Anna Lindsten
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Anna Lindsten

I am an illustrator and designer based in Stockholm, where I live with my family and our dog Hilla. I’ve been lucky to work with clients from around the world, making illustrations, patterns and graphic design for print, digital, fabric, packaging, books, magazines & more.

I use cut paper and pens in my work process and often finish it digitally, enjoying the combination of random–hand–computer. I think a lot about colours. I find inspiration from everything, all the time but I especially enjoy trees, the forest, fashion, art and childrens drawings.

Commissioned work and collaborations include clients like: Anorak Magazine, Arco Design, Art Print Japan, Hakuhodo, Hasami Yaki, Kamawanu, Liber AB, Natur & Kultur, Ogawa Linedrops, Sekiguchi, Tesco Magazine, Uniqlo, Unlimited Design Shop and Gallery. Exhibitions in Tokyo, Stockholm, London, Oxford.