Alba LangeAlba LangeKNEG - sex filmer om arbete (SVT)Title design, plates, animated transitions and keyart for the series and all 6 films in it, Sveriges Television's documentary series KNEG ("WORK"), 2021. Project manager Helena Ingelsten, editors Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh and Ina Holmqvist.
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonKuken gifA tribute to one of Malmös most popular landmarks “Kuken” (The Dick).
John AnderssonJohn Andersson"Fungi", Personal WorkSculpted in VR using Oculus Quest and Medium, model was then brought into Modo for texturing and rendering, and lastly edited and overpainted in Photoshop.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistGhost castleHaunted castle
Erik NykvistErik NykvistGhost kingKing that haunts his castle.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistGhost kings HallHaunted castle
Marie-Louise HedinMarie-Louise HedinFracking, illustration for documentary "Hard Road of Hope"Fracking, illustration shows what happens when fracking is used close to someone´s house & land. The illustration is shown in the documentary "Hard Road of Hope" that deals with the horrifying environmental destruction of West Virginia. Illustration in Photoshop using a Wacom pen.
Isabelle SjöIsabelle SjöStockholm Furniture Fair - Jone Skarbøvik - Animation3D Animation & Art Direction. Stools Back to Nature & hangers Dripp by Jone Skarbøvik.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenStar Wars Concept Star Wars franchise Concept art. What happens year after episode 9?  What if the Stormtroppers from the fallen Empire made their own clans with Empire sympathizers?  This is an exploration about how it could be and look like.
Pia OlmåsPia OlmåsPersonal work, Slaughterhouse 2020-
Tzenko StoyanovTzenko StoyanovResilient democracy"Resilient democracy", documentary director Mea Dols de Jong shows that lower social classes are insufficiently represented in our democracy.
Elin MolanderElin MolanderAvocadoAvocado, animation for client in the music industry.
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkRodent lit by evening skyLeft side of bookspread. Imaginary childrens book spread created for a TV commercial. Not yet aired.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöMr & MrsAnimation
Kornelia EngqvistKornelia EngqvistShelterPersonal work
John AnderssonJohn Andersson"Regrowth", Personal WorkEnvironment Concept Design. 2D and 3D.
John AnderssonJohn Andersson"Soldier", Personal WorkMood Concept and Narrative/Storytelling.  
Julia GrothJulia GrothIDUS förlag, childrens book, "Bästa blåsorkestern" (wild wind band)Process video showing the making of the cover of the book. Technique: Gouache painting. 
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria MarklundJulens alla bak, vignetteVignette for the christmas baking program "Julens alla bak". Illustration and animation.   
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria MarklundIllustrated items from the swedish version of "The great british bakeoff" "Hela Sverige bakar"Illustrations animated and packaged for "Hela Sverige bakar", on TV4. 
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarCats vs. ProgressStill from my animated short film Cats vs. Progress. Nordic/national premierere Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2020, Internationell/USA premiere 2021 New York International Children's Film Festival. Story: All of history, from sabretooth tiger to the Internet and the future - told in 4 minutes from the cat's point of view. 
Annika HuettAnnika HuettOperation SmileAnimation for Operation Smile for Valentine's Day.
Malin ErixonMalin ErixonThe Spyglass. (Work in progress).Still from the short film The Spyglass. Work in progress.
Kim JanssonKim JanssonCross section of bedOne of twelve beds included in the assignment. A section that shows the different layers in the beds.
Cecilia NaboCecilia NaboPersonal work, "Right out of the pen"To challenge my skill without having any plan or idea beforehand. Just letting the pen go over the paper as the mind desides to go along, with what ever I'm able to create.
Malin ErixonMalin ErixonTHE ASSEMBLY – interviews from the middle of everything. Teaser for episode 6.Teaser for episode 6 of the documentary "THE ASSEMBLY – interviews from the middle of everything." All episodes are available on SVT Play.
Kim KarlssonKim Karlssonmandala gifa moving mandala, made in after effects. inspired by geometric patterns often seen in the middle east
Kim KarlssonKim Karlsson"Wires" animaticAnimatic for a project from my exchange semester to Tama Art University in Tokyo spring of 2019 
Kim KarlssonKim KarlssonThe Wallpaper: animated "sample gameplay"A part of my bachelor's project from HDK-Valand. A short animation showing potential "sample gameplay" with sound and timing.
Jenny Almén Jenny Almén Kvinnofridslinjen - illustrationsFilm about how the women's peace line works.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenThe Ultimate TV-Show I had the opportunity to work with Wenderfalck agency to produce a storyboard based on a manuscript for Samsung. It has been huge fun to visualise a fictional trailer inspired by some of the famous TV-shows such as Tiger King, Queens Gambit, The Stranger Things to name a few and to play around with different kinds of techniques.  Link:
Carolina GrönholmCarolina GrönholmAnimated music video, Tigern och KobranStill image from the animated music video I did for Tigern och Kobran. See the whole video here: Storyboard, illustration, charactar design and animation.  
