Susanne FredeliusSusanne FredeliusCity of grace. Drunk on the moon. Animated music video for Drunk on the moons song City of grace.
Kristina AlfonsdotterKristina AlfonsdotterPersonal work, "Ice bath"Gif-animation.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianElection bumperElection bumper. Animation, 2018. Intro concept for the Swedish election. Personal project showing the diversity of the swedish people.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianSTAD NR. 13Animations for the short film Stad nr. 13, 2019. A film by director Salad Hilowle. Synopsis: A spacship has failed its mission and may crash on Earth at any time. In a small Swedish town, everyday life seems to continue as usual. Moments of life in the city are interspersed with eleven-year-old Omar's philosophical thoughts. 
Manne JalilianManne JalilianThe CometThe Comet. Short film, 2018. Synopsis: A comet is heading towards the earth, no one knows when it will strike but danger is around the corner. The Comet is a film about longing, missing and the feeling of loneliness. By creating moving image and music, I want to explore the possibilities of expressing and describing emotions.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianTelenorAnimation for Telenor and the "Gilla lagom" campaign, 2019.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianTelenorAnimation for Telenor and the "Gilla lagom" campaign, 2019.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianAbsolut VodkaIllustration and design for Absolut Vodka, 2018. The commercial is part of the Absolut Cubed campaign, where different drinks are presented together with a flavor. I interpreted the ”Grapefruit Drop Shot” and used the grapefruits nickname, ”The citrus of paradise", as inspiration for my design.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Post-apocalyptic fiction conceptPost-apocalyptic fiction concept. Matte and illustration in Photoshop.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Edward Hopper's Railroad sunset in 3D3D illustration based on Edward Hopper's oil painting Railroad sunset from 1929. Modeled and rendered in 3ds Max.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Church 3D model3D model church, modeled and rendered in 3ds Max.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak MonsterVignette concept for University West Live Session. Props. Procreate.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Sea slug character sheetSea slug Photoshop.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Sea slugSSea slug Photoshop.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Bird bathBird bath in Photoshop.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianDaydreamingDaydreaming. Animation, 2017.
Maurice MechanMaurice Mechan"A Clockwork Orange"Private comission. Digital illustration, poster for Stanley Kubrick's film
Maurice MechanMaurice Mechan"Kill Bill"Mash-up poster of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill & Pulp Fiction movies. Digital painting
Maurice MechanMaurice MechanNosferatu, film posterPrivate comission, digital illustration
Marie HerzogMarie HerzogCampaign showed on bussesFor Skåne's helplines for women, transpersons and girls 2018​
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonANIMATED PORTRAITS 2Personal project / Another example from my animated portraits.
Isak GjertsenIsak GjertsenBreathingAnimation loop. License from web and TV available on request.
Isak GjertsenIsak GjertsenNRK NEWTON - StoneageVector-based characters and digitallty painted backgrounds.
Julia GrothJulia GrothPersonal Work, "The Pattern Printer Project: Rotation"Wallpaper printing at home. Depending on how the user place and rotate the repeat, the pattern changes.
Björn ZahlbrucknerBjörn ZahlbrucknerIllustrationIllustration portfolio
Isak GjertsenIsak GjertsenKRÅKESØLV - Remeber Life Is ShortCharcoal on paper and digital coloring / animation
Isak GjertsenIsak GjertsenJAZZ & FLY FISHING - Fall GlideExerpt from a musicvideo for the jazz quartet "Jazz & Fly Fishing". Recieved an honorable mention at The Norwegian Short Film Festival.
Lina BlixtLina Blixt"Log Lady", personal project.Character drawing of "Log Lady" from the tv-show Twin Peaks.
Sofia Lantz BarziSofia Lantz BarziBackground for SHIELDMAIDENSHIELDMAIDEN is a animation project by Vilhelm bergendal. It follows the adventures of Rota, a young nordic girl, as she travels to the Eastern Roman Empirein to search for her missing grandfather.
Sofia Lantz BarziSofia Lantz Barzi"Storken" animated film storyboardSamples of storyboards for "Storken" currently under production by Astafilm. All all sequences can be provided upon request.
Sofia Lantz BarziSofia Lantz BarziStorybord for "Lay of Thrym" "Lay of Thrym" Example pages from a storyboard, based on The Norse myth from the Poetic Edda. For a pitch.
Titti BackströmTitti BackströmFamilies in cottageAn illustration for an educationvideo of families living in a cottage in 1800, done after names and birtdates.
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSt PaulAn illustration based on my time in London.
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtMargotA documentary animation about Margot who worked as a nurse in different parts of Africa during 1958-1978
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtGinetteCommercial for the beer Ginette.
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSkipping girlShort personal project.
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtRoyal Opera House LondonWorking with the Royal Opera House in London to promote one of their ballets. A collaboration between me, Elain Song, Zena Kay, Ellie Spoerry and Jane Lee.
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtTalking to AcornsA project about a homeless person living in London.
Vania CastagninoVania CastagninoPastry partyFrame by frame animations created for Bubumbu video game.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistNormandieThe storming of the beaches of normandie
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtHatmanOne of my personal projects to develop my walk-cycle skills.
