Kati MetsKati MetsAlkohol & narkotika, drug tests in schoolAlkohol & narkotika, drug tests in school. Problems with integrity?
Annika HuettAnnika HuettBollnäsfilCross-stitch embroidered text and decorations for ads for Bollnäsfil.
Johan RöstwallJohan RöstwallPortraitOne of a few portraits of employees to a creative firm.
Jonn ClementeJonn ClementeGirl on the hillPersonal project
Jonn ClementeJonn ClementeHorror  Illustration for the chapter "Horror" in Liber Svenska ÅK 4.
Lena TrappLena TrappKulturhusKulturhuset Bergsjön Animation by Heypantarei and illustration by Ekta  
Alba LangeAlba LangeTitle design and poster: "Cleanse" (Silver Films)Title design and poster for the short film "Cleanse" (by SaraKlara Hellström), 2020.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownIllustration for magazine Care Focus. The care associationIllustration for reports and articles.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownCultural map of Örebro municipalityCultural map of Örebro municipality. Shows important places to visit and convey and feeling about what Örebro is.
Anna Windborne-BrownAnna Windborne-BrownVisiting Farm, Sollentuna kommunIllustration for visiting area: Visit Farm, animals, restaurant and walking paths.
Maja ModénMaja Modénillustrations for the trade union VisionA series of illustrations for print, web etc, 2020
Ben BakerBen BakerClosely animation - "Returns"One in a series of animations to help lift the less exciting pages on Closely's inspiring new site.
Ben BakerBen BakerClosely animation - "Delivery"One in a series of hand drawn animations to lift the less exciting pages on Closely's new site.
Cecilia Birgerson NordlingCecilia Birgerson NordlingUMO.se, illustration for article about what is okay sex, 2020Illustration for editorial web content about what is okay sex, on UMO.se, Sweden's online youth clinic. I have also made the other illustrations for this material. https://www.umo.se/sex/regler-och-lagar-om-sex/vad-ar-okej-sex/
Cecilia Birgerson NordlingCecilia Birgerson NordlingThe Swedish Partnership for Mental Health, NSPH, illustrations for print material and web, 2020Illustrations for NSPH's project Inflytande i rättspsykiatrin, whose goal is to empower the voices of patients of forensic psychiatry. Illustrations for use in print material, roll up and on the project's web page. https://nsph.se/sa-har-paverkar-vi/projekt/inflytande-i-rattspsykiatrin/
Isabelle RönnquistIsabelle RönnquistRovdjurscentret De 5 Stora, wolfOne of several illustrations for Rovdjurscentret De 5 Stora. Digital work.
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekSRAT illustration Illustration made to illustrate the union SRAT new vision and to show their members importent roll in the community. 
Susanne FredeliusSusanne FredeliusCity of grace. Drunk on the moon. Animated music video for Drunk on the moons song City of grace.
Kari ModénKari ModénAkademibokhandelnIn Store posters + web
Kristina AlfonsdotterKristina AlfonsdotterPersonal work, "Ice bath"Gif-animation.
Manne JalilianManne JalilianAct TogetherAct Together. Illustrations and animation, 2020. Work for MÄN, a non-profit association that works for gender equality, to change destructive masculinity norms and to stop men's violence. The project "Act together", targets younger students and encourages them to act when they see abuse of any kind. By discussing, among other things, what a spectator is and how that person acts, the material is meant to help as a discussion basis for teachers and children in a school environment
Fredrik AnderssonFredrik AnderssonBikecard Illustration for FamijenHelsingborg
Maja ModénMaja ModénThe forest in schoola series of illustrations för a website to teach kids about the swedish forest
Susanne AnderssonSusanne AnderssonRISE - KlimatklivetIllustrations for the RISE project "Klimatklivet".
Emilie BergmanEmilie BergmanIllustration, Håll NollanJag har  samarbetat med Håll Nollan och deras manifestation för att åskådliggöra att samarbete har en avgörande betydelse för att skapa en olycksfri byggbransch. Jag har gjort en illustration som ska finnas med i hela kampanjen Håll Nollans Säkerhetspush - tillsammans för säkrare byggen. En gemensam manifestation som kommer att genomföras på ett flertal bygg- och anläggningsarbetsplatser runtom hela Sverige 15 september kl. 13.00 2020.​
Munira YussufMunira YussufWebgraphics for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020Webgraphics for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020
Munira YussufMunira YussufWebbgraphics for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020Webbgraphics for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020
Munira YussufMunira YussufWebgraphics made for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020Webgraphics made for FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, Aug 2020
Rickard GrönkvistRickard GrönkvistIllustration for VillaägarnaIllustration for Villaägarna 2020 - 02
Maria WallMaria WallVästerbottens- Kuriren (local paper), illustration. "Superhero Delivery", 2020Every week I make an illustration for a text published in the appendix to the local paper Västerbottens- Kuriren.
Nils-Petter EkwallNils-Petter EkwallVPN Tunnels, Atea Illustration for Swedish Tech company Atea. Illustration describing Atea’s backup services for municipalities, VPN-tunnels through internet to safe backups in undergrund shelters and how the computer system restores data after virus attacks.
