Lena TrappLena TrappKulturhusKulturhuset Bergsjön Animation by Heypantarei and illustration by Ekta  
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design: "Målbrottskören" (Ballad Film)Title design for the short film documentary "Målbrottskören" by Ina Holmqvist and Martina Carlstedt (Ballad Film). 2020
Frida ClerhageFrida ClerhageSätt färg på Göteborg, window paintings 2020Window paintings for Sätt färg på Göteborg 2020. 
Frida ClerhageFrida ClerhageSätt färg på Göteborg, window paintings 2020Window paintings for Sätt färg på Göteborg 2020. 
Ulrika NilssonUlrika NilssonTörnskogens walking trail for childrenBibbi the wild bee. Illustrations for ten signs on Törnskogens walking trail for children. Client: Upplands Väsby kommun
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and poster: "The Swimmer" (French Quarter Film)Title design and poster for "The Swimmer" by Jonatan Etzler, 2019. 
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and poster: "Nitton" (Mariedamfilm)Title design and poster for the short film "Nitton" by Marcus Carlsson, 2019.
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and animation: "Terje" (Nils-Hugo Produktion)Title design, animation and poster for the feature film documentary "Terje" by Gustav Hugosson and Andreas H Nilsson, 2020. My main mission is to animate discussions on the forum Flashbacks and Terje's own blog.
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and animation: "Mating" (French Quarter Film)Title design, animation and poster for the feature film documentary "Mating" by Lina Maria Mannheimer, 2019. My main mission is to animate the characters' communication online.
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design: "And Then We Danced" (French Quarter Film)Main title design (and credits) for the feature film "And Then We Danced" by Levan Akin, produced by French Quarter Film. 2019
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenVisualication of advertismentThis is one of many illustration I did for the event-company Visible Works to visualize their advertisment.
Aina von SegebadenAina von SegebadenIllustration for MENSA SwedenThis illusration is for MENSA Sweden and there EMAG-catalog 2012. The thought for the illustration is to show that it´s the group that creates the organisation by working together. Every individual is a piece of the the puzzle.
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekKonferens scenkonst Malmö stadFör teaterproduktions bolaget piratsagor. 
Maja ModénMaja Modénillustrations for the trade union VisionA series of illustrations for print, web etc, 2020
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornInternational day of Happiness, themeday-game, at internship Flarie This was my favourite theme day I did during my Internship at Flarie "The international day of happiness". I based the game of of "these are a few of my favourite things" from Sound of Music.
Jessica SvendebornJessica SvendebornBaking Break, Personal projectThis was a fake-gameproject in school. We had to come up with a gameidea and create fake screenshots for the game.​ I made "Baking Break" a mobile baking game. I wanted a very 50's advertizing style with a semi-realistic painted feeling. With an assistant character called Peggy.
Tova JertfeltTova JertfeltKollektiv Sorg, campaign visual profileVisual profile for the campaign "Kollektiv Sorg", launched in 2020. Logotype made by me. Read more here
Tova JertfeltTova JertfeltTeskedsorden, visual profileVisual profile for Teskedsordens campaign "Var inte medrasist" 2017. A collaboration with Nathalie Ruejas Jonson
Tova JertfeltTova JertfeltOmVärlden, editorial illustrationsMore than 50 unique illustrations for the digital magazine OmVärlden, made during 2017-2018. The illustrations were made for almost as many articles, in digital format. See more of them here.
Ben BakerBen BakerClosely animation - "Returns"One in a series of animations to help lift the less exciting pages on Closely's inspiring new site.
Ben BakerBen BakerClosely animation - "Delivery"One in a series of hand drawn animations to lift the less exciting pages on Closely's new site.
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekSRAT illustration Illustration made to illustrate the union SRAT new vision and to show their members importent roll in the community. 
Caroline SellstoneCaroline SellstonePwC – digital graphic recordingDigital graphic recording med PwC under en ledarskapsutbildning för toppledare inom offentlig sektor.
Caroline SellstoneCaroline Sellstone Telge network and recycling  One of six images that visualize Telge's business plan. Vector graphics in Illustrator.
Susanne FredeliusSusanne FredeliusCity of grace. Drunk on the moon. Animated music video for Drunk on the moons song City of grace.
Fred AnderssonFred AnderssonMap of north west Skåne Map illustration for NW Skåne. Great jobb, loved it!
Maya JönssonMaya Jönsson'tre drakar dansar dig yra'  Ongoing project
Fred AnderssonFred AnderssonHbg Mashup IllustrationIllustration for a huge convention in Helsingborg, Sweden. 1000 visitors. The whole arena was made after the illustration, it did come to life;) MAD!
Manne JalilianManne JalilianAbsolut VodkaIllustration and design for Absolut Vodka, 2018. The commercial is part of the Absolut Cubed campaign, where different drinks are presented together with a flavor. I interpreted the ”Grapefruit Drop Shot” and used the grapefruits nickname, ”The citrus of paradise", as inspiration for my design.