Anna L AndrénAnna L AndrénKeep cool! Stay homeAnimation, AfterEffects. Corona.
Niki AsimakidisNiki AsimakidisThe Witcher 3 - Discord emojisVectorillustration of Discord emojis for The Witcher 3.
Nikki SchmidtNikki SchmidtBiosphere for BalticInformational short film for the international project Biosphere for Baltic. I made the storyboard, script, voice directions, illustrations and animations.
Johan ReichJohan ReichSura GubbarAnimated movie.
Rickard GrönkvistRickard GrönkvistApple animationCampaign for VA-SYD on food waste that can fuel buses. My Illustrations animated by Varelsen  
Lina BlixtLina Blixt"Mother Abigail", personal project.Character drawing of Mother Abigail from Stephen Kings The Stand.
tomas tomtyve nilssontomas tomtyve nilssonletter to Sweden  Poster for short movie "letter to Sweden" directed by Salad Hilowle. The mother moves back to her native Somalia, but lacks the Sweden she remembers. The daughter who lives in Gävle has a different picture of Sweden. Mother and daughter meet with letters and memorial pictures. Director Salad Hilowle tries to understand what "home" means. Is it a place that is filled with memories or something else?
tomas nilssontomas nilssonposter for movie about tensta konsthallmovie made by Salad Hilowle and Jonas Böttern
Fredrika FrykstrandFredrika FrykstrandBlondes Vibe BetterGraphics for Blondes Vibe Better video by SAAD.
Marjo PalokangasMarjo PalokangasPersonal work, "Morning coffee"A short piece of animation in cut out, 2019.
Marjo PalokangasMarjo Palokangasshort motive, Southern GatehouseSödra vakthuset (The Southern Gatehouse) is an animated short film made by animation students at Stockholm University of the Arts. Stockholm, 1940’s. Beckomberga psyciatric hospital is housing thousands of patients. At its southern border lies a gate and a small gatehouse. Countless people pass through over the decades. But eventually the hospital closes down, and the area begins to change.
Marjo PalokangasMarjo PalokangasPersonal work, BrandenExcerp from the storyboard of short movie Branden. 
Marjo PalokangasMarjo PalokangasPoster short movie, Man måste vara som ett bergPoster (and motion graphics) to Manolo Diaz Rämös short movie Man måste vara som ett berg, 2019. Collaboration with Evelina Mohei.
Marjo PalokangasMarjo PalokangasShort movie, BrandenA still from my first animated short movie Branden, 2015. 
Jule GoerkeJule GoerkeFolktale week - MagicCreating a personal folktale with daily prompts
Lina ForsgrenLina ForsgrenMama Dada GagaTitle Design in custom letters, film graphics and poster for Mama Dada Gaga – An exploratory film, and spatial presentation by artist Åsa Cederqvist. 
Rikard HällRikard HällExplainer video for Skaraborgs KommunalförbundTogether with Dupp Film we created this movie for Skaraborgs Kommunalförbund. For the project »En skola för alla«, which means »Education for all«. It's a project that tries to get school dropouts to get back into school but also focuses on the students who are already in school – so that they want to go to there and feels welcome. This movie is created to show the teachers and politicians that the project has given really good result and to push the continuation of all the efforts. It's just me took care of the idea, storyboard and all the 2D animation. Together with Dupp Film we wrote the script and they did all the 3D shots.
Rikard HällRikard HällMotion graphics for Qmatic, Cloud SolutionTo market and explain Qmatics Cloud Solution and their fantastic customer travel system, I helped them to develop this motion graphics video for their social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Together with the customer we produced a script that was the foundation to the style frame, storyboard and the entire animation I created. In conjunction with these videos, the style and illustrations also form the basis of a library for the customer. What does your digital marketing look like? Is there a need to explain what you offer in a way that is easier to understand? Whether it's a product or service you provide, video is an attractive way to reach new and existing customers.
Jonna HallbergJonna HallbergGrandma's vacation Personal project with inspiration from old photos.
Katarina ErikssonKatarina ErikssonOfficially licensed Star Trek illustration, SpockOne of Spock's catch phrases, that also encapsulates the whole Star Trek show. Offically licensed by CBS, sold by Redbubble (
Jonna HallbergJonna HallbergBrackish tears"Brackish tears" is an animated short film about the Baltic Sea’s dying sea beds. The film describes the process by which this environmental crisis occurs, focused upon the “Dead Zones” and the sea life that used to flourish there. Following a fresh and healthy sea as it is thoroughly destroyed by chemical pollutants from agriculture run-off, I intend to exhibit the vitality of sea life and the quickness by which it is gone. My hope is that through knowledge, our priorities can move towards better protection of our invaluable and irreplaceable natural resources.  
Vania CastagninoVania CastagninoMice FencingFrame by frame animation for "Bubumbu" a video game project. 
Pia OlmåsPia OlmåsSprång, Är du störd eller?Animated short for a campaign aiming to raise the issue of functionality.
