Ann-Kristin Yman-Robarth portfolio

AquarelleAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthAquarelleLinderödspigs
The dog OskarAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthThe dog OskarAkvarell
Morning dewAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthMorning dewAkvarell
HorsesAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthHorsesAkvarell
SpikesAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthSpikesAkvarell
Sheeps in GotlandAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthSheeps in GotlandAkvarell
Cows on StorängenAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthCows on StorängenAquarelle
Picture from galleryAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthPicture from galleryGallery 2018
The vikingsAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthThe vikingsWatercolar
DewdropsAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthDewdropsWatercolor
AutumleafsAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthAutumleafsWatercolor
The girl and the crowAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthThe girl and the crowWatercolor
Dreams in the parkAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthDreams in the parkWatercolor
CollageAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthCollageWatercolor
Dreams in the parkAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthDreams in the parkWatercolor
Coral reefAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthCoral reefWatercolor
ChickenAnn-Kristin Yman-RobarthChickenWatercolor
Ann-Kristin Yman-Robarth
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Ann-Kristin Yman-Robarth

Radiotherapy assistant, nurse, college teacher in Gothenburg.

Operett singer in Gothenburg with performances from Gävle to Smygehuk Main roles in Merry Widows, Csardasfurstinnan, Count of Luxembourg, White Horse, etc. Operated as producer, stageographer and costume maker at music tachographs for children and adults 1980-2000.

Konstindustriskolan Göteborg, which led to about 60 exhibitions, including separate exhibitions at Hofnäs Herrgård, Stadshuskuben, Falkenbergs Sparbank and Falkenhus.

About 210 performances with art, song and lyric together with musicians and own books ..

Sold art to colleges, hospitals, etc. Last six works to Oncologist SÄS in Borås.

 Author: Livskraft W & W 1998 (text and ill AKYR) Solkatter W & W 2004 (text and ill. AKYR) Trollungen who went to wander Amadeus production 2004 (text and ill AKYR)

Civil Funeral Officer. (about 100 performances)