Camilla BlomCamilla BlomLinneaSwedenLogo and visual identity for real estate company LinneaSweden.
Camilla BlomCamilla BlomPause FestivalVisual identity and artwork for Pause Festival, Spain.
Camilla BlomCamilla BlomConcierge ÖsterlenIllustration for the visual identity of Concierge Österlen.
Camilla BlomCamilla Blomme&iA few out of hundreds of prints created for me&i, Swedish producer of children and baby clothes, selling all over Europe.
Camilla BlomCamilla Blomme&iA few out of hundreds of prints created for me&i, Swedish producer of children and baby clothes. Selling all over Europe.
Camilla BlomCamilla Blomme&iA few out of hundreds of prints created for me&i, a Swedish clothing company for kids and babies, selling clothes all over Europe.
Camilla BlomCamilla BlomÖsterskenVisual identity for Östersken, a small scale producer of world class apple cider and apple juice, located in Österlen, Sweden. From the beautiful orchards you overlook the sea and the sunrise, which looks different each morning, just like a transparent label changes colour depending on what sort of apple is used in the juice.
Camilla BlomCamilla BlomFinca La Donaira, SpainThe view and the village El Gastor. Illustrations for the visual identity of Finca La Donaira, Andalusia, Spain.
Camilla BlomCamilla BlomSparbanken skåne/Pilevallen bankIllustration for the new visual identity for Swedish bank Sparbanken Skåne/Pilevallen bank.
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenT-shirt print for the brand NakataIllustration of Arséne Wenger for t-shirt print. One of many footballrelated prints I have done for this brand.
Sara EdströmSara EdströmLogotype for TuvessonskanLogotype for Tuvessonskan Mat & Kommunikation. 
Sara EdströmSara EdströmBranding Saskia Cort Logotype and typography for ceramics artist Saskia Cort. 
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonMÄN I GRUPP STICKERSSticker design made in collaboration with the Swedish humor podcast ‘Män i Grupp’. The theme originates from the episode 'Guilty pleasures’ where the group talk about their wrestling personas.
Monica LindMonica LindPisces Client Promo - Zodiac signs
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenCover illustration for Mensa annual gathering in StockholmThis illustration was done as front side to the catalog for Mensas annual gathering in Stockholm 2012. I did a group of illustration for this catalog with the theme puzzle. The idea for this illustration was to visualize Stockholm as a city and to intergrate puzzle in a intresting way.
Marie-Louise HedinMarie-Louise HedinIdentity for "Lena Händer""Lena Händer" (="Smooth Hands"in Swedish) a good name for a comapny that offers Tactile massage. Folded business cards present excellent information. Two of several labels for jars and bottles.
Marie-Louise HedinMarie-Louise HedinD.C.Mutual Aid identityDesign for D.C.Mutual Aid in washington DC, logotype, posters, fliers. This flier was chosen to be part of The Library of Congress permanent exhibit in Washington DC. The logo is used with different color background as seen on facemasks. Illustrator & Photoshop.
Lena TrappLena TrappArbetsmuseum DIGITOPIAArbetsmuseum DIGITOPIA Affish, digitalt, vepa
Julia FabriciusJulia FabriciusNon-dayAn editorial project that functions as a game. Through defamiliarization of daily routines with instructions and experimentation, it aims for observance and self-reflection. The game box includes a board, game rules, dice, 60 instruction cards, manual booklet and 60 stickers. Mixed formats, 2018. 
Julia FabriciusJulia FabriciusDemons of SpringA book containing a collection of texts that are a respresentation of how the author's identity has changed during a couple of years living in Berlin. The visual concept was translated into a variation of typography and layouts, depending on what part of the identity that they respresent. Digital print, hand bound, and embossed. 12,5 x 18,5 cm, 125 pages, 2021.
