Anna Jonsson portfolio

LUND by FOOTAnna JonssonLUND by FOOTArt direction, graphic design and illustration. Folder to Visit Lund. 
Peony patternAnna JonssonPeony patternPeony pattern
Rámus förlag, childrens books.Anna JonssonRámus förlag, childrens books.Rámus förlag, childrens books. Illustration and graphic design.
Floden måste flytaAnna JonssonFloden måste flytaArtwork, artist book Floden måste flyta. 
Ystads konstmuseum, book design Floden måste flytaAnna JonssonYstads konstmuseum, book design Floden måste flytaArt direction and book design for artist Ella Tillema, Floden måste flyta 2020. 
Logo design, LångåsaAnna JonssonLogo design, LångåsaLogo design and identity work for the farm Långåsa, sustainable local food producers. 
ABC-posterAnna JonssonABC-posterIllustration and handlettering, ABC-poster. 
Illustration, ABC-posterAnna JonssonIllustration, ABC-posterABC-poster illustration, J as in jaguar, D as in drum sticks etc. 
KAOS 2017 | Concept the Best BiennialAnna JonssonKAOS 2017 | Concept the Best BiennialConcept and visual identity for the Best Biennial, that is Scandinavians largest and Sweden’s only contemporary art biennial for kids and teens.
Custom work, autumn illustrationAnna JonssonCustom work, autumn illustrationCustom work, autumn and hand lettering. 
Medi, identity designAnna JonssonMedi, identity designIdentiy pattern, The Best Biennial.
The Best Biennial/Moderna Museet Malmö, concept and identity.Anna JonssonThe Best Biennial/Moderna Museet Malmö, concept and identity.Concept and visual identity for The Best Biennial. An art festival for kids, teens and adults to enjoy art together.
Cover artworkAnna JonssonCover artworkCover artwork for punkrock band ESND. Handwritten and illsutrated. 
Ráben&Sjögren, En himla historia, childrens book. Anna JonssonRáben&Sjögren, En himla historia, childrens book. Childrens book, illustration and graphic design.
Grahls gardening, concept and visual identity. Anna JonssonGrahls gardening, concept and visual identity. Identity for Grahls Garden.
Street Food Corner, concept.Anna JonssonStreet Food Corner, concept.Street Food Corner, concept. Flyer menues.
Lunds kommun, illustration. Anna JonssonLunds kommun, illustration. Illustration and hand lettering.
Feministic initiativ, campaign identity 2014.Anna JonssonFeministic initiativ, campaign identity Campaign identity for Swedish feminist party Feministiskt initiativ. By Bon Voyage.
Anna Jonsson
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Anna Jonsson

Art Director, Graphic designer and Illustrator at Alarmform. We have a pure love for design and help companies, municipalities and organizations to communicate their message by focusing on the viewer/user. Through the idea stage to analysis, concept and production. We like interesting cooperations and design that make a difference, and are always keen on new missions. We love to work and are more than happy to do so.