Susanne FredeliusSusanne FredeliusIllustration for the Swedish Sports Confederation 2020.The Swedish Sports Confederation ordered drawings from me. They would describe various break activities in the schoolyard linked to promote exercise and health in schoolchildren.
Jenny HargneJenny HargneIntroducing podcast about childrens booksSometimes the creative process gives you surprises
Alba LangeAlba LangeKNEG - sex filmer om arbete (SVT)Title design, plates, animated transitions and keyart for the series and all 6 films in it, Sveriges Television's documentary series KNEG ("WORK"), 2021. Project manager Helena Ingelsten, editors Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh and Ina Holmqvist.
Jenny HargneJenny HargneSelfportraitThe creative process. Ideas, inspiration, selfdoubt.
Jenny HargneJenny HargneInboxed wanting outAbout how boxes can help you draw the right perspektive. But sometimes you don´t want to stay in the box.
Elin Hjulström LordElin Hjulström LordPersonal Work, illustrationIllustration inspired by folklore and mythology, with a tweaked version of the "Skogsrå", the forest keeper.
Elin Hjulström LordElin Hjulström LordPersonal Work, illustrationIllustration inspired by folklore and mythology.
Elin Hjulström LordElin Hjulström LordPersonal Work, illustrationLight and environmental study.
Elin Hjulström LordElin Hjulström LordPersonal Work, illustrationIllustration adressing the issue of depletion.
Elin SvenssonElin SvenssonEASTER BUNNYPersonal projekt, 2020.
Nils-Petter EkwallNils-Petter EkwallSustainability for companiesEditorial illustration for a finance company. About sustainability work being a competitive factor for companies.
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonKuken gifA tribute to one of Malmös most popular landmarks “Kuken” (The Dick).
Maria CederMaria CederCoordination, Kungliga biblioteket, flow chartA flow chart that describes the parties' role in a coordination assignment, for the Royal Library.
Marie ÅhfeldtMarie ÅhfeldtNoice, CAMMNoice, work environment risk during pregnancy. A leaflet for CAMM, Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Stockholm Region.
Steffi AluochSteffi AluochExpo, EssayIllustration for essay "To handle white fragility"
Kamilla AnderssonKamilla AnderssonScreenshot from the web site Subtopia Subcase Cyber  The web site was 6000 px long, and you scrolled through the forrest sideways to get to the entrance to "The Huddle". You had to give the hare boxer a password to get in. The dollhouse to the left is a mini online showcase fair for circus companies.  Digital art and collage. Screenshot.
Kamilla AnderssonKamilla AnderssonWeb Illustration and design, Subtopia Subcase CyberThis was the start screen for the international online event Subtopia Subcas Cyber for cirus artists and producers.Almost everything is clickable and takes the visitior to different forums. Digital art and collage.
Kamilla AnderssonKamilla AnderssonIllustration for the the web site "The Huddle"This web site was a part of an international online event called Subtopia Subcase Cyber for circus artists. This room was deisgned for discussion forums, podcasta and performance videos. The techniques I used were digital painting and collage. The radios and TV:s are purchased stock images.
Kamilla AnderssonKamilla AnderssonPoster for the play The Master and MargaritaPoster for the play The Master and Margarita in Folkteatern, Gävle, Sweden 2018.  Digital art and collage. Graphic design in collaboration with customer.
Mika Ohmori (Selin)Mika Ohmori (Selin)Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund 2020 I was commissioned to create an illustration of “Setsubun 節分” by Adobe.  
Marie-Caroline PerisMarie-Caroline PerisLekkontoret, "Gallery portraits"I have made for a series of portraits for each member of Lekkontoret, a design studio based in Göteborg, that work on architecture and design issues with and for children. 
Julia GrothJulia Grothhi, hållbar interiör (sustainable interiors)Illustration for Hållbar interiör, a project for environmental certification of interior projects. The picture shows where interiors fit among other subject with existing certifications, like furniture, materials and buildings. 
Bim HjortronsteenBim HjortronsteenBirdsThis is a personal illustration project where I have studies birds with the aim of simplifying the shapes in order to create something striking and memorable. 
Elin MolanderElin MolanderAvocadoAvocado, animation for client in the music industry.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöMr & MrsAnimation
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöBullshit jobsAnimation based on professor David Graebers theorys about bullshit jobs. Jobs we dont care about, feel shouldn’t exist and makes us depressed.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöMaskotverketMaskotverket was my graduation project at Oslo Academy of The Arts. It’s an imaginary agency who’s mission is to provide swedish authorities with mascots.
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöCharactersVector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöCharactersVector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöCharactersVector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöNatures callVector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöNatures call Vector illustration
Hugo SandsjöHugo SandsjöNatures callVector illustration
Kornelia EngqvistKornelia EngqvistShelterPersonal work
Iso LindhIso LindhArbetaren: Don't miss out!When a newspaper that has been printed for 96 years switches to publishing on the web, readers might need some encouragement making the leap reading the newspaper online. This comic was used in the monthly magazine and on social media platsforms.