Bo SödervallBo Södervall"In the People´s Park". - Art.Watercolor. Art.
Suzana Plancak Suzana Plancak Matcha sumo 3D3d character for matcha latte cafe. Modeling and rendering in Autodesk Maya.
Eva EdbergEva EdbergBliwa campaignBliwa campaign with personal characters and stories.
Lilian BäckmanLilian BäckmanFRINGE FESTIVAL STOCKHOLM 2019 (STOFF)X year
Lilian BäckmanLilian BäckmanFRINGE FESTIVAL STOCKHOLM 2019 (STOFF)The vitruan man in new shape. Fringe festival, Stockholm celebrate X (10  year)  2019. 
Lilian BäckmanLilian BäckmanFRINGE FESTIVAL STOCKHOLM (STOFF) 202015-19 SEPTEMBER 2020 Stockholm & Online
Lilian BäckmanLilian BäckmanFRINGE FESTIVAL STOCKHOLM (STOFF) 2020The 11th edition of STOFF is returning, in the shape of a HYBRID festival, that will feature old and new festival modules: both IRL fringe art, and online showcases from Sweden and the globe! Get ready for 5 days, 50 events and 32 premiers from 129 artists in 16 countries!
Veronica Ballart LiljaVeronica Ballart LiljaZeta - MangoWatercolor illustrations for Zeta's packaging.
Maya JönssonMaya JönssonTwo small dragons  A watercolor with two small dragons. For fun.
Maya JönssonMaya Jönssonwatercolor, animal portrait An commissioned animal portrait 
Åsa FredricsonÅsa FredricsonSaveaInfographics
Åsa FredricsonÅsa FredricsonCETIS – Centrum för tekniken i skolanRobot
Åsa FredricsonÅsa FredricsonTekniska verken i Linköpinginfographics
Veronica Ballart LiljaVeronica Ballart LiljaRNBWall decoration created with watercolors to RNB head office.
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladLogotyp Skulpturpark Vadstena   
Carin LundbladCarin Lundblad Logo and folder Tummens B & B  Logo and folder for a mini B&B in Vadstena.
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladLogotyp Björkhaga inredningssnickeri  A logo where B got a profile that leads the idea to a facade strip on, for example, a frame.
Carin LundbladCarin Lundblad Coffee Labels  More examples of labels for Rosteriet's coffee.
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladLabels Rosteriet Vadstena  I have for some time worked with Rosteriet Vadstena and their packaging, here is an example of the first labels that were produced.
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladFolder Boställets vedugnsbageriFolder for Bostället's wood oven bakery, a presentation about the business.
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladLogo Solgården  Here I have chosen to make a typographic symbol. The ornaments in the symbol are taken from the pattern on sofa that is in one of the rooms at Solgården. This shape should also reflect the spirit of the time in the early 20th century with the Art Nouveau style and I also have an idea for embroidered pillowcases and sheets.
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladFoodtruck Gilroys Take awayGilroy's Take away, a food cart that sells yummy sandwiches. Here the design of the vehicle decoration, the color scheme should make the carriage visible but at the same time blend into the city's environment. The graphic expression modern and playful.
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladGraphic profile AdolfsnäsSome examples of how the graphic identity was used on labels, advertisements and windows.
Carin LundbladCarin LundbladLogo Adolfsnäs Handelsträdgård  The bumblebees are used for pollination in the garden's greenhouse and were therefore an obvious symbol of the business.
Marie HerzogMarie HerzogLogotype & patternCafé Rotundan, 2017
Marie HerzogMarie HerzogAlbum Cover: EP & SingelKaskelott, 2017 Layout: Emil Karlsson
Marie HerzogMarie HerzogIllustrationsKvinnojouren i Lund, 2018  
Sandra FröjdSandra Fröjd"Still life-study", own project, 2020Study in still life, made in Clip Studio Paint, summer 2020. 
Tinna AhlanderTinna AhlanderVÄNDesign of logo, packaging, labels, leaflets and brochures for FRIEND. A company with environmentally and skin-friendly products. Shampoo, soap, skin cream, liniment, foot cream, detergent, deodorant etc.
Monica LindMonica LindZodiac sign LeoClient promo
Julia KabellJulia KabellLogotype for Eco-lodgeThe logotype symbolises the tepee-tent and the lake where it is set.
Julia KabellJulia KabellLogotype for the local breweryVintage style logotype for a local brewery. 
Julia KabellJulia KabellForest Tribe- logotypeLogotype for the eco event- company Forest Tribe. 
Monica LindMonica LindAstro sign CancerZodiac - Client promo
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonConfirmation, bike rental app, school projectIllustration for a school project that involved designing and app for bicycle rental.
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonBrand illustration, school project, Go Climate Neautral  The illustrations are part of a visual identity for Go Climate Neutral, a subscription service for climate compensation. The project was carried out in collaboration with the company, within the framework of my education (Digital designer at Brobygrafiska).