Elin Matilda AnderssonElin Matilda AnderssonFacebook | Love AustraliaThis piece was commissioned by Facebook to highlight their Australian bush fire appeal in January 2020.    
Annika HuettAnnika HuettRensa, organisera och inred Cover and insert for the book Clear, organize and decorate, for a life in balance and harmony. Semic publishing house
Per PelzPer PelzAcamp (camp.com) 2020An illustration for Acamp, a digital platform (acamp.com). Visit pelz.se for more illustrations from this project.
Åsa FredricsonÅsa FredricsonSaveaInfographics
Åsa FredricsonÅsa FredricsonTekniska verken i Linköpinginfographics
Karin SöderquistKarin SöderquistArtemisia GentileschiIllustrated portrait of the baroque painter Artemisia_Gentileschi HERchive,  a visual archive celebrating women and non-binary artists throughout history. 
Annika HuettAnnika HuettCoop, MersmakIllustration for Coop Mer Smak summer supplement, vacation with Coop's partners.
Carina Backlund MelanderCarina Backlund MelanderBirds of knowledge  Illustration for the finance company Flexfunktion AB. Three different bird pictures for different levels of financial advice and administration.
Nils-Petter EkwallNils-Petter EkwallAtea Software Asset Management cutaway illustration Cutaway Illustration for IT infrastructure supplier ATEA. Illustration about Software Asset Management. Each part of the company's service plan is depicted as a floorplan in the office building. 
Mikaela NordlundMikaela NordlundMeditation, Södertälje county Series of pictures published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Maja ModénMaja ModénCooper test labillustration icon for COOP sweden
Julia KabellJulia KabellLogotype for Eco-lodgeThe logotype symbolises the tepee-tent and the lake where it is set.
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonConfirmation, bike rental app, school projectIllustration for a school project that involved designing and app for bicycle rental.
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonStickers, personal workDigital illustration.
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonPersonal work, cleaningDigital illustration.
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonBrand illustration, school project, Go Climate Neautral  The illustrations are part of a visual identity for Go Climate Neutral, a subscription service for climate compensation. The project was carried out in collaboration with the company, within the framework of my education (Digital designer at Brobygrafiska).
Jonatan JönssonJonatan JönssonANIMATED PORTRAITS 2Personal project / Another example from my animated portraits.
Irene DanielssonIrene DanielssonRoller girl, personal workDigital illustration.
Lisa MedinLisa MedinAlbum cover, Victor LeksellAnimation and cover illustration for music artist Victor Leksell's debut album "Fånga mig när jag faller", released by Sony Music in june 2020. 
Annika StårnerAnnika StårnerIllustration | Map "Brevik–Lervik"Idea and design of welcomingsign for Brevik–Lerviks Vägförening. Map over the areas Brevik–Lervik in the Stockholm archipelago, Österåker. Vector graphics for printed matter and digital media. 
Isak GjertsenIsak GjertsenBreathingAnimation loop. License from web and TV available on request.
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekGrounds for discrimination, for Region KronobergGrounds for discriminationm for educational material Region Kronoberg
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter Simsek"Feta cheese", Personal projectRecipebok for children, personal project
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekRecipe for children, personal projectRecipe för children.
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekHow to find a forest? Fältbiologerna Checklist for children to find a forest, illustration used by Fältbiologerna. 
Maria Richter SimsekMaria Richter SimsekGraphic template used in digital conference ( at MIRO)Template for graphic facilitation used in conversation between visual pracitctioners. 
Björn ZahlbrucknerBjörn ZahlbrucknerEverydayWhat we do every day - work, routine, repetition. 
Kari ModénKari ModénAkademibokhandelnIn Store posters + web
Kerstin ArfwedsonKerstin ArfwedsonSophies Canelé, watercolorIllustration/watercolor, created as a part of an invitation card for Sophies Canelé's After Works on social media (Facebook and Instagram)
Kerstin ArfwedsonKerstin ArfwedsonSophies Canelé, watercolor illustrationWatercolor illustration and layout for Sophies Canelé, a french café in Stockholm. Digital invitation card for Sophie's After Works on social media (Facebook and Instagram)
Kerstin ArfwedsonKerstin ArfwedsonFab Beauty Bar, Digital IllustrationDigital Illustration on Instagram for Fab Beauty Bar, a beauty salon in Sturegallerian, Stockholm
Kerstin ArfwedsonKerstin ArfwedsonFab Beauty Bar, digital pictogramsDigital pictograms for Fab Beauty Bars offer, visible on the website and on stationery/pricemenu in front of the boutique
Isabel Castro HolmIsabel Castro HolmSymbols for BELLINGSSymbols for a german company "BELLINGS" The company sells outdoor gear
Linnea BlixtLinnea BlixtIllustration for CRM konsulterna, mixed mediaIllustration for CRM konsulterna, mixed media
Sofia Lantz BarziSofia Lantz BarziSteampunk Key ArtGame art for an unnanoced project mach 3 game
Cecilia Birgerson NordlingCecilia Birgerson NordlingUnder samma himmel, illustrations for website, 2020Under samma himmel (Under the same sky), is a project that aims to nurture good inter-religious friendships and relations in schools, through education and dialogue. The project is financed by Sensus and has am inter-religious board with representatives from Bilda, Göteborgs stift, Ibn Rushd and judiska församlingen. My assignment was to make illustrations for the course's website. https://himmel.budskapet.se/
Sara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSara Spånghagen ÖijerstedtSt PaulAn illustration based on my time in London.