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonStoryboard frame for PostnordAgency: Åkestam Holst
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonAd sketch för CoopAgency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonStoryboard frame for Insurance company IfAgency: Åkestam Holst
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonStoryboard frame for YoggiAgency.: Åkestam Holst
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonStoryboard frame for YIYAgency: Borg & Owilli
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonStoryboard frame for "Köket" on TV4Production company: LIgistfilm
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonStoryboard frame för Norrlands guld beerAgency: Åkestam Holst
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonStorboard frame for Highland Park whiskyAgency: Åkestam Holst
Erik NykvistErik NykvistMurderIllustration 2019
Jimmy GustavssonJimmy GustavssonTrailer for the womens handball world cup 2019 - ViasatArt by me and animated by Viasat / Nentgroup
Martina Todorova AsplundMartina Todorova AsplundStranger thingsMy part of the international Nordic illustrators'  collaboration #strangerthingsnordic, the goal was to create a scene from the series "Stranger things".
Esbjörn JorsäterEsbjörn JorsäterBerghs publishing houseThe video presents an exercise from the book Draw Cartoon. I filmed, edited on my mobile. All drawings in the video are mine. Johan Andreasson is in charge of inking the figure.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistMonastery and residenceIllustration 2019
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria MarklundHela Sverige bakarLinda, one of the participants of the tv-show "Hela Sverige bakar". Illustration made for the intro of the first episode.
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria MarklundHela Sverige bakar portraitIllustration for the intro of the tv-show "Hela Sverige bakar"
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria MarklundJessica, one of the participants in tre realityshow "Hela Sverige bakar"Illustration till introt av "Hela Sverige bakar".
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria MarklundTV-show "Hela Sverige bakar" / CroissantCroissants for the tv-show "Hela Sverige bakar".
Anna-Maria MarklundAnna-Maria Marklundcookies, bakingDescribing illustration of cookies for the tv-show "Hela Sverige bakar".
Erik NykvistErik NykvistThe siege of Halden Norway 1718Carolus Rex leads the swedish forces in the sige of the fortress of Fredriksten in Halden Norway 1718 Illustration personal project October 2019
Kajsa IsenbergKajsa IsenbergDen nya resanDen nya resan Poster and visual identity for tv-serie on SVT.
Erik NykvistErik NykvistShrine of odinPersonal painting
Mattias AnderssonMattias AnderssonOwn project, ”Most beloved sister”My own take of what if Most beloved sister was an animated movie from Studio Ghibli.
Mattias AnderssonMattias AnderssonOwn project, ”Nagakutsushita no Pippi”My own take of what if Pippi Longstocking in Pippi was an animated movie from Studio Ghibli.
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonANIMATED PORTRAITSPersonal project / An example of my animated portraits.
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonTWIN PEAKS SKATEBOARD DECKSPersonal project / Illustrated Twin Peaks decks.
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonGame BoyPersonal project / Gotta catch em all!
Linnéa Teljas PuranenLinnéa Teljas PuranenProud trams for VästtrafikA painted tram for Västtrafik for Europride 2018. The work won a D&AD award for illustration.
Carolina GrönholmCarolina GrönholmArt direction and character design 2018One of the characters I designed for an animated project for Kunskapsmedia and RFSU. Designed and illustrated all the characters, backgrounds and buildings. 
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoMiniräknarna - An animated serieI have created eight animated episodes of one minute each called "Miniräknarna". I have been working first on the illustrations of all the characters and scenes and then on the animations, done in Adobe After Effects.   They will be soon shown in the Swedish tv channels SVT play and UR.
Malin BillerMalin Biller"the Swedish Computer Miracle"An illustration for the documentary "Det svenska dataundret" (the Swedish Computer Miracle), Mediabruket and Sveriges Television 2016. It depicts the life of the inventor of Minecraft, Markus "Notch" Persson. The drawing shows Markus on the cover of Forbes Magazine.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenSpace CowgirlCowgirl character design. I had this idea to illustrate a character in a western theme but with a twist!  I wanted to create a strong character that could be on a Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon show in a retro space western theme inspired by one of Clint Eastwoods western character.  There was some main factors such as to keep it simple, flat shapes, shape variation and negative space with some overlays that gets all the three themes in one.
Lina BlixtLina Blixt"Stranger Things", Netflix Nordic art exhibitionArt made for a Stranger Things art exhibition, in collaboration with Netflix Nordic. Instagram: #strangerthingsnordic Image made with a mix of graphite,ink wash and Photoshop.
Elin MolanderElin MolanderKrabba Animation/illustration för ClioTrailer for sports films for schools. Can you move like a crab? Client: Clio/ Denmark
Lina BlixtLina Blixt"Stranger Things", Netflix Nordic art exhibitionArt made for a Stranger Things art exhibition, in collaboration with Netflix Nordic. Image made with a mix of graphite,ink wash and Photoshop.
Rana KadryRana KadryCelebrities portraitIllustration for Egyptian actor and actress.
Carolina GrönholmCarolina GrönholmDream Big, animated typography and designDream Big, animated typography and design 2018