Patrik BergPatrik BergStoryboard for BrindforsOne of five frames for a short film.
Patrik BergPatrik BergKids 2Storyboard for event producer.
Patrik BergPatrik BergKidsStoryboard for event producer.
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Graphic novel cover design, Ex AMA Ten vol 1Cover design for graphic novel, Ex AMA Ten vol 1. 2018
Eugene Sundelius von RosenEugene Sundelius von RosenTherapy & the youngA young woman fighting her inner demons. Originally drawn for Roden College, 2018, comic book project. 
Ellinor RicheyEllinor RicheyFirst page of the comic "The Narrows"A page from the autobiographical comic project month at Serieskolan Kvarnby in Malmö, spring of 2017. Photoshop.
Moa EngblomMoa EngblomPINK WINTER Pattern / Illustration, 2015PINK WINTER Pattern / Illustration, 2015. Vector illustration. 
Jenny SoepJenny SoepUnicef, Illustrations, 2017Nominated to Publishing Priset (The Publishing Prize) 2018 "Why isn't violence against children taken more seriously? There are still gaps in Swedish legislation regarding children exposed to violence. " - UNICEF Sweden Creative director & animation: Charlotte Rodenstedt/Bloody Honey - Producer: Emma Lidström Illustration: Jenny Soep Sound: Andrew Wilkie
Karin UlinKarin UlinHundsportIllustration for an article about cardiac scanning on dogs. Client: Make Your Mark / Hundsport
Björn Zahlbruckner SvenssonBjörn Zahlbruckner SvenssonIllustrationPersonal work
Anders WormAnders WormStoryboard for advertisementStoryboard for advertisement - 2018
Anders WormAnders WormStoryboard for advertisementStoryboard for betting company based in London.
Alwyn OnoriAlwyn OnoriPersonal work, "The Sea Kings"Panel from comic book taking place during the viking age.
Rana KadryRana KadryChildren book, Kalimat publishing houseIllustrations for a picture book.
Jan-Åke WinqvistJan-Åke WinqvistThe Clan of the Celestial Spear, graphic novelOne of the 226 pages in my graphic novel The Clan of the Celestial Spear. Link to iBooks store:
Jan-Åke WinqvistJan-Åke WinqvistIce age hunter with a spear and an atlatlChapter illustration for the third chapter in my graphic novel: The Clan of the Celestial Spear – Available on iBook store.
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoThe Windy RoadThis looping animation comes from a part of my latest assessment for Hyper Island, 2018.
Jan-Åke WinqvistJan-Åke WinqvistVideo trailer for my graphic novel The Clan of the Celestial SpearThe hunter, named Marten, who suffers from high fever witnesses the wolfs taking down a Giant Deer. Due to the fever he is also hallucinating – or has the female shaman something to do with it...? My music and artwork from the graphic novel. Start the video and turn up the volume!
Jan-Åke WinqvistJan-Åke WinqvistVideo trailer for the graphic novel The Clan of the Celestial SpearWolf-Paw – the shaman – travels with the help of the sacred food to the Master of the Wolf in order to choose a victim to be sacrificed. My music and artwork from the graphic novel. Start the video and turn up the volume!
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafPicture Book, Illustration, 2018Picture Book, Illustration, 2018
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafIllustration, Picture Book Spread, 2018Illustration, Picture Book Spread, 2018
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafEditorial illustration, Adults with ADHDEditorial illustration, Adults with ADHD
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafEditorial illustration, about ADHDEditorial illustration, about ADHD
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafEditorial Illustration, ADHDEditorial Illustration, ADHD
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafBook Illustration, 2018Book Illustration, 2018
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafPicture Book, 2018Picture Book, 2018
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafBentota Live SketchBentota Live Sketch
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafLisbon Live SKetchLisbon Live SKetch
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafSabbatsberg Live SketchSabbatsberg Live Sketch
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafHvar Live SketchHvar Live Sketch
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafShanghai Live SketchShanghai Live Sketch
Mårten LundinMårten LundinJorden, educational animationAnimated short movie about Earth history and continental drift. Animation, graphic concept, illustration.
