Anders Lagerdahl portfolio

Fire!Anders LagerdahlFire!One of five drawings about Gothenburgs channel system, produced by Gothenburg City Museum.
Little robotAnders LagerdahlLittle robotIllustration for schoolbook
Self portraitAnders LagerdahlSelf portraitOh, I am so creative and resourceful!
JuliaAnders LagerdahlJuliaOne of many comic book characters made to inform kids about some medical products.
Anders himselfAnders LagerdahlAnders himselfSelf portrait. I sat in front of a mirror looking grumpy.
Map of SkaneAnders LagerdahlMap of SkaneA tourist map over the region Skane in the south of Sweden. The illustration was made in cooperation with an ad agency in Gothenburg.
RainforestAnders LagerdahlRainforestPainting made for a wall at Universeum in Gothenburg.
Magpie girlAnders LagerdahlMagpie girlPainting
Girl with an orangeAnders LagerdahlGirl with an orangeMy favourite model Bea again. I tried to find a fairy tale like atmosphere with a blink to a well known swedish saga by Elsa Beskow.
TransformAnders LagerdahlTransformA test project trying to find new ways to paint/draw.
FishAnders LagerdahlFishThe image was made to set a style for new signs at Universeum in Gothenburg.
StoryboardAnders LagerdahlStoryboardA storyboard for commercial movie for Volvo Cars.
Girl with water lilyAnders LagerdahlGirl with water lilyPortrait painting. My friend Bea is again my model and inspiration.
DisplayAnders LagerdahlDisplayA visual concept drawing for a Vattenfall event display.
TeknoteketAnders LagerdahlTeknoteketA visionary illustration for a new solution of an activity room in Universeum in Gothenburg.
RhododendronAnders LagerdahlRhododendronPortfolio painting. A way to test smudgy brushes.
Red RobinsAnders LagerdahlRed RobinsMy favourit bird in the tree ouside my window.
The comic book butterflyAnders LagerdahlThe comic book butterflyA detail from a project with "false science posters". The wings are inspired by comic book drawings.
Anders Lagerdahl

Anders Lagerdahl

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Anders Lagerdahl and my illustration career startet about eighteen years ago when I quit my job as a teacher to become an freelance illustrator. My idee was to offer my customers a broad range of drawing styles, like many different illustrators in one person. My clients are for example book publishers, magazines and ad agencys.