Eva ThimgrenEva ThimgrenRegion SörmlandIllustrations of different types of families, for a campaign for family busticktes in Sörmland. Displayed in different sizes on buses and on Regions Sörmland's webbsite.
Veronika LagunadiskoVeronika LagunadiskoBirds/hands. Drawing made as print/tote bag/t-shirtPersonal project. Can be found as print, t-shirt or tote bag in my web shop: 
Lorenza WalkerLorenza WalkerSoFar SoundsA commission by SoFar Sounds Oslo (live musicevents), where I designed a poster and social media content for the month of May in 2016
Marie Tidquist LundinMarie Tidquist LundinFormkontakt - animation  Animation in stop motion for own company Formkontakt.
Annika HuettAnnika HuettOperation SmileAnimation for Operation Smile for Valentine's Day.
Transfer StudioTransfer StudioKlarna Bank | Reminder Fee IllustrationsIllustrations for KlarnaThe Never Forget Test - an in-app game for customers to win back reminder fees.
Stina NordStina NordPersonal work, 'Yellow'.Personal work, Gif-animation made with Adobe Photoshop.
Alaya VindelmanAlaya VindelmanMarknadsföringAffisch till nycirkusföreställningen Kollision med gruppen Kollektiv Knaster. Jag har även gjort många andra typer av marknadsföringsmaterial till gruppen, t.ex: flyers, visitkort, säljblad, tekniskrider m.m.
Alaya VindelmanAlaya VindelmanCirkusföreställning för samtyckeTryckt och digitalt material till nycirkusföreställningen Tillsamman. En föreställning som riktar sig till lågstadiet och handlar om samtycke. Föreställningen följs av workshop och lärarhandledning. Jag har tagit fram det visuella formspråket och skapat flyers, affisch, lärarhandledning och hemsida.
Alaya VindelmanAlaya VindelmanKlimatprataVisuellt formspråk för ungdomsorganisationen Klimatprata. Organisationen arbetar med att skapa konstruktiva klimatsamtal, förändra oekologiska normer och bidra till institutionell omställning. Jag har tagit fram visuella riktlinjer för organisationen, skapat tryckmallar, mallar för social media, illustrationer och material för app, hemsida, filmer m.m.
Pia NiemiPia NiemiOwn project - animation catGif-animation of cat made in procreate.
Kim JanssonKim JanssonCross section of bedOne of twelve beds included in the assignment. A section that shows the different layers in the beds.
Helena SellgrenHelena SellgrenOwn project, The assistent and I.Illustrate what it can be like to work from home.
Kim KarlssonKim Karlssonmandala gifa moving mandala, made in after effects. inspired by geometric patterns often seen in the middle east
Eva ThimgrenEva ThimgrenRegion SörmlandIllustrations of different types of families, for a campaign for family busticktes in Sörmland. Displayed in different sizes on buses and on Regions Sörmland's webbsite.
Eva ThimgrenEva ThimgrenRegion SörmlandIllustrations of different types of families, for a campaign for family busticktes in Sörmland. Displayed in different sizes on buses and on Regions Sörmland's webbsite.
Jenny Almén Jenny Almén Kvinnofridslinjen - illustrationsFilm about how the women's peace line works.
Alexandra ForssAlexandra ForssLearnways / Ryggmärgsskadecentrum i Göteborg. Medical illustrationer.In collaboration with Learnways. Created a set of medical illustrations.
Alexandra ForssAlexandra ForssLearnways / VGR, website and learningplatformDigital illustration and design och webpage.
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannPortrait -Malala YousafzaiPortrait of Malala Yousafzai. Wall of Femme is a series of portraits of brave and inspiring women.
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannEditorial illustration, Lidingö StadEditorial illustration for the magazine Vårt Lidingö. Printed and web. 
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannIllustration, RiksidrottmuseetIllustrations for Riksidrottmuseet. 
Li Rosén ZobecLi Rosén ZobecNaturvårdsverketIcons
Victoria LevinVictoria LevinConcept for museumsDesigned concept for museums, children in focus. The work of gathering objects to the museum collecions. Client: Bohusläns museum 2018
Kerstin HolmstedtKerstin HolmstedtFörsäkrings AB Göta LejonChristmas in Gothenburg, Digital Christmas card
matilda peterssonmatilda peterssonJM Bygg, KVM Magasin. Spoon Agency, 2020Illustration for JM Bygg, KVM Magasin. Winner in The Publishing Prize 2020
matilda peterssonmatilda peterssonSinfoyra. MSB, Stockholm. 2020Informative illustration for broschure. Aquarelle and ink. 
Christian LindbergChristian LindbergPortrait of a colleagueA portrait of a colleague for an article
Isabelle RönnquistIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work, camping nightPersonal work, digital.
Jenny JanssonJenny JanssonThe Astrid Lindgren Code, "Astrid Lindgren"This was one prototype for an illustration project for The Astrid Lindgren Code. However, we chose to change the style of the illustration to something different.
Anders ParsmoAnders ParsmoAccept the ChallangeDigital playground for the Sweish Bibelsociety (for planning your biblereading).
