Alexandra Karsberg portfolio

Bad romance: lyrics posterAlexandra KarsbergBad romance: lyrics posterEducational project within experimental typography: choose a song and design a typographic poster based on the lyrics. 
Circo: Visual identity & menu designAlexandra KarsbergCirco: Visual identity & menu designVisual identity for Circo night club (project during my employment at Compani 56). They already had a logotype, but not a complete identity. What was freshly made was everything but the logotype, including pattern/graphics and design concept for their menus. 
Powerking: RebrandingAlexandra KarsbergPowerking: RebrandingEducational project. The assignment was to choose a brand in need of change and then identify a new direction for it. We chose Powerking. Today it is strongly associated with problematic teenage culture, including underage smoking and skipping school. We decided to keep young people as their main target audience, but give them a new fresh start with a new design concept (among many other things). We think that Powerking should start "taking ownership" of the ugliness that surrounds them today. Because of that, the new design system is built upon e.g. scotch tape in screaming colours. Something that definitely isn't considered as "premium". Like people, you shouldn't try to be something you're not. 
36 days of typeAlexandra Karsberg36 days of typeMy contribution to the competition 36 days of type. Personal project.
Baretta: Visual identityAlexandra KarsbergBaretta: Visual identityPizzeria Baretta is a plain and classic yet popular pizza- and fast food restaurant located in the heart of the Gothenburg city centre. They wished for a new visual identity and web design communicating plain and simply: friendliness and super tasty fast food – for a little amount of money. Students (with not so much money) are an important target audience since they're located next to a big university.
Peeled tomatoes from JapanAlexandra KarsbergPeeled tomatoes from JapanAn educational project with purpose of exploring graphic design traditions from other parts of the world. I was assigned peeled tomatoes as the product, and Japan as the country/culture to find my inspiration from. 
Baltic Cup: Visual identityAlexandra KarsbergBaltic Cup: Visual identityVisual identity and logotype for Baltic Cup (the project was made during my employment at Compani 56). Baltic Cup is the first floorball cup for women in Sweden. An essential aspect of the project was that the identity shouldn't primarily scream "for women". More important was to communicate excitement and competition. It was also important to create a visual system appealing to a young target audience to make more young girls interested in floorball. 

Alexandra Karsberg


My name is Alexandra, and I am an art director and graphic designer.
I have a special interest in logotypes, visual identities and branding. My visual style is bold, colourful and takes up space. To me, good design isn't invisible. Good design draws attention and makes impressions that last. Good design makes people feel something.