Lotta Grönkvist AlbinssonLotta Grönkvist AlbinssonThe Swedish Museum of Natural history: LABBET- THE LAB LABBET- THE LAB is the name of a new koncept that The Swedish Museum of Natural history has created lately. This is a new arena for public and scientists to meet and interact. I made the designmanual and all the graphics for this place.
Lotta Grönkvist AlbinssonLotta Grönkvist AlbinssonThe Swedish Museum of Natural history: Exhibition: Nature in SwedenI have created a new graphic design for the exhibition about Swedish Nature. It includes large format print and all kinds of graphics. Both digital and analog.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenStar Wars Concept Star Wars franchise Concept art. What happens year after episode 9?  What if the Stormtroppers from the fallen Empire made their own clans with Empire sympathizers?  This is an exploration about how it could be and look like.
Marie-Caroline PerisMarie-Caroline PerisEco Agroforestry Center, "A future for Linnarhult"I produced visual material to support a development plan for a suburb of Göteborg. It's a project that focuses on environmental and social sustainability to build a better future for Göteborg.
Marie-Caroline PerisMarie-Caroline PerisLekkontoret, "Gallery portraits"I have made for a series of portraits for each member of Lekkontoret, a design studio based in Göteborg, that work on architecture and design issues with and for children. 
Elin SvenssonElin SvenssonVide & VännerPortrait of hairdressers at the hairdressing salon Vide & Vänner in Kalmar. Technique, liquid ink.
Elin SvenssonElin SvenssonVide & VännerBusiness card for Vide&Vänner Swedish Hair salon in Kalmar.   
Julia GrothJulia Grothhi, hållbar interiör (sustainable interiors)Illustration for Hållbar interiör, a project for environmental certification of interior projects. The picture shows where interiors fit among other subject with existing certifications, like furniture, materials and buildings. 
Julia KabellJulia KabellEthnosphere OutdoorsLgotype for the wildlife extpert Juha Rankinens firm. 
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioSvenska Bostadsfonden | Visual IdentityA brand new visual identity and communications strategy for renowned property investor Svenska Bostadsfonden.
Maria CederMaria Ceder Vara municipality, Sprinten a new cultural meeting place in the city of Vara, logoVara municipality is planning and building a new neighborhood, Sprinten, which will be a cultural meeting place for students, visitors and residents of all ages, with a goal to increase the flow of visitors to the municipality. The project includes new, remodeling and extensions of school premises and premises for Vara Concert Hall. My assignment was to develop a silhouette and a logo that could be used to market the new neighborhood. The logo is made in Adobe Illustrator and is vectorized.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöMumsfillibabbaWorskhop at Oslo National Academy Of The Arts. A made up chocolate brand for kids, with the option to color the package.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöMonolordAlbum cover draft for doom-metal act Monolord and their EP Rust.
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoPoster for the band 'The Oneflower Tribe'A combination of images of the instruments and other things that made the band sound like they do, like an anatomical map of their sound.
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoLogotype for the band 'The Oneflower Tribe'Logotype for the band 'The Oneflower Tribe'
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoVisual identity for the band 'The Oneflower Tribe'. New visual identity for the band 'The Oneflower Tribe'. The project included creating basic elements such as logo, merch and illustrations. I also developed the design and illustrations for their latest LP. 
Lorenza WalkerLorenza WalkerJURK MagasinEach publication of JURK (judicial counceling for women, Norway) is given to a design student to design layout and cover. I got the chance to design and illustrate the content of the magazine that came out in the beginning of 2016.
Marie Tidquist LundinMarie Tidquist LundinFalköpings kommun - illustrationIllustration and graphic concept for the collaboration project “The Agreement” in Falköping Municipality.
Monica LindMonica LindAquariusClient promo
Monica LindMonica LindCapricornClient promo
Evelina WaldemarssonEvelina WaldemarssonFontana Foods, "Grilloumi"A pattern for Fontana's product Grilloumi. Used for food trucks, signs in shops and packaging.