Camilla HögbergCamilla HögbergOwn project for social media with Christmas greeting.Own project for social media with Christmas greeting. Digital illustration.
Camilla HögbergCamilla HögbergPrivate project - Thank you in Swedish sign language  Digital illustration, thank you card with instructions on how to say thank you in swedish sign language.
Stina BrantingStina BrantingMy rocketInnovation project on Berghs School of Communication. About an innovation and that you can reach were ever you want.
Emma HanquistEmma HanquistBiblioteksbladet, editorial illustration, 2020Illustration for a text about how streaming and online services have gained more and more power during the pandemic and their influence needs to stop. Published 2020.
Alba LangeAlba LangeGraphic design: "Årets kortaste dag" (SVT)Title design, animation and editing of SVT's show "Kortfilm på årets kortaste dag 2020" ("short films on the shortest day of the year 2020"). Project manager Helena Ingelsten, producer Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh and editorialist Ina Holmqvist.
Kari ModénKari ModénAkademibokhandeln Material in store, web and social media
Marie NordinMarie Nordinillustration for web magazine - mixed mediaIllustration for "Introvert och feminist" by Joanna Gorecka, Feministiskt perspektiv, 2019-01-22. ​
Sebastian DahlSebastian DahlAnimated skills - What I can offerPersonal project; Animation made in After Effects. 
Ben BakerBen BakerClosely animation - "Garment Care"One in a series of hand drawn animations to help lift the less exciting pages on Closely's inspiring new site.
Ben BakerBen BakerClosely animation - "My orders"One in a series of hand drawn animations to help lift the less exciting pages on Closely's inspiring new site.
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoJayway by Devoteam - Blogging about tech & DesignOne of many branding illustrations and animations which I made for the Creative Tech company Jayway by Devoteam from 2018 until today.
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoApollo Tour Operator - Illustrations & looping gifs for webOne of many illustrations and animated gifs that I have created for the Danish Tour Operator Apollo's website.
Ivannia OlguinIvannia OlguinOmboardning - Mobile.
Julia ThorellJulia ThorellChristmas decorations for H&M and ArketChristmas decorations for H&M and Arket 2020, shown in store windows in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, England, Russia, China. The illustrations are also shown at and in social media. This picture is from Regent Street, London.
Kati MetsKati MetsKollega, a good start for your idea.Get some help for your new idea. Take contact with an incubator. Collage for Kollega.
Johan LindhJohan LindhNext Generation RetailIllustration for the Design Agency Blink and their ideas for the future of retail.
Johan LindhJohan LindhNext Generation RetailIllustrations for the Design Agency Blink and their ideas for the future of retail.
Johan LindhJohan LindhUnderworld Chocolate MineUnderworld Chocolate Mine. Minttu concept illustration.
Johan LindhJohan LindhHero's journeyConcept illustration to a web-campaign for the finnish liqueur Minttu. The image was animated so a story was told when you scrolled the page.
Laura Di FrancescoLaura Di FrancescoBOMBARDIER Wayside - Hero Animation for a landing pageI've created this isometric animated illustration for Bombardier throught Jayway by Devoteam in 2020, usinf Adobe Illustrator & After Effects.
Christian LindbergChristian LindbergNK Logo RemixNK Logo in a remixed (Illustated) version.
Cecilia Birgerson NordlingCecilia Birgerson NordlingUnder samma himmel, illustrationer, 2020Under samma himmel (Under the same sky), is a project that aims to nurture good inter-religious friendships and relations in schools, through education and dialogue. The project is financed by Sensus and has am inter-religious board with representatives from Bilda, Göteborgs stift, Ibn Rushd and judiska församlingen. My assignment was to make illustrations for the course's website.
Katarina LernmarkKatarina LernmarkMeditation poseYoga girl in a lotus position. Charcoal and ink.
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonFUNNY GIRLWebb and billboard advertising for the show 'Funny Girl' at Malmö Opera 2020, with lead singer/actress Sanna Nielsen.
Kati MetsKati MetsAlkohol & narkotika, drug tests in schoolAlkohol & narkotika, drug tests in school. Problems with integrity?
Annika HuettAnnika HuettBollnäsfilCross-stitch embroidered text and decorations for ads for Bollnäsfil.
Johan RöstwallJohan RöstwallPortraitOne of a few portraits of employees to a creative firm.
Jonn ClementeJonn ClementeGirl on the hillPersonal project
Jonn ClementeJonn ClementeHorror  Illustration for the chapter "Horror" in Liber Svenska ÅK 4.
Lena TrappLena TrappKulturhusKulturhuset Bergsjön Animation by Heypantarei and illustration by Ekta  
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and poster: "Cleanse" (Silver Films)Title design and poster for the short film "Cleanse" (by SaraKlara Hellström), 2020.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownIllustration for magazine Care Focus. The care associationIllustration for reports and articles.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownCultural map of Örebro municipalityCultural map of Örebro municipality. Shows important places to visit and convey and feeling about what Örebro is.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownVisiting Farm, Sollentuna kommunIllustration for visiting area: Visit Farm, animals, restaurant and walking paths.