Alexander Lindén portfolio

Alexunderstands Showreel 2019Alexander LindénAlexunderstands Showreel 2019Alexunderstands Illustrator Animator Musicator --------------------------------------- Illustration, animation and music: Alexander Lindén
Faroe Islands - Do Rights!Alexander LindénFaroe Islands - Do Rights!This is an illustration I made for a book called "Do rights! Nordic perspectives on child and youth participation" The text was about young people on The Faroe Islands creating a catalog and online database of available education. 
Presentation complete!Alexander LindénPresentation complete!A part of the gamified UX on - this is the presentation achievment.
The Sharing Nerd!Alexander LindénThe Sharing Nerd!Achievement! You are a next level NERD. Be proud. For Delbar. 
Number One Champion World!Alexander LindénNumber One Champion World!The environmental champion nr 1 shows off her muscles! For Delbar. 
Get Rolling!Alexander LindénGet Rolling!Illustration for the sharing startup Delbar in Umeå.
Let go and ease your mind!Alexander LindénLet go and ease your mind!Vector illustration for Delbar.
Be a Bro!Alexander LindénBe a Bro!..and show the way to a better place! For Delbar. 
Take the first step!Alexander LindénTake the first step!The girl from the header illustration steps into the rosy world of Delbar.
Hmm...Alexander LindénHmm...Animated header image for
Best friends forever!Alexander LindénBest friends forever!This friendly superhero is unlocked when you invite all your friends to Delbar.
The Guru!Alexander LindénThe Guru!Highest level unlocked: The Sharing Guru! For Delbar.
Pewdiepie & TwitchAlexander LindénPewdiepie & TwitchQuick illustration for University of Gävle.
Hygloo The Robot IRLAlexander LindénHygloo The Robot IRLRobo-design by me. Built by Jacob Petersson.
Hygloo The RobotAlexander LindénHygloo The RobotI hade the great honor to design and Illustrate this kind robot that was actually built in real life.
Smarty WellingtonAlexander LindénSmarty WellingtonThis robot has his own page on Facebook. Sort of. Client: NAIVE / ACNE

Alexander Lindén


Illustrator – Animator – Musicator

– Maaany years of Game Industry Experience™ 

– Almost 10 years as a freelancer!

– Still obsessed with trying new things -> Mail me!