Andreas Magnusson Qassim portfolio

Tre Vänner/Sluggerfilm, Croesus VoleAndreas QassimTre Vänner/Sluggerfilm, Croesus VoleCharacter design for "the film in the film", in which Croesus Vole explains the plot for the other voles. From the animated feature film Bamse and The Witch's Daughter (2016), produced by Tre Vänner. Based on Bamse's universe, created by Rune Andréasson and published by Bamse Förlaget AB.
The Pacifiers: posterAndreas QassimThe Pacifiers: posterKickstarter reward for those who backed Andreas Qassim's and Jimmy Wallin's comic book The Pacifiers: Paciy The Bullies! available for purchase at:
The Pacifiers: The Space ThingAndreas QassimThe Pacifiers: The Space ThingChapter cover from Andreas Qassim's and Jimmy Wallin's comic book The Pacifiers: Pacify The Bullies! (2017) available for purchase here:
The Original SpacekubbAndreas QassimThe Original SpacekubbBox illustration for outdoor game SpaceKubb. Användbart Litet Företag.
Jazzmys: Tuta och kör!Andreas QassimJazzmys: Tuta och kör!CD cover for 2012 grammis-award nominated record "Tuta och kör!" by Jazzmys.
Death ClearanceAndreas QassimDeath ClearanceIllustration for lecture, Palliative Centre Lund (part of Region Skåne), through Kolossal AB.
RebusAndreas QassimRebusRebus (text and image) for Burde´s Year Calendar, through Bonnier Crosswords.
Mother in LawAndreas QassimMother in LawIllustration for Allt om Fritidshus. Bonnier Magazines.
Operation Decisive StormAndreas QassimOperation Decisive StormPolitical cartoon on Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen.
Carnival PosterAndreas QassimCarnival PosterPoster competition (that I didn't win). Futuristic theme in a "retro" style.
The Ambulance PlaneAndreas QassimThe Ambulance PlaneFrom the Arabic children's Book The Ambulance Plane (not published).
ShowreelAndreas QassimShowreelShowreel, a bit dated. A couple of infomercials, character design from the Bamse feature film, as well as some 3D from a course.
Andreas Magnusson Qassim

Andreas Magnusson Qassim

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Name is Andreas. Work in comics, illustration and animation.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

Quality is a winning business strategy in the long run.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I play the saxophone.