Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonFreedomEditorial illustration for Psychology journal
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonRefleks 5Cover for text book in social sciences. Primary school.
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonBeach with cabinsBeach with cabins
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonMural painting at Restaurant Boqueria in Åre SwedenMural painting at Restaurant Boqueria in Åre Sweden
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonByggfabrikenCatalogue illustrations for "The Construction Factory" hardware store.
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonBisque de homardBisque de homard. Packaging design. Lobster soup. Illustration and graphic design 2019.
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonEqualityEquality
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonPostcards for Arlo Skye, New York, 2016A series of postcard motifs on the subject of "The Art of Daydreaming" for a start-up suitcase  company.
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonSkier"Skier" poster for ski resort 2015
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonNCC / Skanska. Marketing material. "Täby Park". 2015.Pictures for marketing of "Täby Park" New residential area produced by Skanska and NCC. Commissioned by Oscar Liedgren Studio. Stockholm. 2015.
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonRatatouilleRatatouille
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonCoffee packages. 2017Coffee packages. 2017
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonCanary Island's Tourist Board Promotour. Poster. "La Gomera". 2014."La Gomera" Project for the tourist organisation of the Canary Islands, Spain, 2014
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonPernod / Ricard. Packaging. "Malibu". 2015.Sleeves for Malibu Summer Edition and Malibu Cruise Edition. 2015.
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonCover for design magazineCover for design magazine 2018
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonSwedish Design Prize poster 2017"St Carmen-festival" in Spain, 2014.
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonCanary Islands Tourist Board, Promotour. Marketing material. "La Gomera". 2014."La Gomera" Poster 2014
Jens MagnussonJens MagnussonEditorial illustration. "Urban Deli" 2014."Urban Deli" 2014