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Anna Nilsson

I'm a freelance artist from the north west coast of Skåne, and I often work with illustration, comics, video games and deisgn. Inbetween my orders I try to find time for my own projects and products. I have produced my own childrens book, and I have also worked for Hegas Publishing, and thus far done the illustrations for three books with a fourth in the making. I have worked several times with game related Paradox Interactive, Dataspelsbranschen, Spelhjälpen and I'm the household artist for the video game site Svampriket. I like to produce little satirical comics, lately for the instagram profile 'Mansbebisar'. My work tend to be heavy on detail, colors and women, and I am fluent in many differens styles.
I prefer to start my work with sketching with pen and paper, and then I either scan it and continue in Photoshop Elements with a wacom, or I'll contuine by hand with ink and watercolors.