Alaya VindelmanAlaya VindelmanKlimatprataVisuellt formspråk för ungdomsorganisationen Klimatprata. Organisationen arbetar med att skapa konstruktiva klimatsamtal, förändra oekologiska normer och bidra till institutionell omställning. Jag har tagit fram visuella riktlinjer för organisationen, skapat tryckmallar, mallar för social media, illustrationer och material för app, hemsida, filmer m.m.
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K LandbergNew own processwork 
Katarina ErikssonKatarina ErikssonT-shirt print design "Little Earth Keep It Cool", Celestial BuddiesT-shirt design for Celestial Buddies with Little Earth in the centre. It’s calling attention to things we can do to help save our Precious Earth. Perhaps you recognise Little Earth Buddy from the SpaceX flight to ISS in 2019.
Stefan LindbladStefan LindbladTechnical illustration for SSM residental developer builderTechnical illustration for SSM Fastigheter, residental developer builder. Neighbourhood Telefonplan. Apartment building complex named Metronomen. In Stockholm, Sweden.
Stefan LindbladStefan LindbladTechnical illustration for SSM residental developerTechnical illustration for SSM Fastigheter, residental developer. New development named Metronomen in Telefonplan, Stockholm,Sweden
Carolina GrönholmCarolina GrönholmAnimated music video, Tigern och KobranStill image from the animated music video I did for Tigern och Kobran. See the whole video here: Storyboard, illustration, charactar design and animation.  
Millis SarriMillis SarriScandicActivity picture för Scandic menu.
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinBig weekend breakfastCommercial illustration for a local and ecological milk producer. Center fold for recipy broshures 2020
Kerstin HolmstedtKerstin HolmstedtFörsäkrings AB Göta LejonChristmas in Gothenburg, Digital Christmas card
Victoria ErcinVictoria ErcinPersonal Work, ”Elephant Fairy”.Personal Work, ”Elephant Fairy”.
Monica LindMonica LindThe MusesClient Promo, New Year 2021
Jenny FindahlJenny FindahlPattern: ToolsBespoke pattern for client Ekomuseum Bergslagen.
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenLabel designLabels for cider and wine for Villa Apelhem.
Anna LolaxAnna LolaxCommission, "The Store/Haninge C"Illustrations for Haninge Center's christmas campaign 2020, commissioned by The Store agency.
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyWallpaintingWallpainting at My Feldts Tivolikiosk in Halmstad
Anna IlebyAnna IlebyWallpaintingWallpainting in Varberg
David AppelquistDavid AppelquistMalmö stad, "Billie" - transgender mascot."Billie" - transgender mascot, created by a combination of the symbols of man and woman.
Fredrik BrännströmFredrik BrännströmGral, wine etiquettePackaging design and illustration for a small winery in Mosel, Germany. The design radiates history and craftmanship but still not too “safe“. It was very important in the process that the design should feel like their own brand. Something that has the right feeling for the winery and catches your eye.
Monica LindMonica LindHappy HolidaysClient Promo
Christofer DegrérChristofer DegrérIllustration, Ve & Fasa Rollspelspodd, 2020Illustration for Ve & Fasa Rollspelspodd, 2020
Victor SvedbergVictor SvedbergYEAR0001Logo and visual identity for the record label YEAR0001.
Victor SvedbergVictor SvedbergYung Lean - StarzArt direction and design for the album Starz by Yung Lean. Photos by Zak Arogundade, illustrations by Jonatan Leandoer Håstad.
Victor SvedbergVictor SvedbergScandinavian MAN50 pages of layout and design for the magazine Scandinavian MAN.
Ben BakerBen BakerClosely animation - "Garment Care"One in a series of hand drawn animations to help lift the less exciting pages on Closely's inspiring new site.
Ben BakerBen BakerClosely animation - "My orders"One in a series of hand drawn animations to help lift the less exciting pages on Closely's inspiring new site.
