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Thunder In My HeartAlba LangeThunder In My HeartTitle design and animation for the TV series Thunder In My Heart, created and written by Amy Deasismont. Producers Anna-Klara Carlsten and Patrik Andersson, B-Reel Films. Premieres on Viaplay May 23rd 2021.
KNEG - sex filmer om arbeteAlba LangeKNEG - sex filmer om arbeteTitle design, plates, animated transitions and keyart for the series and all 6 films in it, Sveriges Television's documentary series KNEG ("WORK"), 2021. Project manager Helena Ingelsten, editors Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh and Ina Holmqvist.
And Then We DancedAlba LangeAnd Then We DancedMain title design (and credits) for the feature film "And Then We Danced" by Levan Akin, produced by French Quarter Film. 2019
TerjeAlba LangeTerjeTitle design, animation and poster for the feature film documentary "Terje" by Gustav Hugosson and Andreas H Nilsson, 2020. My main mission is to animate discussions on the forum Flashbacks and Terje's own blog.
Du gamla, Du FriaAlba LangeDu gamla, Du FriaPoster design (and illustration) for the short Du gamla, Du fria by Dawid Ullgren. Produced by Alina Rydbeck, Crisp Film, 2021.
Kortfilm på årets kortaste dag 2020Alba LangeKortfilm på årets kortaste dag 2020Title design, animation and editing of SVT's show "Kortfilm på årets kortaste dag 2020" ("short films on the shortest day of the year 2020"). Project manager Helena Ingelsten, producer Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh and editorialist Ina Holmqvist.
DrugdealerAlba LangeDrugdealerTitle design and animations for the tv series Drugdealer, created by Isabella Rodriguez and Jonatan Unge. Production company French Quarter Film. Premieres in the fall of 2021.
The Cabinet of Dr. CaligariAlba LangeThe Cabinet of Dr. CaligariReinterpretation of a silent movie classic as a poster for NonStop Entertainment's series of posters, "Timelessfest" 2021.
MatingAlba LangeMatingTitle design, animation and poster for the feature film documentary "Mating" by Lina Maria Mannheimer, 2019. My main mission is to animate the characters' communication online.
MålbrottskörenAlba LangeMålbrottskörenTitle design for the short film documentary "Målbrottskören" by Ina Holmqvist and Martina Carlstedt (Ballad Film). 2020
NittonAlba LangeNittonTitle design and poster for the short film "Nitton" by Marcus Carlsson, 2019.
BadarenAlba LangeBadarenTitle design and poster for "The Swimmer" by Jonatan Etzler, 2019. 
CleanseAlba LangeCleanseTitle design and poster for the short film "Cleanse" (by SaraKlara Hellström), 2020.
Cinema Queer (2019)Alba LangeCinema Queer (2019)Poster and program design (60 pages) for the film festival Cinema Queer, 2019. Digital illustration, design, animations. See more at:
Illustration and poster design:"The Sacrifice" (FLM)Alba LangeIllustration and poster design:"The Sacrifice" (FLM)Poster interpretation of Tarkovsky's "The Sacrifice" for the film magazine FLM (issue 16), 2019. Illustration and design.
Illustration and poster design: "Interstice"Alba LangeIllustration and poster design: "Interstice"Illustration and poster design for independent short film ("Interstice" by Oskar Willers).
Commissioned artwork, portrait of a houseAlba LangeCommissioned artwork, portrait of a housePersonal portraits of the same house from two different angles. Two separate illustrations.
Alba Lange
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Alba Lange

To the outside world, I look like a graphic designer who specializes in film. But on the inside, I'm a film lover who specializes in graphic design. I work with graphic design, animation and illustration in the film industry, primarily with title design, poster design, motion graphics and pitch presentation layout. 

In all my work, I am as passionate about storytelling as I am about visuals. I have a particular love for title sequences – one of my areas of expertise – even as my work in animation in recent years has increasingly been about portraying the internet.

As an illustrator, I draw both digitally and by hand. When drawing digitally, I love adopting a great variety of styles and expressions, whereas my hand drawings tend to have a more distinct esthetic: for these, I work with black ink on white paper, and my strengths are figures, monsters and twisted portraits of humans.


Clients include: Sveriges Television, B-Reel Films, Momento Film, StellaNova Film, Baluba, French Quarter Film, Cinema Queer, Verket Film, Ballad Film, and more.

Training: The Gerlesborg School of Fine Art, Forsbergs Skola (graphic design), Kulturama (film), Alma Löv Script Academy (screenwriting for film and TV).