" to surround you in your everyday life. Graphic simple but colorful.
anna nilssonanna nilssonIllustration and pattern for Timi of SwedenTimi of Sweden is a giftbrand and produces various cards / greeting cards, notebooks and etc. I have produced illustrations that has been printed on cards and notebooks. The motifs are graphically simple but colorful
anna nilssonanna nilssonIllustration and card design for Timi of SwedenTimi of Sweden is a giftbrand and produces various cards / greeting cards, notebooks and etc. I have produced illustrations that has been printed on cards and notebooks. The motifs are graphically simple but colorful.
Tina BackmanTina BackmanFamily calendarFamily calender produced and sold in Sweden.
Tina BackmanTina BackmanNew Years cardsNew years cards for a client in Japan.
Tina BackmanTina BackmanSeafoodPoster for client in Japan.
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornI love Orange tryck, personal projectThis is meant to become a print that I can sell on a website with printing possibcoloilities, I will be creating multiple versions with different colours and themes. Will be printed on posters, bags, pillows etc. created 2020
Veronica Ballart LiljaVeronica Ballart LiljaNovember, Pen Stores Artist calender 2021  Watercolor illustration for Pen Store's Calendar 2021. My contribution was for the month of November
tina nejderskogtina nejderskogPiratesChildrens book page. 
Tilda MårtenssonTilda MårtenssonArtibus Christmas marketRisograph printed Christmas poster for the ceramic collective Artibus in Malmö, 2020.
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder RecreationLogo and storefront deisign for Alba 2020
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder "We can Listen to Each other""Vi kan lyssna på varandra" / "We can Listen to Each other". Commissioned work for Serion, 2020. How can communication and media change or alter the way in which we relate to our peers. How can our relationships benefit or be affected by new-media.?
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Guess QuestGuess Quest, poster for Tv-show.
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Radona Lilo StitchRadona Lilo Stitch
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Rembtown SmallvillePoster for comic and tv-show
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Repro Tv-show-posterRepro Tv-show-poster
Johan LindhJohan LindhRobochef, own project.Robochef, own project.
Jenny JanssonJenny JanssonUppsala stadsteater, Christmas calendar An illustration of a winter themed theatre house, a motive for Uppsala stadsteaters christmas countdown 2020. The theatre, people and decorations are hand drawn, then coloured in Photoshop.   
Moa GraafMoa GraafPersonal work.Personal work
Yossra SaidYossra SaidHappy New yearPostcard based on my cat! :)
Lisa BenkLisa BenkThe Potters Daughter - Personal WorkThe Potters Daughter - Personal Work
Elin SeittuElin SeittuPersonal work –Gouche painting
Stina NordStina NordPersonal work, 'Skull'.Digital illustration made with Apple Pen and Ipad Pro in Procreate. 
Mark BelanMark BelanPeriodontitisAn illustrated editorial spread about periodontitis. This poster details progressive changes in dental biofilm and gross morphology as the pathology advances over time.
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina Landberghumananimals i the city
Mark BelanMark BelanFruit of the Womb: The Botanical Classification of FruitA didactic poster illustrating the floral origins of fruit. The idea for this poster came from a summertime dinner conversation, when enjoying a salad and recalling the trivial fact that tomatoes are "actually" fruit. This spawned an interest in understanding why tomatoes are fruit, and led to an entire summer-long investigation into botanical and carpological literature. As a result, I was inspired to synthesize my findings into a visual reference guide that would be both informative and visually engaging.
Mark BelanMark BelanComparative Functional Anatomy of CephalopodsA didactic poster illustrating the diversity and function of tentacles, beaks, and eyes of cephalopods. Wondrously unique and alien in appearance, the anatomy of cephalopods never ceases to amaze people the world over.​
Anna AntonssonAnna AntonssonSisters grow, digital collage 2017Digital collage, personal project.
Anna AntonssonAnna AntonssonI see the forest, the forest sees me, watercolor and digital collage, 2018Drawing about the forest.
Anna AntonssonAnna AntonssonAster, watercolor and digital collage for postcard, 2017 (eget projekt)Postcard created for christmas 2017.
Anna AntonssonAnna AntonssonRosa, grönt, blåttGrafisk illustration, eget projekt.
Anna AntonssonAnna AntonssonGlassworks, watercolor and digital collage, 2018 (personal project)Illustration created for poster 2018.
Anna AntonssonAnna AntonssonThe moon, ink and digital illustration, 2018Illustration for album cover, booklet, 2018.
Anna AntonssonAnna AntonssonName, pencil and digital illustration, 2019Illustration/text, participants in a creative workshop 2019.