Monica LindMonica LindSagittariusClient promo, serie "Astrology Signs"
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoVårdförbundetAn illustration proposal for "Vårdförbundet".
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoJayway by Devoteam - Blogging about tech & DesignOne of many branding illustrations and animations which I made for the Creative Tech company Jayway by Devoteam from 2018 until today.
Björn BerglundBjörn BerglundVisual identity for Booking EliteI designed a visual identity for Booking Elite, a company similar to Airbnb. For full project description, please visit my website at
Björn BerglundBjörn BerglundVisual identity for KöksbordetI designed the visual identity and logotype for Köksbordet (by Hörte Brygga), a small restaurant located in the Hörte harbour in South of Sweden. The assignment also included, for example; webdesign, business cards and digital newsletter designs. For full project description, please visit my website at
Karin OhlssonKarin OhlssonVolvo CarsIllustration for Volvo Cars Taiwan. They wanted an illustration for a picnic mat.
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder TogetherIllustration for Landsorganisationen i Sverige. About union workers.
Gabriel M. Sonder Gabriel M. Sonder DecideDecide, 2020
Johan LindhJohan LindhNext Generation RetailIllustration for the Design Agency Blink and their ideas for the future of retail.
Johan LindhJohan LindhNext Generation RetailIllustrations for the Design Agency Blink and their ideas for the future of retail.
Johan LindhJohan LindhUnderworld Chocolate MineUnderworld Chocolate Mine. Minttu concept illustration.
Johan LindhJohan LindhHero's journeyConcept illustration to a web-campaign for the finnish liqueur Minttu. The image was animated so a story was told when you scrolled the page.
Robin EnströmRobin EnströmWall painting "Better coffee to the people"Painting for a cafë
Robin EnströmRobin EnströmJohan & NyströmSign painting for Johan & Nyström
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenAlien Structure I'm trying out a new pipeline with 3D and paintover to a personal project.  I have been doing a lot of studies lately to LvL up my skills, and it has also given me some thoughts about developing my universe. I'm super pumped to continue this journey and to put out more content! I hope you guys like it!
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina Landberghumananimals i the city
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina Landberghumananimals in town 
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina Landberghandmade cards 2014
ulla-stina Landbergulla-stina Landbergulla-stina K Landberg Ulla-Stina Landbergbox gift
Monica LindMonica LindScorpioClient promo
Monica LindMonica LindLibraClient promo
Julian SchneiderJulian SchneiderIllustration, Svenska FlugorT-shirt design for
Stina PerssonStina PerssonRainier Square, images and visual identity for Seattle developerRainier Square, images and visual identity for Seattle developer
Stina PerssonStina PerssonRainier Square, developer in Seattle.Rainier Square, developer in Seattle.
Adrian WirenAdrian WirenThe Search Concept art of an wastland desert planet.
Lena TrappLena TrappColoursColours
Lena TrappLena TrappFrizzFrizz
Lena TrappLena TrappKulturhusKulturhuset Bergsjön Animation by Heypantarei and illustration by Ekta  
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design: "Målbrottskören" (Ballad Film)Title design for the short film documentary "Målbrottskören" by Ina Holmqvist and Martina Carlstedt (Ballad Film). 2020
Frida ClerhageFrida ClerhageSätt färg på Göteborg, window paintings 2020Window paintings for Sätt färg på Göteborg 2020. 
Frida ClerhageFrida ClerhageSätt färg på Göteborg, window paintings 2020Window paintings for Sätt färg på Göteborg 2020. 
Ulrika NilssonUlrika NilssonTörnskogens walking trail for childrenBibbi the wild bee. Illustrations for ten signs on Törnskogens walking trail for children. Client: Upplands Väsby kommun
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and poster: "The Swimmer" (French Quarter Film)Title design and poster for "The Swimmer" by Jonatan Etzler, 2019. 
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and poster: "Nitton" (Mariedamfilm)Title design and poster for the short film "Nitton" by Marcus Carlsson, 2019.