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Agneta Åkerlund

Agneta Åkerlund

My name is Agneta Akerlund and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator living in Umea, Sweden. My work includes digital graphics, design and illustration. I work both in traditional medium and with digital mediums. I offer my customers visual solutions to create visual experiences and to communicate ideas and messages.

What is your biggest strenght?

My biggest strength is that I can switch between many styles and mediums in order to create just the right visual expression that my customer wants.

How did you become an illustrator and designer?

Like many others before me, I started drawing and writing at a young age. When I got older I simply continued drawing and developing my skills through personal projects. It wasn't until I started my education of becoming a Computer Graphics artist that I realized that this design and illustration could be a valid choice for me to make a living from. So, many years later, here I am. 

Registered for F-skattsedel since 2013.