Anna Nilsson portfolio

'Monster Monster: Halloweenhundarna' - book coverAnna Nilsson'Monster Monster: Halloweenhundarna' - book coverThe cover of the tenth book in the "Monster Monster"-series, written by Johannes Pinter and publsihed by Story House Egmont.
Grandmas kitchen - children's book illustrationAnna NilssonGrandmas kitchen - children's book illustrationAn illustration from the book "Lisen and Shadow" written by Cecilia Sundh and published in 2020 by Hegas Förlag. The kitchen is designed to have a typical Swedish style about it and is full of classical designed objects and furniture.
Hasse&Tage posterAnna NilssonHasse&Tage posterWatercolor of Swedish comedians Hasse Alfredson and Tage Danielsson.
Kattspionerna på Rosengård - caféAnna NilssonKattspionerna på Rosengård - caféIllustration from the book "Man lever bara nio gånger" by Anja Gatu in the book series Kattspionerna på Rosengård, published by B. Wahlström.
BackgroundAnna NilssonBackgroundA fantasy inspired fairyland, designed as a background for the site
Mural, the four seasonsAnna NilssonMural, the four seasonsAn order for a ceiling mural depicting the four seasons, this one is spring.
'Lisen saves the meadow' - book coverAnna Nilsson'Lisen saves the meadow' - book coverThe cover of the sixth book in the Lisen-series, which is written by Cecilia Sundh and published by Hegas Förlag.
Illustration for HotellrevynAnna NilssonIllustration for HotellrevynAn illustration depicting an employes need to go the bathroom for the magazine Hotellrevyn.
Thank-you-card for svampriket.seAnna NilssonThank-you-card for svampriket.seA thank-you-card for everybody who applied for the editor job at the game site
PaperdollAnna NilssonPaperdollMy own art project.
Fantasy charactersAnna NilssonFantasy charactersThe members of a site staff redesigned as fantasy characters.
Childrens book - Lisen and the thiefAnna NilssonChildrens book - Lisen and the thiefIllustration from the childrens book "Lisen and the thief" by Cecilia Sundh.
KurbitsAnna NilssonKurbitsA kurbits pattern project from the summer of -18.
Body hairAnna NilssonBody hairA feminist comic about female and male body hair.
Dataspelsbranchens annual account illustration, 2018Anna NilssonDataspelsbranchens annual account illustration, 2018A collection of characters from Swedish video games.
Anna Nilsson

Anna Nilsson

I'm a freelance artist from the north west coast of Skåne, and I often work with illustration, comics, video games and design. Inbetween my orders I try to find time for my own projects and products.
At the moment I'm the illustrator of three book series, 'Monster Monster' published by Story House Egmont, 'Kattspionerna på Rosengård' publushed by B. Wahlströms and the Lisen books, published by Hegas Förlag. I have worked several times Paradox Interactive, Dataspelsbranschen, Spelhjälpen and I'm the household artist for the video game site Svampriket.
I am fluent in a variety of styles and try to adept them to the project I am currently assigned to.
I prefer to start my work with sketching with pen and paper, and then I either scan it and continue in Photoshop Elements with a wacom, or I'll contuine by hand with ink and watercolors.