Patrik BergPatrik BergCaveMy own alphabet again. Letter C for Cave
Patrik BergPatrik BergWho are you tomorrow?Idea illustration for food commercial
Patrik BergPatrik BergFarmerStoryboard for agency Bartholf & Scheibel
Patrik BergPatrik BergDance floorStoryboard frame from commercial for ferry to Finland
Patrik BergPatrik BergPersonal project - a dayMy own storyboard circling a day in the life.
Patrik BergPatrik BergStoryboard for client Filmic ArtOne frame for a Sandvik commercial
Johan Cedmar-BrandstedtJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtScenario sketchConcept illustration for training event
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownNature illustrationNature illustration for project, Sollentuna Community.
Jonn ClementeJonn ClementeTreeboyTreeboy
Cecilia MellaCecilia MellaThe Swedish MedallotteryKoncept work for Svenska Medaljlotteriet, Postcodelottery Sweden
Cecilia MellaCecilia MellaIllustrations for UppsalahemIllustrations for service design work for Uppsalahem, Valtech
Anders LagerdahlAnders LagerdahlStoryboardA storyboard for commercial movie for Volvo Cars.
Michael SchneiderMichael SchneiderICA, storyboard for TV Commercial.ICA, storyboard for TV Commercial.
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafIllustration Book, 2017Illustration Book, 2017
Jalmar StaafJalmar StaafIllustration Book spread, 2017Illustration Book spread, 2017
Johan LindhJohan LindhThe Old OakThe Old Oak.
Johan LindhJohan LindhAvalanche Studios, Mad Max, StoryboardAvalanche Studios, Mad Max, Storyboard
Tom BeastlandTom BeastlandStoryboardingAvailable for storyboarding and preliminary rough artworks.
Johan RöstwallJohan RöstwallSketchSketch
Anders WormAnders WormJIYU : Restless Souls (2016)Here´s a musicvideo I did for JIYU. Concept,Directing, Design,Storyboard, Animation and Editing. And of course I got some help for composite and inbetweens/ colouring.
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaStoryboard "Bild am Sonntag"Storyboard for a "Bild am Sonntag"commercial
Paco GarciaPaco Garcia"Leo Vegas"Storyboard for "Leo Vegas"
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaStoryboard ComviqStoryboard for Comviq
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaStoryboard for City GrossStoryboard for City Gross
Karin UlinKarin UlinWellspectA series of illustrations for an informational film about how to use pharmaceutical products. Client: Wellspect Health
Kjell StrömKjell StrömStoryboardexempelExempel på storyboards jag hjälper reklambyråer och filmbolag med.
Anders WesterbergAnders WesterbergTwinrix storyboardStoryboard for Twinrix.
Anders WesterbergAnders WesterbergMalibu beach storyboardStoryboard for Malibu rum.
Emma GöthnerEmma GöthnerStoryboardbild för produktionsbolag Chamdin&Stöhr 2014. "H&M kids go active" Storyboardbild för produktionsbolag Chamdin&Stöhr 2014. "H&M kids go active"
Emma GöthnerEmma GöthnerStoryboard picture for production company Chamdin&Stöhr 2016. "Stadium running" Storyboard picture for production company Chamdin&Stöhr 2016. "Stadium running"
Lisa MedinLisa MedinPage from Medley 2 (2017)Exert from Medley, vol. 2, planned to be released by publisher house Galago during 2017. Inked with a steel nib on bristol paper, original storyboard, sketch as well as screentones are made digitally with Clip Studio Paint.
Elisabeth WidmarkElisabeth WidmarkPersonal project "Oktoberhuset"Personal project "Oktoberhuset", short graphic novel, published in Serieantologi 2014 (2014)
Jenny Almén Jenny Almén Storyboard for Klarna/DDBOne of 30 sketches to Storyboard for Klarn´s films:
Anders WormAnders WormStoryboard for "The Centenarian ..."Panels for a scene in the film " The Centenarian ..." where the bad guys finds the track again. Direction Felix Herngren, DOP Göran Hallberg.
Erik HolmErik Holmstoryboard PANZANIErik Holm - Storyboard for advertising film - PANZANI
Moa HoffMoa HoffMin bror kollokungenAn animated title sequence for Swedish family drama series "Min bror Kollokungen" (My brother the summer camp king) on Swedish national TV. Client: SVT/Bleck film. Character design by Moa Hoff. Script, storyboard, direction, graphic design, animation and backgrounds by David Giese. Music by Frid & Frid.
