Anna L Andrén portfolio

Keep distans!Anna L AndrénKeep distans!Keep distans! Corona.
Pattern PitchAnna L AndrénPattern PitchPattern Pitch.
Keep cool! Stay homeAnna L AndrénKeep cool! Stay homeAnimation, AfterEffects. Corona.
"Excuse the mess", Insta movie.Anna L Andrén / AnnaGrafik"Excuse the mess", Insta movie."Excuse the mess", movie for Upplands Väsby kommun, 2019.
Liv!Anna L AndrénLiv! A tree in ink.
TheatreprogrammeAnna L AndrénTheatreprogrammeFlip-book. Photo: Roger Stenberg.
"Familj- och skolservice"Anna L Andrén"Familj- och skolservice"Information movie, 2019. Upplands Väsby kommun.
LeafletAnna L AndrénLeafletPrint on paper for Vadstena-Akademiens vänner.
Theater programAnna L AndrénTheater programTheater program to Dramatens "Rövare".
Annual ReportAnna L AndrénAnnual ReportIdea and layout of Annual Reports during many years for PRO, KTH och Rädda Barnen.
UX DesignAnna L AndrénUX DesignOwn project, UX Design, Design Thinking.
Web design + IdentityAnna L AndrénWeb design +
CharactersAnna L AndrénCharactersVector graphics. Illustrator.
Flip-bookAnna L Andrén / AnnaGrafikFlip-bookFlip-book Werther, Unga Dramaten.
PostersAnna L AndrénPostersPoster Dramaten.
Mini-mini theater programAnna L AndrénMini-mini theater programTheater program ¨Älvsborgsbron", Unga Dramaten.
InfomovieAnna L AndrénInfomovieAnimation.
Art bookAnna L AndrénArt bookArt Book.
Anna L Andrén
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Anna L Andrén

Creative director, AD, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, UX/UI designer and Artist

My way: Simplify to clarify!
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