Anders Worm portfolio

JIYU running that bizAnders WormJIYU running that bizMore visuals for the music artist JIYU
Right to roam -Anders WormRight to roam -From a series of illustrations made for Keep Sweden Tidy.
Storyboard for advertisementAnders WormStoryboard for advertisementStoryboard for betting company based in London.
Storyboard for advertisementAnders WormStoryboard for advertisementStoryboard for advertisement - 2018
JIYU gifAnders WormJIYU gifMoving graphics for the music artist JIYU.
action sequence for the swedish feature film "Sune - Berst man"Anders Wormaction sequence for the swedish feature film "Sune - Berst man"Storyboard panels for an action sequence.
WondergroundAnders WormWondergroundeget projekt.
Springtime!Anders WormSpringtime!Springtime!
ålderskrisAnders Wormålderskrisillustration publicerad i Dagens Nyheter.
Højt skumAnders WormHøjt skumStill from Animation for documentary "Højt skum" about the famous danish cartoonist Storm P. 
There will be bloodAnders WormThere will be bloodKeep Sweden Tidy (viral campaign)
Keep Sweden TidyAnders WormKeep Sweden TidyKeep Sweden Tidy - animated infomercial
Storyboard for "The Centenarian ..."Anders WormStoryboard for "The Centenarian ..."Panels for a scene in the film " The Centenarian ..." where the bad guys finds the track again. Direction Felix Herngren, DOP Göran Hallberg.
JIYU : Restless Souls (2016)Anders WormJIYU : Restless Souls (2016)Here´s a musicvideo I did for JIYU. Concept,Directing, Design,Storyboard, Animation and Editing. And of course I got some help for composite and inbetweens/ colouring.
Capoeira for kidsAnders WormCapoeira for kidsAnimation sequence for kids
illustrations for "Bli hjärnsmart"Anders Wormillustrations for "Bli hjärnsmart"The book is a tool for optimizing your ability to learn.
Anders Worm
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Anders Worm

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

my name is Anders Worm. I am a danish animator and illustrator based in Stockholm.

What are you working with right now?

a music video for the artist JIYU.