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonMÄN I GRUPP MERCHI had the honor of designing a t-shirt for the Swedish humor podcast 'Män i Grupp'. The motif has its origin from the episode ‘Klövdjuret från Dalby’ and which animals the gang resembles.
Jessica PopeJessica PopePersonal work, personal brandingPersonal branding (2017)
Jessica PopeJessica PopeKvinnojouren Sundbyberg, visual identityVisual identity – Kvinnojouren Sundbyberg (2020)
ISABELL KIRSTINÄISABELL KIRSTINÄSpråkknuffen, Trollhättans Bibliotek    
Monica LindMonica LindGeminiStar signs - client promo
Pia OlmåsPia OlmåsTingberget produktion, logotype, 2020  
Evelina WaldemarssonEvelina WaldemarssonAller media, "A"Handmade typography. Visual identity for "Allerdagarna", an yearly event. "A" is filled with the name of Aller medias magazines. Every name is repeated three times.
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtThe cityA cover for the magazine "Roten".
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSkipping girlShort personal project.
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkPortrait of the artist as a young rodentPersonal work, ink and watercolour, 2019
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkBlue BloodIllustration for short story in app-format, "Blue Blood" For Snicks stories app. 2020
Monica LindMonica LindTaurusZodiac sign Taurus - client promo.
Emilie BergmanEmilie BergmanWebbdesignBehöver ditt företag en ny webbsida? Bergman Illustrerat kan hjälpa dig att skapa en modern webbsida skräddarsydd efter ditt företag. Webbsidan skapas i det webbaserade verktyget Wix, som du efter överlämning själv kommer kunna hantera. Sidan blir responsiv och anpassar sig efter vilken enhet mottagaren har. Grundläggande SEO-optimering ingår och ompekning till ert domännamn. Mer information: https://www.bergmanillustrerat.com/webbsida
Anna JonssonAnna JonssonLogo design, LångåsaLogo design and identity work for the farm Långåsa, sustainable local food producers. 
Eva Helena LarssonEva Helena LarssonIllustration for Umeå University.Illustration for the communication of Umeå University, for instance vision and value of the university, both for print and digital use.
Tilda MårtenssonTilda MårtenssonSpikey pink berry lagerPersonal project, 2020.
Tilda MårtenssonTilda MårtenssonSweet & Sour Personal project, 2020.
Christina HägerforsChristina HägerforsViaplay, "Avatars"A selection of avatars made for a more personalized experience when you log in to your account.
Anna L AndrénAnna L AndrénPattern PitchPattern Pitch.
Caroline TinterovaCaroline TinterovaDalahorse Floral - NapkinholderIllustration, design and product.
Caroline TinterovaCaroline TinterovaMediterranean deliVector illustration 
Niki AsimakidisNiki AsimakidisCD Projekt Red - Instastory TemplateA social media template created for the community updates.
Lottis Karlsson OlssonLottis Karlsson Olssonillustrations for wallpaintingsillustrations for wallpaintings, Bejing, China
Sofia HolmlundSofia HolmlundJungarå Ekogård, CarrotsIllustration of carrots for packaging.  2018
Sofia HolmlundSofia HolmlundJungarå Ekogård, BeetrotsIllustration of beetroots for beetroot packaging, Jungarå Ekogård. 2017
Sofia HolmlundSofia HolmlundJungarå Ekogård, packagingIllustration and graphic design of carrot and beetroot packaging for Jungarå Ekogård in Jeppo, Finland.  2017 and 2018.
Sofia HolmlundSofia HolmlundKnivsta Kultur och fritid, Visual IdentityArt direction and graphic design of visual identity for Knivsta Kultur och fritid. 2018-19.
Josefin LidhJosefin LidhGrand <3 MusikhjälpenVisual identity a Musikhjälpen event.
Josefin LidhJosefin LidhLittle flyLittle fly, personal work. 
Josefin LidhJosefin LidhAgriOptIllustration for AgriOpt, 2020.
Josefin LidhJosefin LidhAgriOptIllustration for AgriOpt, 2020.
Nikki SchmidtNikki SchmidtThe Kindness Calendar, Friends 2014 - 2019Visual identity, illustration and graphic design. The Kindness is a advent calendar which works as a bootcamp in kindness. The income from the sales goes to an non profit organisation, and we've collaborated with Swedish Plan and Friends.  See more at http://www.nikkivisual.com/
Nikki SchmidtNikki SchmidtWebsite and graphic identity for sexual rightsWebsite, graphic identity, logo and printed material for a Arvsfonden project that helps people who has been through sexual assault or rape. Read more at http://www.nikkivisual.com/
Sebastian Thelander SjöstrandSebastian Thelander SjöstrandIllustration | RelationsinstitutetIllustration to the non-profit organisation Relationsinstitutets graphic profile, 2018.
Sebastian Thelander SjöstrandSebastian Thelander SjöstrandIllustration | RelationsinstitutetIllustration to the non-profit organisation Relationsinstitutets visual identity, 2018.