Bo AlvarssonBo AlvarssonOtto the BlacksmithOtto
Erik HolmErik Holmstoryboard PANZANIErik Holm - Storyboard for advertising film - PANZANI
Anders FloodAnders FloodThe harborCrosswordillustration for Året Runt
Mårten LundstenMårten LundstenHow I sketch storyboards in online meetings with my clients around the worldI show how online sketch meetings work, where I draw on my screen, which you can see on yours, comment, and I make changes right away, just like being in the same room! And the meetings are free! See more images on my website Or email me at
Mårten LundstenMårten LundstenStoryboard for LOKA TV commercialStoryboards for LOKA TV commercial. See more images and the commercial on
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaGyllene Tider's summer tour 2013Animated introduction for Gyllene Tider's summer tour 2013. Animation, storyboard & design: Paco Garcia  animation: Anders Worm , compositing and sound: ShortCut Media 
Mårten LundstenMårten LundstenClientsSome of the projects I've worked with. See more on my website Abby Norm, Acne Production, Atlasbalans, Augur, Avalanche Studios, The Brand Union, Brokendoll, Bas Brand Identity, Bobby, B-reel, Camilla Lundsten Studio, Colony, Communicatering, DDB, Digital Illusions, Enjyn, Entresmart, eSafety Challenge, Garbergs, Granath Euro RSCG, Guts & Glory, King, Lowe Brindfors, M&C Saatchi, PalladiumFilm, PeopleLution, Playdo, Prestige Custom Homes, Rawfilm, Restauratören, Risk management, Sale Nordic, Scandic Hotels, Silver, Smartinfo, Sony Computer Games Europe, Spark Vision, Stardoll, Strawberry Diva, Statens Musiksamlingar, Strawberry Diva,TBWA, Trackster, Svenskt Visarkiv, Visual Concepts, Z:Co.
Eva EdbergEva EdbergNorwegian book publisher Cappelen Damm, illustrated the teaching aids .Illustrated numerous school books for 7-8 year olds to Norwegian book publisher Cappelen Damm.
Marie NordinMarie NordinManualExcerpt from: Lgbt certification, manual in form of cartoon serial, RFSL, 2012
Annsofi Ericsson PetriniAnnsofi Ericsson Petrini
Jonas GustafssonJonas GustafssonCharacters made for Veteranpoolen AB.
Mikael GrahnMikael GrahnThe Improver of History, comic book partially set in the sixteenth century under King Joha
Ola LanteliOla Lanteli
Olle FrankzénOlle FrankzénStoryboard
Olle FrankzénOlle FrankzénStoryboard
Alf WoxnerudAlf Woxnerud"Roine Blom", comic strip for swedish computer magazine PC Home
Alf WoxnerudAlf WoxnerudIllustration for PC Gamer Magazine
Alf WoxnerudAlf WoxnerudCover illustration for the magazine "The Artist"
Alf WoxnerudAlf Woxnerud"Frankie Boy", acrylic painting
Anders WormAnders WormHøjt skumStill from Animation for documentary "Højt skum" about the famous danish cartoonist Storm P. 
Johan Cedmar-BrandstedtJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtCustomer Journey for future car servicesIllustrations for a presentation about future services. Volvo Car Corporation.
Anders LindholmAnders LindholmConcept illustration, Ice, "story for young children", digital painting. ocean, blue, sky, alone, "polar bear", animal, winter, cold, ice
Fredrik SaarkoppelFredrik SaarkoppelEducational comic for ages 9 to 13
Camilla EltellCamilla EltellIllustrationer för animation, utställning PostenIllustration och gränssnittsdesign för spel i en utställning för Postenmuseum. Unna Design producerade hela utställningen där detta spel var en del.
Krista HjärpeKrista HjärpeThe Farm
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaStoryboard ExpressenStoryboard Expressen
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaKenny beginsStoryboard för långfilmen "Kenny begins"
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaStoryboard "Mamma Moo"Storyboard for animated feature film "Mamma Mu & kråkan"
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaStoryboard pich for commercial
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaStoryboard "Prick & Fläck"Storyboard för animerad film "Prick & Fläck på pricknick". ZigZag animation
Paco GarciaPaco Garcia"Felix""Felix" ketchup storyboard
Paco GarciaPaco GarciaStoryboard for AMFStoryboard for AMF