Vania Castagnino UgolottiVania Castagnino UgolottiLizard in the poolImage created for band "Los lagartos" / "The Lizards"
Vania Castagnino UgolottiVania Castagnino UgolottiThis war of mineIllustration for Terebi online magazine. 
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkThe FylgjaFylgja appears. Illustration for short story, Snicks Stories, 2020 Writer Hannes Lyckholm
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkTowards The LightIllustration for "Fylgjan 2", short story, app-format, Snicks Stories 2020 Writer Hannes Lyckholm Tusch och akvarell
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkThe invicible "friend"Illustration till "Fylgjan", novell i appformat, författare Hannes Lyckholm, Snicks Stories 2020 Tusch och akvarell
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkThe Girl AppearsIluustration for "Fylgjan 2", short story in app-format, Snicks Stories 2020
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkTwilight in GäddeholmIllustration for "Fylgjan 2" Short story in app-format, Snicks Stories, 2020
Robert VallmarkRobert VallmarkFylgjan 2Illustration for short story in app-format. Ink and watercolour, 2020 For the Snicks Stories app
Emilie BergmanEmilie BergmanWebbdesignBehöver ditt företag en ny webbsida? Bergman Illustrerat kan hjälpa dig att skapa en modern webbsida skräddarsydd efter ditt företag. Webbsidan skapas i det webbaserade verktyget Wix, som du efter överlämning själv kommer kunna hantera. Sidan blir responsiv och anpassar sig efter vilken enhet mottagaren har. Grundläggande SEO-optimering ingår och ompekning till ert domännamn. Mer information: https://www.bergmanillustrerat.com/webbsida
Maria Nilsson FidlerMaria Nilsson FidlerMalmoe city, ecosystem services  Visualizes ecosystem services that are constantly occurring in our local environment. Created to create an understanding of how everything is interconnected in our nature.
Eva Helena LarssonEva Helena LarssonIllustration for Umeå University.Illustration for the communication of Umeå University, for instance vision and value of the university, both for print and digital use.
Eva Helena LarssonEva Helena LarssonUmeå University, Lindellhallen.Illustration over the vision for Umeå University. Tapestry at Lindellhallen.
Anna L AndrénAnna L AndrénKeep distans!Keep distans! Corona.
Lottis Karlsson OlssonLottis Karlsson OlssonE-learning for Norwegian air.Illustrations for e-learning, dangerous goods.
Niki AsimakidisNiki AsimakidisCD Projekt Red - Instastory TemplateA social media template created for the community updates.
Anders LyonAnders Lyoncwcw
Johan ReichJohan ReichSura GubbarAnimated movie.
Josefin LidhJosefin LidhAgriOptIllustration for AgriOpt, 2020.
Josefin LidhJosefin LidhAgriOptIllustration for AgriOpt, 2020.
Sebastian Thelander SjöstrandSebastian Thelander SjöstrandBanner, Trans Fest StockholmDigital illustration, unpublished, 2018.
Rickard GrönkvistRickard GrönkvistWe magazineIllustration for We magazine via Esatto
Rickard GrönkvistRickard GrönkvistApple animationCampaign for VA-SYD on food waste that can fuel buses. My Illustrations animated by Varelsen  
Rickard GrönkvistRickard GrönkvistPoster for New Years in Malmo CityPoster for the yearly New Years event for the city of Malmö. For 2016 and 2017.  
Rickard GrönkvistRickard GrönkvistIllustration for VillaägarnaThis was meant to be the cover of Villaägarna issue nr 2020 - 02
Emma HanquistEmma HanquistNo Plastic Waste, web campaign, 2020.We use more than 300 toothbrushes during our life time. How does that affect our planet?
Nikki SchmidtNikki SchmidtWebsite and graphic identity for sexual rightsWebsite, graphic identity, logo and printed material for a Arvsfonden project that helps people who has been through sexual assault or rape. Read more at http://www.nikkivisual.com/
Linda MillLinda MillIllustration / Miss MIllustration
Christina HeitmannChristina HeitmannTrafficking, Länsstyrelsen StockholmTrafficking, illustration for Länsstyrelsen Stockholm.
Kati MetsKati MetsThe people friendly officeCollage illustration for Kollega. The people friendly office. 
Jennie Wiik EdmanJennie Wiik EdmanIllustrations for BabblarnaIllustrations for Babblarna, Hatten Förlag
Jennie Wiik EdmanJennie Wiik EdmanIllustrations for BabblarnaIllustration for Babblarna, Hatten Förlag
Jennie Wiik EdmanJennie Wiik EdmanIllustrations for BabblarnaIllustration for Babblarna, webb, Hatten Förlag.