John SchütteJohn SchütteStoryboard for canned soupStoryboard for canned soup. Here I can show that Im able to draw people af all ages.
John SchütteJohn SchütteHappy family in the kitchen storyboardThis is what I do all the time: Happy family in the kitchen storyboards
John SchütteJohn SchütteStoryboard Insurance CompanyRough style storyboard. Agency: TBWA. Client Länsförsäkringar
John SchütteJohn SchütteThe generalA so called test to learn new software and practice on animating walk cykles.
John SchütteJohn SchütteRough storyboard Clas OhlsonA rougher faster style for the smaler budget
John SchütteJohn SchütteStoryboard grey/black and whiteRough storyboard. Cant remeber client or agency. It really doesnt matter.
John SchütteJohn SchütteRough storyboard IllustrationRough storyboard Illustration for Nivea. Part of a sequence of aprox 10 drawings in total
John SchütteJohn SchütteAnimatic soupAnimatic for testing commercial/marketing strategy of Keldas drinkable soup
John SchütteJohn SchütteStoryboard for insurance companyStoryboard for insurance company
John SchütteJohn SchütteAnimatic DaciaAnimatic for marketing research of Dacias commercial and marketing strategy
John SchütteJohn SchütteUniversity of Lund ExplainerUniversity of Lund explains the term "sociology of law"
John SchütteJohn SchütteExplainer video about pre-schoolSwedish Ministry of Education informs parents of children wich are entering the age of qualifying for pre-school
John SchütteJohn SchütteStoryboard illustration for commercial with little girlStoryboard illustration for commercial with little girl.
John SchütteJohn Schüttecar storyboard 01car storyboard illustration
John SchütteJohn SchütteWellaBeauty storyboard Wella.
Alba LangeAlba LangeGraphic design: "Årets kortaste dag" (SVT)Title design, animation and editing of SVT's show "Kortfilm på årets kortaste dag 2020" ("short films on the shortest day of the year 2020"). Project manager Helena Ingelsten, producer Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh and editorialist Ina Holmqvist.
Sebastian DahlSebastian DahlPersonal Project; My Brother, Digital PaintingDigital painting; Photshop and Wacom Cintiq
Sebastian DahlSebastian DahlAnimated skills - What I can offerPersonal project; Animation made in After Effects. 
Björn BerglundBjörn BerglundLogotype for the video game PotionomicsI designed a logotype for the video game Potionomics. For full project description, please visit my website at
Johan LindhJohan LindhTrotsarnaTrotsarna
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Guess QuestGuess Quest, poster for Tv-show.
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Staying With the CeronStill freeze frame from 2d animation Vanadisbadet, 2020 ink and pencil on paper
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder Book cover for "Amber of Stone"Book cover for "Amber of Stone", a coming of age novel by the Swedish-Norwegian author Ingrid Wiehe. The book centers around a young person suffering from anxiety disorder in the Finnish village of Toro, outside of Helsinki. 
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoMiniräknarna (mini counters)In 2019, together with the film maker Patrik Sundström, I have created 8 educational animations for the Swedish SVT Play and UR.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenAlien Structure I'm trying out a new pipeline with 3D and paintover to a personal project.  I have been doing a lot of studies lately to LvL up my skills, and it has also given me some thoughts about developing my universe. I'm super pumped to continue this journey and to put out more content! I hope you guys like it!
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonFUNNY GIRLWebb and billboard advertising for the show 'Funny Girl' at Malmö Opera 2020, with lead singer/actress Sanna Nielsen.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistHomeConcept/ illustration
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenThe Search Concept art of an wastland desert planet.
Therese NilssonTherese NilssonIllustrationStill image - animated movie. Riksförbundet Attention, 2020
Therese NilssonTherese NilssonIllustrationStill image - animated movie. Riksförbundet Attention, 2020
Therese NilssonTherese NilssonIllustrationStill image - animated movie. Riksförbundet Attention, 2020
Therese NilssonTherese NilssonIllustrationStill image - animated movie about Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak. Reporters without Borders, Oct. 2020
Therese NilssonTherese NilssonIllustrationStill image - animated movie about Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak. Reporters without Borders, Oct. 2020
Therese NilssonTherese NilssonIllustrationStill image - animated movie about Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak. Reporters without Borders, Oct. 2020
Therese NilssonTherese NilssonIllustrationStill image - animated movie about Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak. Reporters without Borders, Oct. 2020
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design: "Målbrottskören" (Ballad Film)Title design for the short film documentary "Målbrottskören" by Ina Holmqvist and Martina Carlstedt (Ballad Film). 2020
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and poster: "Cleanse" (Silver Films)Title design and poster for the short film "Cleanse" (by SaraKlara Hellström), 2020.
