How to commission Illustration, Graphic Design and Animation? Below you find six important points that should be included in any agreement.

  1. Usage. Remember as a client you buy the right to use an illustration or design in a certain context for a certain time. Always make sure to agree how you´re permitted to use the illustration or design.
  2. Revisions. It is important to specify how many rounds of revisions are to be included in the contract.
  3. Alterations. Remember that you as a client do not have the right to crop or otherwise alter the material without a written permission from the artist.
  4. Crediting. An artist has the right by law to be named in accordance with good practice. This cannot be contractually removed. If you fail to name an artist, you break the law and the artist is entitled to compensation.
  5. Transfer of rights. In general you can´t pass on acquired rights. If as a client you want the right to sell the material to a third party, it must be consented to.
  6. Pitches. Last but not least: pitches. We refer all client to the pitching recommendations developed by Sveriges Annonsörer and KOMM – The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies.

And what about the fee? Contact our sister organisation Svenska Tecknare, they will give you the correct answer.

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