Alf Woxnerud portfolio

Alf WoxnerudPuzzel/illustration
Book, "25 myths about diet".Alf WoxnerudBook, "25 myths about diet".Illustration for the book "25 myths about diet".
Alf Woxnerud"Ebony or Ivory", acrylic painting
Christmas calendar Alf WoxnerudChristmas calendar Christmas calendar for the magazine Vi i Villa.
Knigth and dragonAlf WoxnerudKnigth and dragonKnigth and dragon
Long Tail SallyAlf WoxnerudLong Tail Sally"Long Tail Sally", acrylic painting
Comic strip for magazine 91:anAlf Woxnerud Comic strip for magazine 91:an"Historical Histories"/Jabba the Hutt, comic strip for the swedish magazine 91:an.
Alf WoxnerudCartoon from swedish comics magazine 91:an
Book "25 myths about training"Alf WoxnerudBook "25 myths about training"Illustration for the book "25 myths about training".
Childrens book illustrationAlf WoxnerudChildrens book illustrationChildrens book illustration.
"Blue Moose", acrylic painting.Alf Woxnerud"Blue Moose", acrylic painting."Blue Moose", acrylic painting.
Illustration to "Lilla Jönsson-ligan".Alf WoxnerudIllustration to "Lilla Jönsson-ligan".Illustration to "Lilla Jönsson-ligan".
Alf WoxnerudCover illustration for the magazine "The Artist"
Alf Woxnerud"Frankie Boy", acrylic painting
Alf Woxnerud"Roine Blom", comic strip for swedish computer magazine PC Home
Alf WoxnerudIllustration for PC Gamer Magazine
Alf Woxnerud
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Alf Woxnerud

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?My name is Alf Woxnerud and I mostly work with cartoons and illustrations.