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and poster: "The Swimmer" (French Quarter Film)Title design and poster for "The Swimmer" by Jonatan Etzler, 2019. 
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and poster: "Nitton" (Mariedamfilm)Title design and poster for the short film "Nitton" by Marcus Carlsson, 2019.
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and animation: "Terje" (Nils-Hugo Produktion)Title design, animation and poster for the feature film documentary "Terje" by Gustav Hugosson and Andreas H Nilsson, 2020. My main mission is to animate discussions on the forum Flashbacks and Terje's own blog.
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and animation: "Mating" (French Quarter Film)Title design, animation and poster for the feature film documentary "Mating" by Lina Maria Mannheimer, 2019. My main mission is to animate the characters' communication online.
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design: "And Then We Danced" (French Quarter Film)Main title design (and credits) for the feature film "And Then We Danced" by Levan Akin, produced by French Quarter Film. 2019
Alba LangeAlba LangeIllustration and poster design: "Interstice"Illustration and poster design for independent short film ("Interstice" by Oskar Willers).
Alba LangeAlba LangeIllustration and poster design:"The Sacrifice" (FLM)Poster interpretation of Tarkovsky's "The Sacrifice" for the film magazine FLM (issue 16), 2019. Illustration and design.
Jule GoerkeJule GoerkePersonal Project, "Rinasla the Warrior"Character Design for role playing game
Jule GoerkeJule GoerkePersonal Work, "Camp Hoot"Children's book illustration about a group of scouts with animal characters
Jule GoerkeJule GoerkePersonal Work, "Camp Hoot"Children's book illustration about a group of scouts with animal characters
Jule GoerkeJule GoerkePersonal Work, "Camp Hoot"Children's book illustration about a group of scouts with animal characters
Jule GoerkeJule GoerkePersonal Work, "The Force"Children's Book Illustration inspired by Star Wars
Moa GraafMoa GraafBokslokenInledingsbild till det webbaserade barnbokstipsprogrammet "Boksloken" med Maria Heimer.
Tova JertfeltTova JertfeltLSU, animation Branding for LSU - HEL movement, including illustrations and animations for social media.
Elin SandströmElin SandströmDorian GrayMonster in Therapy
Elin SandströmElin SandströmThe Frankenstein FamilyIllustration from the book Monster in Therapy
Elin SandströmElin SandströmEva DahlbeckPortrait of Eva Dahlbeck för Bergmanveckan
Elin SandströmElin SandströmMax von SydowMax von Sydow portrait for Bergmanveckan 2020.
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarThe Courtship of HousefliesAnimated short with all sound from old (1940-50s) informational films.  Parental advice on the budding lovelife of teenagers illustrated by houseflies.
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarJill and Jane Kill Hitler (2015)Animated science fiction short. Premiere at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2015. Jill and Jane demonstrate their time machine to an eager crowd... and do what the crowd asks them... 
Lina BlixtLina BlixtVargtimmen (Wolf Hour)Illustration for the swedish horror podcast Vargtimmen
Jacob StålhammarJacob StålhammarA Bat in ParisIndependent animation children's short. Premiered at Gotethenburg Film Festival 2012. 
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria MarklundCake from tv-show "Hela Sverige bakar"Candy cake from the tv-show "Hela Sverige bakar"
Caroline SellstoneCaroline SellstoneWundies – underwear that keeps you dry  A drawn and animated video about functional underwear in case of urine leakage for women and men. Illustrations, editing, coice-over and music.
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria MarklundBounty cakeA candy cake presented in the tv-show "Hela Sverige bakar".
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria MarklundCandy Cake from the tv-show "Hela Sverige bakar".One of 12 candy cakes presented in the tv-show "Hela Sverige bakar".
Susanne FredeliusSusanne FredeliusCity of grace. Drunk on the moon. Animated music video for Drunk on the moons song City of grace.
Kristina AlfonsdotterKristina AlfonsdotterPersonal work, "Ice bath"Gif-animation.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianElection bumperElection bumper. Animation, 2018. Intro concept for the Swedish election. Personal project showing the diversity of the swedish people.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianSTAD NR. 13Animations for the short film Stad nr. 13, 2019. A film by director Salad Hilowle. Synopsis: A spacship has failed its mission and may crash on Earth at any time. In a small Swedish town, everyday life seems to continue as usual. Moments of life in the city are interspersed with eleven-year-old Omar's philosophical thoughts. 
Manne JalilianManne JalilianThe CometThe Comet. Short film, 2018. Synopsis: A comet is heading towards the earth, no one knows when it will strike but danger is around the corner. The Comet is a film about longing, missing and the feeling of loneliness. By creating moving image and music, I want to explore the possibilities of expressing and describing emotions.