Anna Karin Cedérus portfolio

Beach Bum PatternAnna Karin CedérusBeach Bum PatternAll-over print pattern.
Plant Lady PatternAnna Karin CedérusPlant Lady PatternAll-over repeat pattern.
Barr - pattern designAnna Karin CedérusBarr - pattern designAll-over print pattern 
Ocean Life MönsterAnna Karin CedérusOcean Life MönsterAll-over repeat pattern
Farm animalsAnna Karin CedérusFarm animalsPattern design for kidswear
Sewing kitAnna Karin CedérusSewing kitAll-over pattern for textiles or paper print.
Summer FloralsAnna Karin CedérusSummer FloralsHanddrawn pattern for Tyglycka.
Oversized FloralsAnna Karin CedérusOversized FloralsDigitally drawn floral pattern.
Asian FloralsAnna Karin CedérusAsian FloralsHandpainted pattern inspired by Asian florals.
Anna Karin Cedérus
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Anna Karin Cedérus

I am a Swedish graphics and pattern designer, based Stockholm. I love to design fun and colourful prints for womenswear, interior design and kids.

I grew up in Stockholm but moved to Italy to study drawing. After graduating with a Bachelor in Fine Art I went on to work as a womenswear print graphic designer, if you’re interested in my story please visit my LinkedIn profile. 

If you’re more into what I might be up to nowadays have a look at my Instagram feed @tossnturnpattern