Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad portfolio

Villa Bro terrace, winter, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladVilla Bro terrace, winter, 2019Ink and watercolor. 
Villa Bro terrace, spring, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladVilla Bro terrace, spring, 2019Ink and watercolor. 
Villa Bro, summer, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladVilla Bro, summer, 2019Ink and watercolor. Designed to use in the marketing of Villa Bro in Sweden. 
Villa Bro terrace, fall, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladVilla Bro terrace, fall, 2019Ink and watercolor.
Villa Bro front, summer, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladVilla Bro front, summer, 2019Ink and watercolor. 
Portrait, Annika, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladPortrait, Annika, 2019Annika - in ink and watercolor + graphic design. 
Portrait, Sara Danius, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladPortrait, Sara Danius, 2019In memoriam. Sara Danius. Ink and watercolor. 
Pricken the dog, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladPricken the dog, 2019My dog - Pricken. Ink and watercolor. 
Babys with a ball, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladBabys with a ball, 2019Ink and watercolor. Babys with a ball. 
Children playing, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladChildren playing, 2019Ink and watercolor. Children playing with ball. 
Concert hall, Gothenburg, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladConcert hall, Gothenburg, 2019Ink and watercolor. 
Exhibition, Bohuslan, 2018Anna Lena Mayor EkebladExhibition, Bohuslan, 2018Graphic design with watercolor.
Villa Bro, Burger, 2018Anna Lena Mayor EkebladVilla Bro, Burger, 2018Illustration in ink/watercolor. Bed & Breakfast, Villa Bro Bohuslan, Sweden.
Chalmers Library - WebAnna Lena Mayor EkebladChalmers Library - WebChalmers Library, illustration for web
Bed and Breakfast, vegetables, 2019Anna Lena Mayor EkebladBed and Breakfast, vegetables, 2019The illustrations are made for a hotell that put focus on a vegan menue. The illustratons are made with ink and watercolor. 
Wine, ink and watercolorAnna Lena Mayor EkebladWine, ink and watercolorThe illustration is made with ink and watercolor. 
Commission, Brushes, 2018Anna Lena Mayor EkebladCommission, Brushes, 2018Illustation, watercolor/pencil.
Göteborg&CO, DiplomaAnna Lena Mayor EkebladGöteborg&CO, DiplomaDesign for the 2021-group.
Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad
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Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad

My name is Anna Lena Märta Mayor Ekeblad and I am a creative. I write, illustrate and paint. 

I have done work for Ellos, Postnord, Chalmers Library, Scandic Hotels, Svalbard Museum, Göteborgs Posten to name just a few of my clients. 

I am known to be happy, productive and flexible. I have always combined creative work with account-work (project- and production management in agencys) 


I am based in Gothenburg, Sweden and have my own studio.