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Aina von Segebaden
Spånga, stockholm

Aina von Segebaden

My name is Aina and I work as a freelance illustrator & designer. Before I was my own I worked for many years in the fashion industry. There I worked with both sketching & designing clothes and doing graphic prints. My experience has given me a broad set of skills. Everything from simple vector art and prints to photo realistic drawn sketches to artistic illustrations with flow.

As a freelancer I like to work with all kind of clients. If a customer has a very specific demand I always work very focust to understand and deliver. If the customer have a more loose idea and want me to create something new I always have a lot of ideas and visions.

Different illustrations have different function & focus, buth some elements is clear trough all my work. I love the balance between realistic & artistic, between detailed och empty surfaces. I also love the effect of working with a mix of techniques. My goal as an illustrator is to create something that is both interesting and beautiful.