Anders Ottosson portfolio

Fruits, vegetables and berriesAnders OttossonFruits, vegetables and berriesIllustrations for Ottosson Media.
SociologyAnders OttossonSociologyIllustrations and graphic design of book cover and book, "Lärobok i sociologi", Gleerups förlag. 
Environment and energyAnders OttossonEnvironment and energyIllustration, book "Miljö- och energikunskap", Gleerups förlag. Book design, book cover design and illustrations.
CivicsAnders OttossonCivicsIllustrations and graphic design of book cover and book, "Arena 123", Gleerups förlag. 
EpiserverAnders OttossonEpiserverIllustration for Malmö University.
Annual reportAnders OttossonAnnual reportIllustrations in annual report for Axel Johnson International.
Seamless patternsAnders OttossonSeamless patternsSeamless patterns for Ottosson Media.
Pictogram and buttonsAnders OttossonPictogram and buttonsIllustrations for Ottosson Media.
Med kärret som källaAnders OttossonMed kärret som källaIllustration, book "Med kärret som källa", Historiska media.
Science Center Malmö MuseerAnders OttossonScience Center Malmö MuseerIllustrations and graphic design for folder and information products for Science Center Malmö Museer.
DrawingsAnders OttossonDrawingsDrawings for childrens book "The Kite" for Ottosson Media.
UB 100 år, Mode utan midjaAnders OttossonUB 100 år, Mode utan midjaBook "UB 100 år", Lund University LIbrary. Book design, book cover design. Catalogue "Mode utan midja", Malmö Museer. Book design, book cover design. Book "Grasping Technology, Assessing Craft", Lund University. Book design, book cover design.  
House, city, vehiclesAnders OttossonHouse, city, vehiclesIllustrations for Ottosson Media.
EnvironmentAnders OttossonEnvironmentIllustrations and graphic design of book cover and book, "Miljö- och energikunskap", Gleerups förlag. 
Leadership and organisationAnders OttossonLeadership and organisationIllustrations and graphic design of book cover and book, "Ledarskap och organisation", Gleerups förlag. 
How a three chamber septic tank worksAnders OttossonHow a three chamber septic tank worksIllustrations and graphic design of book cover and book, "Rättsfall i juridik", Gleerups förlag. 
MapsAnders OttossonMapsMaps for "Arena 123" and "Arena – Internationell ekonomi", Gleerups förlag. 
Graphs and diagramsAnders OttossonGraphs and diagramsGraphs and diagrams for "Arena 123" and "Arena – Internationella relationer".
Anders Ottosson

Anders Ottosson

I work as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator at my communication and design studio in Malmö.

In my work, I especially appreciate the combination of the analytical and the creative, and love the challenge to give form to complex relationships through understandable and creative graphic solutions. I have extensive experience in the profession as a graphic designer and illustrator, and my services and products are always delivered on time and at the highest professional level. The specific objectives of the projects, as well as the different customer needs, are at the centre of all my work.

My studio Ottosson Media offers services in illustration, graphic design, information and marketing. Ottosson Media helps you with everything from illustrations, book design, newspaper design, to advertising and information campaigns, web production and exhibitions.