Adrian Malmgren portfolio

Diploma Artwork, Oscar Olssons GrantAdrian MalmgrenDiploma Artwork, Oscar Olssons GrantDiploma reward Illustration for the Oscar Olsson Museeum grant 2018.
Illustration, Lund University 2018Adrian MalmgrenIllustration, Lund University 2018Illustration for Lund Universitys catalogue on trans and intersex students 2018.
Wicked Hero, page, own comicAdrian MalmgrenWicked Hero, page, own comicWicked Hero, sida, eget projekt
Seriedagen 040 (Comicday040) Event PosterAdrian MalmgrenSeriedagen 040 (Comicday040) Event PosterKort om Samhället, asked me to create a diverse poster for their event "Comicday 040".
Bang! #3 2018 RelationsakutenAdrian MalmgrenBang! #3 2018 RelationsakutenBang! #3 2018 RelationshipER Cover illustration and poster for the issue.
Page, Wicked Hero, 2019Adrian MalmgrenPage, Wicked Hero, 2019From my comic Wicked Hero, 2019
Trand & Tjejjouren i Malmö -Event PosterAdrian MalmgrenTrand & Tjejjouren i Malmö -Event PosterCreated for Trans&Womens Jour in Malmö.
Comic, Galago#1 2018Adrian MalmgrenComic, Galago#1 2018Comic, Galago#1 2018
Promotional art, Wicked Hero, own projectAdrian MalmgrenPromotional art, Wicked Hero, own projectPromotional artwork for my comic Wicked Hero.
Örebro Seriefestival - Officiell Illustraion + PosterAdrian MalmgrenÖrebro Seriefestival - Officiell Illustraion + PosterSeriefrämjandet bad mig ta fram Örebro Seriefestivals affiasch och grafik för deras första seriefestival 2016.
Diversity & Charhacterdesign, workshop illustration 2Adrian MalmgrenDiversity & Charhacterdesign, workshop illustration 2Illustration 2 for the workshop on diversoty and characterdesign.
Diversity & Charhacterdesign, workshop illustrationAdrian MalmgrenDiversity & Charhacterdesign, workshop illustrationIllustration for workshop about diversity and characterdesign.
Adrian Malmgren

Adrian Malmgren

Adrian Malmgren resides and operates in Malmö, runs his own company and teaches comics and image rendering at Malmö University and the Series School in Malmö.
Through his comics, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and dedication, he has also teaches about LGBTQ+ and storytelling at schools, libraries and companies across the country.

– I often draw my personal muses from my comics, and also love to create vibrant motifs with colorful people, energy and strong emotions.
There are no limits when I create worlds or characters, and I  gladly combine it with fiction.

He has self-published the sci-fi series Wicked Hero, and has also been published with smaller projects through Egmont, Galago, and in anthologies such as "Draw the Line – a project in the tracks of #metoo" and "Endless Courage".
Some of his clients have been King, City of Helsingborg, Bang !, RFSL, Lund University, Region Skåne, Red Cross and ETC.