Anders Lindholm portfolio

Anders Lindholmconcept illustration, fairy tales, children's books
Anders LindholmChristmas spirit while waiting for Santa Claus
Anders LindholmOnes again The Clouds on patrol in the sky of Mathemania like friendly whales
Anders LindholmConcept illustration, Ice, "story for young children", digital painting. ocean, blue, sky, alone, "polar bear", animal, winter, cold, ice
Anders LindholmWhere The Ice Goes, childrens book, digital painting
Anders LindholmCover illustation Svensk Bokhandel, front and back. Digital. Look at the world through fantasy!
Anders Lindholmmouse, cat, sleeping,
Anders LindholmConcept illustration, "The Shack", fantasy for young children, digital painting
Anders LindholmChildrens books illustrations, "The Halloween Mice" by Charles C, Digital media, published at uTales
Anders LindholmIllustration for a picture novell, "House sweet House", digital painting
Anders Lindholmrabbit, white, blue sky, city, jumping, lights, buildings,
Anders Lindholmghost story, stair, darkness, ghost, room, steps,
Anders LindholmFireplace, Disney(BVHE), candle lights, fire, ocean, boat, cozy, wood,
Anders LindholmTroll
In the WhiteAnders LindholmIn the WhiteSkiss för bok omslag
Anders Lindholm

Anders Lindholm

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Anders Lindholm and I work as an illustrator and graphic designer.

What part of your creative work do you like the most?

Every part has its strength, its special power. It's like a journey of discovery every time. In the beginning lots of ideas, lots of sketches, exciting, inspiring. Since the thrill of knowing that you found the right place, to seek out just the feeling you've been looking for. It's still incredibly fun!

Do you feel like you have developed in your work?

Yes, absolutely, it is a process that never ends. I do not think I have ever been better than right now, all that is happening now is very inspiring. Developments technically, the ability to reach out around the world, and all these new possibilities, new knowledge that breeds new inspiration. 🙂