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Alba Lange

To the outside world, I might look like a graphic designer who specializes in film. But on the inside, I'm a filmmaker who specializes in graphic design. I work with graphic design, animation and illustration in the film industry, primarily with title design, poster design, motion graphics and pitch presentation layout. 

In all my work, I am as passionate about storytelling as I am about visuals. As a film nerd, I have a particular love for title sequences – one of my areas of expertise – even as my work in animation in recent years has increasingly been about portraying the internet.

As an illustrator, I draw both digitally and by hand. When drawing digitally, I love adopting a great variety of styles and expressions, whereas my hand drawings tend to have a more distinct esthetic: for these, I work with black ink on white paper, and my strengths are figures, monsters and twisted portraits of humans.


Clients include: Sveriges Television, B-Reel Films, Tjejzonen, French Quarter Film, Ben & Jerry's, Cinema Queer, Borås City Theater, Bläckfisk Publishing, etc.

Training: The Gerlesborg School of Fine Art, Forsbergs Skola (graphic design), Kulturama (film), Alma Löv Script Academy (screenwriting for film and TV).