Agnes Stenqvist portfolio

Logotype and visuell identity.Agnes StenqvistLogotype and visuell identity.Logotype and graphic profile for Intensivsvenska, project within the Swedish Academy. In cooperation with Adam Herlitz Form.
Book cover for study materialAgnes StenqvistBook cover for study materialBook design for the study material "Languages in interaction, rhetoric for educators".
Logotype/graphic elementAgnes StenqvistLogotype/graphic elementDesign of logotype/graphic element for Kuststad 2025, Trelleborg.
Graphic profile, TYAAgnes StenqvistGraphic profile, TYAGraphic design program for TYA, The Vocational Training and Working Environment Council. 
Book designAgnes StenqvistBook designGraphic design and illustration of a novel by Anna Vogel, published on Aglaktuq.
Author portraitsAgnes StenqvistAuthor portraitsAuthor portraits to the publisher blog Aglaktuq blog About the desire to write. A selection. Kristin Auestad Danielsen, Nina Wähä and Kristin Ribe.
School program, Drottningholm PalaceAgnes StenqvistSchool program, Drottningholm PalaceInformation folder about guided tours at Drottningholm Palace for schools.
Cover design, short storyAgnes StenqvistCover design, short storyDesign of cover for the e-story Audition, by Karin Ström.
Pattern design, textile patternAgnes StenqvistPattern design, textile patternPattern design. "Nightsky", pattern for pajamas series for children's clothing brand Moonkids. The series consists of a one-part and two-part pajamas, night dress and a sleeping bag.
Pattern design, traysAgnes StenqvistPattern design, traysPattern for trays, a selection.
Karolinska University Hospital.Agnes StenqvistKarolinska University Hospital.Illustration for Karolinska University Hospital.
Agnes Stenqvist
Agnes Stenqvist
Agnes Stenqvist
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