Anders Borgenhag Holmqvist portfolio

KikusAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistKikusArtistic illustration, mixed media
CharacterAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistCharacterPersonal project. mixed media
StorgatanAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistStorgatanInk illustration
AliforsgatanAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistAliforsgatanInk on paper
NygatanAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistNygatanInk on paper
PretenseAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistPretenseWine label
Mark IVAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistMark IVIllustration of a Mark IV tank from World War one
JacketAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistJacketDigital illustration
Bygdens BageriAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistBygdens BageriGraphic design for Bygdens Bageri
StressAnders Borgenhag HolmqvistStressIllustration about stress
Anders Borgenhag Holmqvist

Anders Borgenhag Holmqvist

My name is Anders Borgenhag Holmqvist and I am an illustrator, information designer and artist. I work with everything from illustrating technology to artistic illustrations and graphic design. Everything can be explained or reinforced with an illustration. Has a bachelor's degree in informative illustration from Mälardalen University.